Thursday, May 01, 2014

May Day

Today is the first day of May folks.  

Every year when the First of May rolls around what it reminds me of is a May Pole.  Why?  I think May Day triggers a long ago childhood buried memory of a May Pole.  I don't think I ever danced around a May Pole, at least in this childhood.  Maybe I did in a previous life.  

 These days I appreciate just being able to get up in the morning and put my two feet on the floor.

At this time of my life when I finally realized much of what I was brought up to believe in, the propaganda that our religious and governmental institutions brainwash us with is a fraud.  When I realized that if we get through this life relatively unscathed and not taken advantage of is almost purely a matter of chance.  

I try to so hard each day to concentrate on the positive and try and push the evil that exists in the world into the background.  There is a lot of good in this world but there sometimes seems to be an equal amount of evil.  No wonder some people are nuts, bipolar or whatever the current fad word is for unbalanced people.

I have my little routine every day.  I try to stay out of people's way.  My mission in this world is not to look for angels angles, to take advantage of people but to live my live in relative happiness in my little corner of the world.  And pay my bills.  

May 1st signifies the beginning of a new season, perhaps the best time of the year.  For me, living in the tourist Mecca that I do, it means avoiding Rehoboth Beach as much as I can until the Horde tourists return to their little suburban hovels.

I have my very own Garden of Eden here, which I worked my whole life for folks and I'm ready to enjoy it.  Now bar the door Katie so I can keep out those who seek to take it away from me.

Kiss the sky today folks and spread the love you have for tomorrow we'll all be dead.


pat888 said...

First of all Ron I enjoyed the music you put on. You are very hip with the current pop tunes. I had a bad thing happen to me yesterday where I was cut off severely nearly resulting in an accident. I became so upset that we had some angry outbursts. Altho I didn't go as far as him with the cheap Soprano shots. Two fingers to the eye and then to me in gangsta threat. Nonetheless - all I did was vent and the situation didn't improve. And some of those situations move on to disaster. If I'm to have any influence of change to someone else it isn't going to happen like that. It was a good lesson for me nonetheless. That's one good thing that came out of it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, May Day!!! I've never seen a May Pole.

Peace <3

David Jeffreys said...

Ron, you just triggered a memory of first grade when I was six years old! On May Day, we each took a long colorful ribbon tied to the top of the pole. The every other one of us went in one direction, while the others went in the other direction, weaving the colorful ribbons around the May Day Pole. Funny that I should remember that.

Ron said...

I've had those near accidents too and I know how much they can affect you to react in ways you normally wouldn't react. I am so glad you didn't have an accident and things didn't get more serious. Like you said, it's a life lesson.

Ron said...

I have, in first grade. Not since then though.

Ron said...

Same here, the first time (and last) that I saw a May Pole was in first grade. Must be a "first grade" thing.

Ur-spo said...

It's the pagan first day of Summer. There is a very licentious tune titled "First of May' ; go hear it on youtube. I like the signed language version.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
I've always had a soft spot in my heart for pagan holidays.