Sunday, May 11, 2014

Michael Sams Drafted!

It happened!  It actually happened!  An openly gay football player was drafted into the National Football League.  His name is Michael Sams

Michael Sams is a University of Missouri college football player who decided not to let others determine how he would live his life.  Michael Sams is gay and he came out. I have to admit I am in awe of the courage this man has demonstrated.  

Now I have something else to admit, I am experiencing schadenfreude again. I am throughly enjoying the discomfort of all those homophobes who are beside themselves now knowing that not only did an openly gay college football player get drafted but he kissed his boyfriend right in front of everybody!  Oh my, the sky is surely falling for those folks.  

First it was the repeal of the odious "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law that ignoramuses like John McCain said would destroy the military.  It didn't.  Then there was the same sex marriages that those who were opposed said would destroy "traditional" marriage (whatever that is).  It didn't.  Now an openly gay football player who isn't ashamed to show his emotion and KISS his boyfriend.  I bet my homophobe cousin in North Carolina (who told me never to "step foot on his land again" when he found out that I "practiced the gay lifestyle" won't be watching Monday Night football anymore. 

Surely the End of Times, a man kissing a man!

Don't  you feel just a little bit sorry for those folks?  After all, that was their last acceptable prejudice, "the gays."  Now that's gone.  What's next?  A woman president?


Chino Moreno said...

Any news on the upcoming FIFA World Cup to be held in Brazil, this year?
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Geo. said...

As gay people refuse to be marginalized in any areas of human endeavor, public opinion will undergo a positive education. At least that is my hope. As for Hillary Clinton running for president...well I've always thought she is pretty --no! that is guy-thought, must get rational! I can do it, too. Watch, hold my beer! Crap, I'll vote for her.

Raybeard said...

I've been following this story at a distance, Ron (obviously!) and I do hope it carries on as well as it started. I read that religious groups (who else?) are determined to bring him down by any means possible and they'll be ever eager to pounce on any slight indiscretion. But if he can maintain a level of respect till enough people see that it's the non-event that it is be then all to the good.

WARPed said...

Hi Ron,

You are quite the athletic supporter!



Travel said...

Makes me want to watch Monday night football. I understand the Michael Sams NFL jersey is selling in record numbers.

Bob Slatten said...

Times are a'changing and one can either step up and march along, or sit on the sidelines and let life pass them, by.

Ron said...

I imagine my pastor brother and his church congregants and main pastor are going into overtime about the world coming to an end now that "the gays" are going mainstream. I know know my (former?) good friend Bill B. is going to extra sessions with his pastor because he likes NFL football. His world is (appropriately) crashing down around him now that "the gays" are playing football and even more so, kissing their loved ones when good news comes in. Oh yes, "The sky is falling!" I love it Bob. I love seeing these ignorant people, who don't even realize how ignorant they are, cling on to their old ways. Some will change when reality hits them but, sad to say, some will never change their opinion that "the gays" are less than. That attitude will only go away when they die off.

Ron said...

I never thought I would live to see this day. Sometimes I do think I'm dreaming. I'm glad we as a society has moved past the Johnny Weirs coming out to just "regular" gay folks come out proud and gay and unafraid to kiss our loved ones in public just like the straight folks. I've always found the double standard very interesting that when straights kiss in public, it's alright but when gays do it the response all too often is "I don't care what they do in their bedroom but do they have to SHOVE IT DOWN OUR THROATS?" An unfortunate use of words for sure but don't they see the double standard? We're making progress on no longer being viewed or treated as less than but we do have a long way to go. And I must admit I love the thought of certain members of my family squirming and some (former) friends also squirming as more and more openness prevails as main stream gay men and women come out. One of their few refuges are their homophobic churches and their cocoon communities where they all live in a bubble until they find out the two nice guys (or women) who just moved in next door are GAY!
Bar the door Katie! They're coming!

Ron said...

Maybe in my next life. If Prince Charles can be a tampon I guess I could be……well, you know.

Ron said...

Oh the religious groups will be all over this. My brother the pastor, I don't know what he's thinking but I do know that the main pastor of his church is probably working overtime brainwashing his congregation that the End of Times is near. I'm loving all of this, seeing this people who had so much power over us now panic at the thought of losing that power.

Ron said...

I've always refused to be marginalized ever since I came out in 1963. Of course that has caused me more than a few problems (lost two jobs, physically threatened and of course lost many so called "friends" and family members who just couldn't deal with an openly gay cousin who didn't apologize for being gay).
I am so impressed with Michael Sams. Now there is a man with real courage. A real hero. I have more respect than I do for a twinkie like Johnny Weir who does nothing more for the Gay Cause than reinforce stereotypes.

Ron said...

I have no news on the FIFA World Cup. I don't follow soccer. Never got that game. Apparently I am in the minority.