Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What Makes Me Happy

Me acting silly at a bank Christmas party
Recently a dear friend and a fellow blogger posted a series of posts about happiness.  Don't we all want to be happy? The only thing is each of us has different ideas of what makes us happy.

I've been thinking a bit about what makes me happy.  Here is a list in no particular order of what makes me happy:

Acting silly.  I do fear that no matter how old I am, I will never lose the impulse to just act silly.  I don't know where this comes from, perhaps a need to make people laugh and like me.  I really don't know but I do know that I like to just "let it go" at times.  Some of my fellow bloggers who attended the Bloggerpalooza this past March will recognize this indelible trait in my personality.  By the way, you think last years Bloggerpalooza was silly and goofy, wait until next year!  You ain't seen nothing yet!

Here are more things that bring a smile to my face and make life worth living:

  1. Making Bill happy
  2. Reading a good book
  3. Watching a good movie
  4. Writing my blog posts
  5. Friends who like me for who I am and not who they want me to be
  6. Working in my back yard
  7. Meeting people at my job as a hotel front desk agent
  8. Taking photos of headstones in cemeteries and recording them on Find a Grave
  9. Taking photos and sorting through them to share them with friends and family
  10. Organizing and pulling off a class reunion, family reunion and a blogger reunion (aka "Bloggerpalooza")
  11. Taking an afternoon nap
  12. My home in Delaware - perfect!
  13. Delaware, where I am recognized as a full fledged human being and citizen and not discounted because I happen to be born gay
  14. Dining at a restaurant (good) with a friend or friends
  15. A good-looking, bearded man who is kind to me (bearded men turn me on)
  16. Having no mortgage
  17. Having savings in the bank 
  18. Not being dependent on anyone 
  19. A Pomeranian dog
  20. Cats
  21. Seeing a roadside pickup crew volunteering their time cleaning the litter along our roadways
  22. W. C. Fields
  23. Bradley Cooper
  24. FaceTime
  25. Doritos Blazing Chips
  26. Eggplant Parmesan
  27. Chargrilled, well done hamburger with lettuce, red onion, tomato, cheddar cheese and bacon on a toasted sourdough roll (only available in San Francisco)
  28. Potato salad (mine)
  29. Cream of Zucchini soup (mine)
  30. Lemon bundt cake (mine)
  31. Having good friend(s) over for dinner with me and Bill
  32. Good neighbors
  33. Humming birds
  34. Purple Martins
  35. Bluebirds
  36. Catbirds
  37. My co-workers at the hotel where I work
  38. My boss at the hotel where I work
  39. The owner of the hotel where I work (not just saying this to suck up, I am truly blessed at this time in my life to work with a fabulous group of people at the hotel and believe me, in my long work history I've worked with some doozies)
  40. An air conditioned house
  41. Bottled water
  42. Ice tea
  43. Memories of my childhood on Washington Avenue in Downingtown, PA
  44. Memories of my school years in Downingtown, PA high school
  45. Having a president, vice president and governor who recognizes me as a full fledged human being and citizen and doesn't discount me just because I happened to be born gay
  46. My long time friends from my school days who I still talk to frequently and share 
  47. Memories of my three years in the Army and the first time I met other gay men like myself who I became lifelong friends with - they're all gone now, I am the lone survivor
  48. My new friends who I met through blogging which has opened up a whole new world to me of wonderful folks who I otherwise would never have known
  49. Bette Davis
  50. Joan Crawford
  51. Hedy Lamarr
  52. Guy Madison
  53. Walking the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach
  54. Getting old time photos taken with my friends
  55. A sailboat ride
  56. Pet chickens
  57. All the folks at MSNBC
  58. When I go to sleep at night
  59. When I wake up in the morning
  60. Keeping my weight down all my life
  61. My typing skills
  62. People who treat me with respect
  63. My marriage to Bill
  64. Living with a man for the past 49 years who treats me like a prince (I love it!)
  65. Life

This is just a partial list, things that came to my mind as I typed this blog.  I have a lot more likes and certainly plenty of dislikes.  However, I try to refrain from writing negative posts.  

I think the thing that makes me the happiest is that I've been lucky and fortunate enough to have lived a long and comfortable life.  Sure, I've had my "Armageddons" which I will write about in the future but on the whole, I've had a very good life.  Should I depart this earth tomorrow I will have no regrets.  Perhaps the only thing I missed in my "like" list is my own in ground swimming pool.  But, I'm not done yet.

Still on my bucket list


Bob said...

As a kid my parents instilled in me the idea that all you really get in life is happiness--everything else is just extra--so I try to find the happiness every single day.

Ron said...

That's right Bob! I do the same thing too, find happiness in every day and most days I do.

Have a great day!


anne marie in philly said...

HOW can you possibly top march's blogger gathering?

nitewrit said...


I don't have a list of things that make me happy because I am just happy. I have long believed you make the choice, either be happy or be miserable. I decided way back when to be happy and I have been. There are bumps in the road, which can cause some pain now and again, but even these don't disrupt me being happy. I see nothing to gain by being otherwise.


Ron said...

You're right Anne Marie, the Bloggerpalooza is hard to top!

Ron said...

I concur Larry. I was born with a happy disposition although I've been face with many "challenges" during my life. I think our chemical makeup when we're born determines whether we're happy or not. I have found during my lifetime that I resist others attempts to make me unhappy. "Happy" is my default position.

Paul Forster said...

I also enjoy dining out with close friends and loved ones. You are fortunate to have so many things to be happy about. You are obviously kind hearted, genuine and care about others. Would love to meet up with you some time! It is wonderful that you found love and have been with Bill for so long. Not many of us have had such love from a special someone. I also enjoy being a little silly with my family and Lea and I have a lot of laughs. Hope your recovery is going well.

Ron said...


I would like to meet you also Paul. Mark your calendar for next year's Bloggerama in Lewes Delaware the first weekend in April.

My default position is being happy.

Thanks for your generous comments!


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