Monday, May 19, 2014

This and That

Ron's life

Hi folks.  Been pretty busy around here the past few weeks getting the backyard in shape for the summer.  This spring so far has been fabulous.  Just wonderful weather.  And I'm enjoying every day.

Nothing earth shattering to write about other than we're still plugging along here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  

(Not) Casa Tipton-Kelly

I'm on the outs with Bill again but that's normal.  He always thinks I don't pay enough attention to him.  Maybe I don't.  I've always been basically a loner all my life and I guess I'm not going to change.  I told him that when I moved in with him almost fifty years ago.  We're still adjusting to that fact.  I hope he doesn't read this because he hates for me to write about our personal problems but hey, that's my life now.  There's a LOT that I can't write about in this blog but I can and will write about the home situation.  Not the best now but, hopefully, it will get better.

I think I'm back on track to working two nights a week at the hotel.  Even those two night have been pretty busy but this is The Season.  I would rather be busy at the hotel than the boredom of passing eight hours at the hotel with only one or two guests in the hotel.  

Looks like I'm going to get back on the Medical Train again.  I had two warts pop up on my left cheek.  Last year I had one pop up on my forehead which I promptly got rid of.  I'm getting rid of these warts too.  No witch am I.  

I've already made an appointment with my dermatologist so he can "suck" them off (hey, that's what he calls the machine that "sucks" them off).

Loner on a train

I just finished reading the latest blog posting of "Scott."  I "met" Scott when he commented on my Inspire posting about what I went through with my prostate biopsy.  He was hesitant to get his biopsy because of the pain, discomfort and humiliation.  He finally got it and sad to say, he has prostate cancer and it has spread.  He decided to start a blog (at my suggestion) about his progression.  I feel so bad for him.  He's only a young guy (50) and he has to face this.  Again, this is just another one of those situations where I realize how lucky I am.  Here I am, a 72 year old geezer and I'm worried about the side affects of my localized prostate cancer (sometimes small - a white mucous like substance -involuntary anal discharges, not a full erection, no sperm, and fatigue).  I read of Scott's medical condition and what he is going through and I thank God and I'm not even religious. Here is Scott's blog for those of you who are interested in reading it. Click here.

These days the most exciting thing in my life is laying mulch.  I do love working out in my backyard.  I do love having good health (relatively so for a prostate cancer dealing old geezer of 72 who is a loner).  

That wheelbarrow is waiting for me.  Talk to you later!

Come join me in my garden 


anne marie in philly said...

what can you and bill do together? can you both work in the garden? listen to music? cook? there has to be SOMETHING!

Anonymous said...

Pretty flowers. Sorry you and Bill are on the outs. Hope things get better soon!

Peace <3

pat888 said...

You may be a loner Ron but you are hugely social! And it's great that you find so much to do that is interesting to you. It's a shame when people don't know what to do with themselves. Enjoy every minute of whatever you're doing.


Raybeard said...

I've just had a peek and a scan of Scott's blog, Ron - and it's yet another one to make me (and the vast majority of people) be grateful for what I/we already have.This daily blog trawl is becoming ever more therapeutic and I dread the day (which must surely come) when the uppermost subject on my own blog is my health travails. But while one can let's be grateful and keep it at bay.

Bob said...

Hey, living with someone, for a day or fifty plus years, is different every day, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Peaks'n'valleys, man.

As I say to Carlos when we hit a rough patch--and every couple hits a rough patch--and he says, "You don't love me any more." I respond with, "I don't love you any less."

Ron said...

We'll get through this too. Our love for each other remains unchanged and strong. Bill has these episodes. After fifty years I realize I'm not the one at fault. I'm just living my life. This is part of his pattern in testing me. I will always stay with him until he no longer wants me to.

Ron said...

I feel so bad for Scott and others who are going through serious medical problems now. Their medical challenges make mine seem small in comparison. I hope when I make my final exit it will be in my sleep. I don't fear death but I do fear a long and painful prolonged death. I prefer to die in my sleep.

Ron said...

I thought once I retired I would have so much time on my hands to do what I really wanted to do in my life. While I do have more time, I still don't have enough time to do everything. I'm coming to the realization that I'll never have enough time. That hourglass is running out.

Ron said...

Thanks Jay! Bill is almost always the one who is mad at me. I think I was mad at him once about twenty years ago when he changed something in my chicken house (another story too long to tell here). But I don't remember any other time I've ever been mad at him. It's always the other way around and usually for the same reason……I don't pay enough attention to him. Sometimes I just get tired of trying to please everyone.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
We have almost nothing in common…..nothing. However, we do love one another. Odd isn't it? He does like to go for a ride. That's something.

Ur-spo said...

I miss gardening; laying mulch was a rather humble but satisfying endeavor.
I've often wondered if Bill bothers to read your blog; if you too share much of your blogging world.

Jon said...

Fifty years together and nothing in common?? At first I was incredulous, and then I remembered that my parents were together for over fifty years and they didn't have anything in common, either. Much like you, I consider myself to be a loner. I do everything for myself and never needed another person in order to feel whole. I've been in numerous serious relationships, but all of them required too much energy and time.

Thanks for leaving a link to Scott's blog. I feel so sorry for him and wish him the very best. Writing is a beneficial emotional outlet when going through very difficult times.

Ron said...

We might have something in common but I can't think of anything right now. Even the way he folds towels are the exact opposite of the way I fold towels. Someday I'll write a blog post about all the things where we differ. It's unbelievable. But Bill is the only person who truly loves me (with the possible exception of a current friend).
I feel sorry for Scott to. I've had several communications with him. He's a very nice guy. It's a real shame what he's going through.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Bill reads my blog sometimes and I do get into trouble.