Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ron Sings! (Or tries to anyway)

Hey folks! Aren't you glad you woke up today?  Why?  Because you're going to get a special treat right now......I SING!  

"OMG!" you say?  Yep, the last time I sang was in high school chorus and that was in 1958.  I didn't even go out for chorus in my senior year, that's just how bad I was.  

Yes, that's me in the back, the tall head fifth from the left in DHS Mixed Chorus - 1958

Of course I never sang solo.  Never was asked to.  Well, of course I couldn't much carry a tune.  Mr. Ifert (yes, that was his name and we did make the appropriate or inappropriate jokes about his name), our choir master and music director was very kind to this awkward and self conscious 16 year old.  Heck, I wanted so bad to just belong.  I have to say I did enjoy the camaraderie but I was too self conscious to enjoy singing.  My, my, how times have changed.  Here I've recorded a video of me singing acapella!  Who do I think I am anyway?  Well, glad you asked.  I'm having the time of my life and doing just about anything I want to without fear of social rejection.  Been there, done that fans.  Just another great thing about getting old.....I really don't care what people think.  Oh of course I want everyone to think well of me but I learned a long time ago that I could be the most perfect person in the world and yet there will still be a certain segment of folks who aren't interested at best and at worst just plain dislike me.  Hey, so what?

So anyway folks, listening to a fellow blogger singing inspired me to try my vocal chops out again.  

Downingtown High School Boy's Chorus 1958 - that is me in the back row fifth from the left with the Gay Tilt to my head.  What was with that?  Do you know I still do that?  The Gay Tilt.

By the way, I've posted my singing video to You Tube.  You think Justine Justin Beiber's original You Tube video took off?  Wait until you see my video go viral.


Geo. said...

Ron, you did good! And yes, poor Mr. Ifert doubtless got snickered at. But the music teacher at my old high school was Mr. Milton Dick. He was a very nice man and we students just called him sir --to avoid involuntary snickers.

Jon said...

That's a cute video. If I was there I could accompany you on the piano. I would be a good decoy - - they always shoot the piano player first.

I'm not exactly a singer, but I always sing my best when I'm alone (preferably in the shower).
When I was in my early 20's I could sing exactly like Paul Simon and/or James Taylor.
I suppose that's not much to brag about.....

Randy in NEB said...

Ron, I break into song when I can't find the key! I know what a terrible pun. Are you taking requests? I'll let you pick the song. Also you know about the tv show lights out? I saw it on the SiFi channel some years back! Only you're not as scary as Frank Gallop. Always nice to see you. How's the 2 weeks of marrage been going? Randy.

nitewrit said...


Boy, promises, promises.


Ron said...


I do believe you never heard me sing before have you? Don't you have one of those old records we did at the Farmers' Market in 1958 where we both sang?


Ron said...


I remember watching "Lights Out" in the Fifties on our Philco TV. Framk Gallop, that's his name. I was always mesmerized and fascinated when he uttered "Lights out" at the end of each show. Somethings you never forget, this is one of them.


Ron said...


That would really be cool, you accompanying me on your piano. I wish I could play a piano. I think I would have made a good piano player, if nothing else, for my own entertainment and enjoyment. I can tell you enjoy playing the piano.


Ron said...

Thank you Geo.! You are very generous. You also had a teacher with the last name of "Dick?" We did too. She was our English teacher. Her name was Florence Dick. "Miss Dick." In fact, we dedicated our yearbook to her. Interestingly, I don't remember anyone ever making a joke about her name. Maybe a lot of that had to do with her personality. She was tough and I don't think anyone would have the nerve to make fun of her name. Another interesting fact, she was called "Flossie Dick."

Here's another interesting fact: When my Mother worked at Pepperridge Farms on of her bosses was named "Dick Upp." Yep, "Upp". It's a German name. And yes, he took a lot of kidding about his name. I guess he was pretty good natured.

I should write a blog posting about "Dicks." One of the big sporting goods store in Downingtown is "Dick's." Lot of dicks.


anne marie in philly said...

I sing in the car and when I have had a cosmo or two. mark (tales of the sissy) says I have a nice voice. but in public? nah.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I can't sing, never could. What was I thinking?


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