Thursday, October 03, 2013

Share the Pain

No folks, I'm not talking about the Republican hate of Obama fueled government shutdown (although I could write about this absolute stupidity but what difference would it make?), I'm talking about what's going to happen to me tomorrow morning at my appointment with my urologist.

Yes Virginia, I'm going to get my stent removed.  Remember about three weeks ago when I had a procedure to blast out my two remaining kidney stones in my right kidney?  Well, they left the stent in my ureter canal just to make sure neither one of those extra large (.6 mm) kidney stones got stuck in my ureter canal.  By the way, the ureter canal is the small tube leading from the kidney to your bladder and then to your penis (guys) so you can urinate.  The past three weeks have been very uncomfortable (but not unduly painful) for me.  I will very glad to get this stent out so I can go back to peeing normally.  

The stent - not pretty and I do feel it  but it doesn't hurt - just feels like "something" is in there that shouldn't be

I think I'm getting my stent removed. I believe my urologist will first take an X-ray to make sure the kidney stones are gone.  That was the reason he put the stent in the first place, so I would have to go through that eight day Hell I went though over Labor Day weekend when he advised me to "wait" for my other .6 mm kidney stone to pass.  As you all know it didn't pass and I had to have surgery to blast it out.  

Where my stent is (right side from kidney to penis)

So here I go again tomorrow having my private parts invaded again.  I thought I would "share the pain" and post a You Tube video of a fellow male who went through the same procedure of having his stent removed.  Oh sure, I've heard all the stories that "not every stent removal is the same." Uh huh, well why don't you try it then?  All I can say is that I am NOT LOOKING FORWARD to this but I will get through it.  What choice do I have?  

My final "home."  Yep, I have already purchased my "lot."  Nice "view" of the valley of my old hometown of Downingtown.  This is where I will end up some day.  All visitors are welcome!
Me standing on my plot - I haven't bought a headstone yet.  Something I probably should do this year.  I'm not getting any younger.......or healthier.  I'm open for suggestions for headstones.  I have them narrowed down to about six different styles but being the gay man that I am, I just can't make up my mind.  I do lean towards the tan one that glitters when the sun shines on it (of course I do).
One of the "finalist" headstones for Ron but leave out the "father" and substitute "lover"

This has been some year folks, what with my prostate cancer, biopsy, volume check, seed implants and the resulting side effects which I am still suffering (I will spare you the details but I do have to change underwear more frequently).  But then I am consoled that my situation could be a lot worse.  I consider myself fortunate that I will only have to undergo some momentary discomfort and pain tomorrow.  Then I should be good to go.....for a while anyway until the next piece falls off this old jalopy.

Where I will be for eternity when I'm done this present Journey - on a hill overlooking Downingtown, Pennsylvania, in the sun just on the edge of the woods - perfect for my final rest


anne marie in philly said...

hopefully you will not be taking a dirt nap for quite some time. and yeah, a glitter headstone (optional mirror ball attachment) is so Y-O-U!

Jon said...

OUCH - - - I can definitely feel your pain. When it comes to medical procedures I'm a complete wimp. I'm the type person who will faint while having my teeth cleaned.
Reading about the stent has unnerved me so much that I won't be able to get an erection for days. Well, perhaps that was a slight exaggeration. I'll recover in a few minutes...........

Good luck tomorrow!

nitewrit said...


Yipe, the picture of the stent looks a bit intimating ith those loops on the end. Is it flexible or something? And then there was that guys screams on your video. I feel for you, but am glad I won't feel what you'll feel. I looked at a video actually showing an insertion of a stent into a penis that came after your video (at least I think that is what was going on because it was in French and I don't remember my French anymore), and i couldn't watch the whole thing. Ain't aging grand!


Anonymous said...

Will Bill be next to you for eternity?

pat888 said...


"This too shall pass" seems to be an appropriate phrase for today's blog. Well, happy days are just around the corner with the stent removed. And, if you bite the dust before me, I hope you'd come visit me. But I'm thinking and hoping that's a looooog way off.


Roger said...

Just reading the first part sends shivers down the back of my neck. :-) I think I mentioned it .... my DAD had the same procedures several years ago and other then going in to snip some cloudy areas this past spring is ticking along at 81.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will be happy to have this chapter closed. I know it hasn't been any fun.
Good luck tomorrow.

Peace <3

Randy in NEB said...

Ron, I'm in full agreement with AM in Philly. You won't be using that piece of real estate for a very very long time I'm sure. How does that quote go? Heaven doesn't want me and Hell's afraid I'll take over. lol. Good luck with your procedure tomorrow, very thing will go fine. Randy.

WARPed said...

Haha...I like the part where the doctor says, "It's a boy!"

Ron, your kidneys are *not* connected to your gallbladder...if yours are, maybe that's why you're having!

The ureters connect the kidneys to the (urinary) bladder, and the urethra connects the bladder to the outside world (not to be confused with the famous singer, Urethra Franklin.)

At least that's what I remember from HS biology class.

Good luck with the stent removal!



Ron said...


Yes, I have two lots. One is for Bill and one is for me.


Ron said...


This is encouraging. I had my stent removed today. It went even worse than this video. I was in excruciating pain for about three minutes, which probably doesn't seem long unless you're enduring it. My doctor told me the problem was "too much protein" on the stent which made it slippery and hard to grab hold of. Maybe he should have put a string on it like other doctors do. Anyway, I'm glad it's over with.


Ron said...

I believe the worst is over. I still have to take two "24-hour urine tests." Maybe next year I'll be doctor free.


Ron said...

I hope so and I'll be around forever. Unfortunately, my foreboding about this procedure today was justified because it didn't go well. I had to endure almost unbearable pain for about three minutes while the doctor tried to get a "grip" on the stent. I had a feeling it wouldn't go well. But it's over. I hope to Hell I never have to go through anything like this again.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do hope so! And while blood, guts and gore affect me not in the least, used medical implements are YUCKY!!! PUH-LEASE leave it at home! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Ron said...

Thanks Andy, I made the correction from "gall bladder." I meant to say "bladder." I still have my gall bladder by the way. That's probably next to go. I also have my appendix.

Today's stent removal didn't go well but it's over, thank God.


Ron said...


I'll leave it at home. I was tempted to bring it but I agree with you, that might be a little to far.


Ur-spo said...

This is very brave and sensible of you, to arrange your spot now. Few want to face this necessary task.