Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Too Darn Hot!"

Folks, we've been living under a hot and humid heavy hand of the weather Gods for what seems like weeks now.  Just a short time outside the air conditioned walls of our comfy love nest results in sweat drenched T-shirts and beaded brow.  It is too damn darn hot!

This morning I threw caution to the wind (actually there was no wind so I guess I threw caution to the heavy humid air) and planted a crepe myrtle tree to take the place of our dear, departed bag worm infested arborvitae tree.  I thought if I got our early enough this morning I could avoid ending up like a sweat drenched pig.  Do pigs sweat?  A sweat drenched human being then.  And I did.

Not much going on around Casa Tipton-Kelly during this heat oppression. The heat and humidity has a way of sucking all the energy out of these two old married (recently) men.  

A cold front is supposed to arrive later this afternoon.  It's 4:24 pm now and the beat heat continues.

I actually have a few good subjects to write about in this blog but I have to "feel the moment" and I'm just not feeling it now, so drained I am.  

I think I'll update my Find a account and post some more photos and memorials.  Later on I'll watch one of my Netflix rentals.  No doctor's appointments planned for this week (thank God).  Actually, nothing in the offing this week except going to work on Wednesday and Thursday. Of course I could tackle my "Memory Room" downstairs and clean out some of my memorabilia that I've accumulated over the past seventy some years.  Uh huh, sure.  NOT.IN.THE.MOOD.

Here's a little video Bill took of me transplanting our newest addition to our family of plants around Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Fascinating video.  It's on You Tube folks.  Let's see if it goes viral.

I'll be back tomorrow.  I'm mulling over in my mind writing about my First Crush in high school. I got some pictures of that First Crush but I can't find that One Photo.  So frustrating. When I'm looking for photos like this I often wonder what's going to happen to my treasure trove of photos when I'm gone.  I know I shouldn't waste my time worrying about such a thing because it won't matter once I'm gone but I can't help but think that the rich history of my life will be lost and gone forever once I'm out of the picture.  


anne marie in philly said...

at least you are having some rain tonight. we have NOTHING. YUCK! :(

Amanda said...

I love Anthony Strong! Wonderful song! It has been overcast today; we never saw the sun at all but it is humid. I heard the heat wave was over for now for you. I sure hope so!

Anonymous said...

It's been hot here, until the thunder storms moved through about 5:00PM and the temp dropped from the high 80's/low 90's to 75. Now if it will stop raining!

Peace <3

Ron said...

We only got about 20 seconds of rain Anne Marie! Bill checked his My Radar app and it looked like we were right on the edge of the storm system. We missed it!


Anonymous said...

Ron, I have a suggestion for your photos. Leave them to either the library at Dowingtown High School or the public library.
They may already have photos in their files. Your photos show cars; fashions; hair styles and events of an era that future
students will never know. Have noted on the back of the photos who, where, when info? Have you already scanned the
hard copies to your computer? Then you could provide disc copies as well. Next HS Reunion rent a video projector
and use your laptop to project a slideshow of HS times and people.
Stuart in Central FL

Ur-spo said...

pish posh I say - talk to me when it is over 105.

Ron said...

We're dying here Dr. Spo! I was just talking to my friend Lar on FaceTime. He said he was dizzy too with these 95 degree temps. We need relief!

Ron said...

Good suggestion Stuart. By the way, I just talked to my other friend "Stuart" tonight in Florida on FaceTime. He lives in Ft. Lauderdale.

I think I will leave all of my photos to the Downingtown Historical Society. Maybe my Delaware pictures to the local historical society, if I can find it. I would hate to see them all lost but then it wouldn't mater if I was gone because I wouldn't know the difference. But I think about it while I'm alive.


Ron said...


I never heard of Anthony Strong before. I was looking for the song "Too Darn Hot." I'm glad I found him!

We didn't get much rain and the heat let up.....a little bit. We can take a few days or even a week of 90 degrees plus but this is ridiculous. Two weeks and going strong!


Ron said...


The thunderstorms missed us. We were just on the edge. I hope the temps come down though. This is getting real old.


pat888 said...

Love that Anthony Strong song and the video - first time I've heard of him. Will look him up. The Lovin' Spoonful's Summer in the City always conjured up that overheated feeling for me as well. It didn't focus specifically with the lyrics like Too Darn Hot does - but i liked the way it used street sounds of construction and horns and lines like " doesn't seem to be a shadow in the city".

Ron said...


This was the first time I've heard of Antony Strong too. "Summer in the City" is my go to song for hot summer days too but I thought "Too Darn Hot" was more appropriate this time.


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