Tuesday, July 09, 2013

This 'n That

This photo has absolutely nothing to do with this posting burt I thought it was very cool

Bill asked after our marriage ceremony "Is this all now?  Can we go back to our normal life?"  I told him "Yes."  Truth be told, I'm looking forward to going back to our "normal life" or what passes for normal life of two old gay men in southern Delaware.

Bill always was uncomfortable with a lot of attention on him or us, no matter what the circumstances.  I am too to a certain extent although I have a bit more ham in me than Bill does.  I do like attention but not so much that it interferes with my daily life.  I could never be a celebrity, always "on."

So here's what we did this morning.  We stopped down to visit our friends Bob and Jim at the Brandywine Senior Living Center. Sadly they have deteriorated even further than our last visit to them a few weeks ago.  Jim is now in a wheel chair.  Bob is almost totally out of it.  

We went down to visit them at 9:30, long after their 8 am breakfast time.  We went to their room and found them exiting, just going to breakfast!  We joined them for breakfast (we didn't eat).  We could tell the dining room staff was annoyed when we went in.  They didn't even wipe the table.  I wanted to show Bob and Jim our You Tube video of our marriage.  It was pointless to show Bob, he doesn't have the cognitive skills to process watching a video on an iPad.  Sad.  Jim watched the video and enjoyed it.  I offered to take a video of his marriage ceremony but he was too preoccupied with eating his three eggs over hard.  All the while the manager of the dining room was emitting negative gamma rays which I could understand.  They have to get ready for lunch.  Bob and Jim have lunch at 11 am.  We didn't want to hold up the dining room staff anymore so we left.

Next stop was the new thrift store that Camp Rehoboth advertised in their publication.  It's located right behind the Panera Bread.  I knew there was a problem right away because I couldn't find a sign.  Hey Camp Rehoboth, you gots to put a sign up.  Just saying.  

While I was at Panera I stopped in to get some of their wonderful cream of tomato soup.  I also picked up a box of scones to give to our new neighbors across the street from us.

Pleasant surprise with the new neighbors, they are also from my home town of Downingtown!  Small world.  That makes the second couple living here in our development who are from Downingtown. 

Bill gave me instructions "Don't tell them we're married."  Oh Bill, some habits are hard to break.  I told Bill "I'm not going to bring it up in conversation but someone is bound to tell them so I'm not going to deny it."  See what I'm up against folks?  Oh well.  We'll work through it.


Anonymous said...

I'd say you're pretty much back to normal, what with car fires, visiting friends, shopping...that's everyday stuff! And you only get married once (hopefully).

Peace <3

anne marie in philly said...

bwhahahahaha on the "cat tree"!

Ron said...


You can be sure I'm only getting married once. This is it for me, one time and one time only.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I loved the "cat tree"! The attitude says it all.


nitewrit said...


That deterioration came quick. They seemed pretty good when we saw them a week ago when I was down.


Ur-spo said...

"Don't tell them we're married"???? is this coming from shame?

Ron said...


They have their good days and bad days. Today was a bad day. I only took one picture, that of Bob pushing Jim in a wheel chair. I'll send it to you when I transfer it from my iPhone. Bob was totally out of it today. Somedays he's almost normal. Other times he's half way and somedays like today, he's almost catatonic.


Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

That's my Bill. He's still concerned with what other people "think" of us. He just can't seem to get past that hurdle. Yes, I think it is coming from shame. I wish he wouldn't feel that way but he always has. I always tell him that I don't shove my gayness in anyone's face, looking for a confrontation but I don't hide it or change pronouns either when describing my activities and who I am with. Bill isn't the only one to feel this way. My friend Bob, who is living in assisted care, always felt the same way. Would never admit out loud that he was gay. Their friend Bart, who is 92, tells everyone to stay away when his nephew visits. He does't want his nephew to know he's gay. Guess what? The nephew probably already does. I don't care nor have I ever who knows I'm gay. If they have a problem with it, then I don't want them for a friend. It's their problem. I've never been able to make Bill see the simplicity of this solution.


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