Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday July 10, 1976

"Who dat?" July 10, 1976

Oh how well I remember this time.  The year was 1976, the 200th year of the Declaration of Independence and the first year of our ownership of our "country property" in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

We had purchased 7.8675 acres of wooded property outside of Downingtown, Pennsylvania for $25,000, at that time an astronomical sum of money.  I was tired of living in the city (Philadelphia) and wanted to move out in the country, away from the ever present police sirens of center city Philly, the crowds, the taxes, et al.

We looked at several properties but this was the ideal one, only one road away from where my parents lived on Hopewell Road.  

We would visit the property, which we called "The Props" almost every weekend.  Bill would clear out more of the heavy undergrowth.  We would take out two Pomeranian dogs with us (Sparky and Hamburger) for a jaunt in the country. 

Four years later we built our house "in the country" and lived there for the next twenty-five years until we moved to Delaware in 2007.  

Those twenty-five years "in the country" were some of the best of my life.  We were family.  But then came time for another change and here we are in Delaware, going on seven years.  Maybe in another eighteen years I can post a photo of me on this "property" and recall again some of the best years of my life as I while away my time in a condo or assisted living care facilities.  Who knows?  I'm just thankful I'm still around to recall those wonderful times.  

Me with Sparky - July 10, 1976


Amanda said...

Gorgeous then and still gorgeous now!

Ron said...

Thank you Nadege! I accept all compliments. Ah, my misspent youth. Where did it go? :)


Geo. said...

Great photos of a calm place, Ron. I know about inflation and all but was still surprised when the car we bought last year cost twice as much as our 1st house in 1974.

Ron said...

1974 see,seems like such a calm time now doesn't it compared to today?

anne marie in philly said...

let's see...july 1976...I had just graduated college and would start my first job (as a computer programmer no less!) in august. my cousin got me the job; chuck (my cousin) knew the company owner (judd). I stayed there one year; HATED IT!

pat888 said...

Well Ron - in many ways you are still out in the country - and yet have access to the big cities as well as having all necessary commodities at hand. Perhaps the best of both worlds.


Anonymous said...

Pretty cool! And you were (are) definitely a fine looking young man!

Peace <3

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
You were a computer programmer? Who knew? I continue to be impressed by your resume Anne Marie!

Ron said...

I'm just a country boy at heart. Always was and always will be.

wcs said...

What a looker! I was in high school that year. Our yearbook was done up in Revolutionary parchment style. Television was filled with Bicentennial Minutes. Gerald Ford (!) was president.

Ron said...

Thanks Walt! I had my "moments." The blue eyes is usually what got them.
Have a great day!

Ron said...

Thank you! I'm hanging in there but definitely on the downward slide. It's all relatives anyway. I've had my good times and continue to do so. That's what counts!

Ur-spo said...

I still think you should get a pooch.