Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting Ready for the Big Trip

Larry, me and Pat - did someone just give me Rabbit Ears?

Time for a roundup of my random thoughts folks.

Today I don't have to go to work at the hotel.  Don't have to go tomorrow either.  But then . . . . .
I began a five day marathon.  Yep, I work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Thursday.  

I'm filling in for a vacationing co-worker.  The same co-worker who is going to take me to the Philadelphia International Airport early (4:30 AM) in the morning of August 15th for my flight to Buffalo, New York.  Pat will be picking me up in Buffalo (will I be shuffling off to Buffalo?) and completing the last leg of my two week sojourn at his minimalist home in Tiny Town, Toronto, Canada.

While in Canada we will meet up with fellow bloggers Dr. Spo and Someone and . . . . this I just found out last night . . . . two other fellow Canadian bloggers (Larry the Muffin and Will the Tell) will also rendezvous with us in Toronto.  Sounds like a mini Bloggerpalooza if you ask me. 
All of us Old Guys getting together, guaranteed a good time.  You know there was one time in my shallow, callow youth when I feared getting older. "How can old guys have fun, they're SO OLD?" You know what folks?  I'm having the best time of my life.  So that old Noel Coward quote "Youth is wasted on the young" is true!

Noel Coward

I awoke this morning to a cool Canadian front, and I'm not talking about Pat. We've been sweltering in the high 80's with mucho humidity for way too long.  This morning the temperature was a downright chilly 59 degrees.  I'll take it.  I had asked Pat to send some of those cool Canadian temperatures down here.  Thanks Pat! I just hope when I visit him that the cool Canadian temps are still in Toronto because Pat DOESN'T have air conditioning.  

Pat's living room and backyard

I should stay on the computer this morning and catch up on my e-mails and finished that research that I was doing for one of my distant Tipton cousins but I think I'll take advantage of this fabulous weather and go outside and rake grass.  

Have a great day everyone!  


Nadege said...

I think I am as excited about your trip as you are. Good news about the refreshing weather you are having. Like Pat, I don't have air conditioning either because generally we don't need it along the coast but every year, when we get the monsoon from Mexico, it gets humid for 2 or 3 weeks. (I still read my blogs but don't leave comments too often anymore. Facebook is getting all my attention

Ron said...

I was wondering "Where is Nadege?" I thought maybe it was something I said or perhaps I was getting to graphic and negative in my recent blog entries. I'm glad you're doing fine. Don't worry about not commenting. I know folks are busy. I generally don't comment on blogs I read other unless I want to needle somebody (Dr. Spo is a good example, I love needling him). I too am greatly looking forward to my trip to Canada. I haven't had a real vacation (where I got away from home by myself) in over twenty years. I used to do it every summer. Sometimes three or four times. They were always good. It kept me and Bill's relationship fresh and also gave me a break, which I probably should say because Bill takes "break" the wrong way and it hurts his feelings. But sometimes I just like to get away and have some "space." And Pat is a delight to be with as you've probably figured out already. Now the test is to see if we can stand each other two whole weeks! Should be interesting.

pat888 said...


Not to worry - I've arranged to have moderate temps all the time you are here. Usually sunny with clouds with the odd rainy bits for part of some days. I'm just wondering how you are going to manage minimalist (you might end up saying - crude) living for 2 weeks. But it will all start good with lunch at Wegmans. It's great to hear Nadege doesn't use AC either. I find acclimating works fine for me. And this summer has been very moderate. Perhaps were being appeased for that last brutal winter.


Raybeard said...

I blame Pat for those rabbit ears. I just KNEW he was one not to be trusted ;-)
Have a fun time, do!

Ur-spo said...

I am excited about the trip too.