Friday, July 04, 2014

A Rainy Fourth of July and Vacation Thoughts

The rain is pounding outside as I type today's blog posting.  We've been so long without a decent rain around these parts that I cannot complain with is deluge we're experiencing now.  

I am SOOOO glad I'm not working at the hotel today.  I worked last night and the night before and the hotel was jumping.  Phones ringing, guests checking in, guests asking questions, phones ringing, guests going out, phones ringing….well, you get the idea.  B.U.S.Y.  I feel a little sorry for the guests who have checked in who will not have a sun drenched Fourth of July to celebrate on our famed beaches of Rehoboth and Lewes and Dewey.  However, the sun is expected to make a grand and glorious return tomorrow and the rest of the weekend.  And……I'll be back at Starship Command Central the hotel front desk next Wednesday and we'll do it all over again.

The Starship Enterprise Command Central  - Chekov, Uhura, Captain Kirk and Sulu

July and the first two weeks of August will be very busy for me.  At one stretch I'll be working FIVE days in a row, filling in for a co-worker who is going on vacation.  Then, I will be going on vacation.  My first in YEARS.   Of course regular readers of this blog know where I will be going…….Canada.  Toronto to be specific. 

I'll be leaving (by plane) August 17th and will not return until August 31st - TWO WEEKS!

The last time I took a vacation for two (or more) weeks was back in my heyday of the 80's when I worked at the bank and had five weeks of vacation every year.  That last vacation I took in Provincetown, three weeks, was the best vacation I ever had in my life.  Instead of a week's vacation where one hardly has time to settle down, I had a REAL vacation from my every day existence.  No TV, no news, no newspapers……..just vaca. 

I haven't flown since before 9/11 so this will be an experience.  I'm not taking much luggage with me.  I find that during past vacations I never wore all the different outfits I took with me so this time I'm traveling light.  Have to anyway, who knows what the Homeland Security folks will confiscate in their kabuki dance of airport security theater?  Oh yes, the terrorists have definitely won. 

Catching potential terrorists - one at a time

So folks, I'm going to wrap up this blog posting and retire to my dry bedroom, get my book (a biography of Bob Hope by Arthur Marx - hey, a coincidence since Hurricane "Arthur" is blowing outside) and enjoy this day off in the comfort and security of my bedroom.  This is what I LOVE about retirement…..I can do whatever I want to do.  LOVE IT!

Have a great day!


Amanda said...

My yesterday comment's on you anniversary vanished. I hope you and Bill had a wonderful time and I am wishing you many more years of happiness. In California, we can only dream of having a rainy day just like the one you are having. I just hope Arthur didn't cause too many problems along the Eastern coast.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that the hurricane bypassed up completely. We had some spotty heavy rain, but here, not much at all. Today dawned BRIGHT AND COOL! I went a parade! Took 200 pictures! Best 4th in a long time!

Flying now is a chore. I put up with the crap. I recommend a TSA approved belt, and giving up all semblance of privacy and joining the Global Entry program ( so you can bypass many security lines without disrobing in public.

Peace <3

Jack said...

Great video. How long did the storm last in your neck of the woods? I don't think we even got maybe an inch of rain the VA Beach area if that much. By the time I woke up this morning about 10AM the sun was shining and most of the moisture on the ground pretty much dried up. Didn't even have a stray leaf on the ground. We had a storm just two weeks ago Friday that took down big branches from the trees and ripped siding off the buildings. As hurricanes go, this was a bust. OK in my book, we definitely don't need to go through another hurricane Isabell, 11 years ago already.

Also, happy anniversary (belated by a day). It's funny, I could never hook up with anyone when I was at the Westbury, the Allegro on the other hand was apparently my stomping grounds until I found the Penrose Club. Eventually didn't even go the bars, just left home at 12 or 1AM and went directly there. Oh those were the days.


David Jeffreys said...

In your video, it also looked quite windy. We got off easy down here in Wilmington NC with only some minor power outages and no damage. There weren't even any casualties in NC resulting from Arthur.

I would imagine that holidays are no fun to work at the hotel with all the extra inquires.

Ron said...

Arthur didn't cause any problems here. Oh, one branch of my tomato plant was broken. However, we did receive some much needed rain. Everything is bright and refreshed now after the good "drink" thank Arthur supplied.

Ron said...

Thank goodness Arthur bypassed us too! Just a heavy dose of rain, which we really needed. Then in the afternoon BRIGHT AND COOL which continues for the next two days. I love it! After the last week or too of such heavy humidity that you could hardly breath. In fact I'm anxious to get outside now and enjoy more of this wonderful weather.
Thanks for the tip on flying. I'll look into it.

Ron said...

Arthur was the kind of hurricane that I like. Just a heavy dose of rain and winds. We needed the rain, so dry around here. Unfortunately all this rain will bring out the mosquitoes but that's a small price to pay for the much needed rain.
Thanks for the anniversary well wishes. Fifty years came and went very fast. All my best hookups were in the Westbury. I also went to the Allegro, which I liked but I don't ever remember hooking up with anyone from the Allegro. Funny about that. One of my best hookups was at that small bar on Camac Street (whose name I can't remember now) which I only went to once in my life. That's where I met Brad for a hot three month summer romance in 1980. Of course that summer fling fizzled out but it was great while it lasted. I met my "first" at the Penrose Club (before Bill) back in 1963. His name was Bob S. He seduced me, I was a virgin and afraid but he was gentle. Of course he's long gone now, sad to say. Married and with family (three children), two of whom found my blog when I wrote about him several years ago. His daughter posed the question to me "We always wondered if our dad was gay?" I answered her "He was when he was with me." Interesting thing about Bob was that he was married twice, three children by his first wife and two by his second and before he got married he had two children by his Eskimo (that's right, I said "Eskimo" girlfriend) one of whom (his daughter) is now a Facebook friend of mine. Interesting world we live in isn't it Jack?