Friday, July 12, 2013

Paying the Bills On a Rainy Friday Morning and Other Thoughts

Me paying the bills this morning via computer

Bill and I complement each other almost perfectly.  Bill is very mechanical. He can fix a broken toilet, like he just did here yesterday.  

Me?  I wouldn't know where to start.  Bill built all the additions to our house in Pennsylvania.  Me? Are you kidding?  I can hang a picture.  Beyond that, I'm not taking a chance on breaking any of my fingernails.

Now, when it comes to running the business called "Casa Tipton-Kelly, AKA our household.  That would be me.

When I first met Bill he didn't even have a checking account.  He paid what few bills he had with money orders.  Me?  I worked for a bank.  Well, I guess you can deduce that I changed those dynamics of paying bills.  That was in February of 1965 when I moved in with Bill at his garden apartment in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Bill at his Pennsauken, NJ apartment 1964

Ever since those halcyon days of our setting up house together I have been and still am the Office Manager of this empire, which is Casa Tipton-Kelly as we often tongue in cheek call our household.  

Back in the day I didn't think too much of paying the bills, making the phone calls, making the arrangements, etc and et al.  These days?  Maybe it's me but managing the day to day operations of Casa Tipton-Kelly seem to me more onerous and annoying these days in our fairy dust sprinkled past 49 years of cohabitation.  

I just finished paying bills again this morning.  Most of my bill paying takes place via the Internet.  I try to automat bill paying as much as possible.  Of course there are always a few straggler companies, like there are people who resist modernity and insist "I don't need the Internet!"  Then there are the Amish who claim they don't need modern conveniences like automobiles but hire others to drive them to funerals and such where there isn't parking for horse drawn buggies.

Paying bills by money order

Of course there is a downside to traveling by horse drawn buggy on a highway.

Sometimes sticking to old ways doesn't always work out
So I'm on board with the Digital Age and paying my bills by computer.  By the way, what happened to the myth of "less paper."  I have more paper than ever since I pay by Internet but I digress.

So here I am on this rainy Friday morning, making good use of my house induced time and catching up on paying my bills.  NOT one of my favorite activities.  I tried to lessen the boredom by having the TV on as background wallpaper.  My "wallpaper" this morning is the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin defense lawyer closing arguments.

My "wallpaper" isn't working because I'm becoming more and more irritated listening to Mr. O'Mara's ridiculous argument that George Zimmerman was some poor schlub who was attacked by that hoodie covered bully Trayvon Martin while he was looking for a street sign and only shot Trayvon because he was "protecting himself"  when Trayvon attacked him and was trying to beat his brains out on the cement pavement.  Oh please.  But I'm getting off the subject.

I finished paying the bills.  There will be more bills tomorrow.  Never a lack of bills and pleas for money from various charities.  Now my path is clear for the rest of the day to update my blog (as I am doing now), read some of my favorite bloggers and respond in kind.  

From my very short stint at the Marriott Hotel, Lionville, PA

I am so glad I am not working this weekend.  Last night at the hotel was very, very busy.  At one time I had three phones going, guests waiting to checkin, and other guests waiting with QUESTIONS (guests always have QUESTIONS for the front desk guy or gal).  I was way behind on my laundry, dishwasher and setting out the breakfast.  Anybody who thinks I'm just another pretty face sitting behind the front desk of an upscale boutique hotel in Lewes has another think coming.  

Rain is forecast for all weekend.  I am SO GLAD I don't have to explain to guests why we dared to have rain this weekend.  I even had one guest last night ask me if the hotel could provide a pass to a local pool for her kids if they couldn't go to the beach because of the rain.  Uh......NO.  Hey Mom, you're going to have to deal with those little darlings of yours on your own.  S.O.R.R.Y.


anne marie in philly said...

bills and laundry and dishes and trash are the constants of life.

have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

I pay everything via Internet, through my bank. They'll even write and mail checks to companies that don't have electronic relationships with them. And it's all free to me. I think I pay a couple of annual memberships and subscriptions by check because I don't want my Bill Pay listing to be so huge with stuff that isn't touched but once a year. I do print out the confirmation page each month, though, just to put with that month's bills so I can say "See, I paid them!"

Peace <3

Amanda said...

Reading your blog is like a "breath of fresh air" Ron! I always learn something, I laugh, I even cried watching Bill cry at your wedding, I love your choice of photos... (Zimmerman! I know the minimum about the story but my gut feeling is that being neighborhood watch, he thought he was going to become a celebrities for "saving" the neighborhood. He got his 15 mn of glory alright, but at the price of an innocent victim's death. HE provoked Trayvon, not the other way around. I am so sad for the Martin Family).

Ron said...


Thank you Nadege! I always appreciate your comments. You make me smile. You are so nice. This is one reason I have a blog, so I can have friends like you.

Wasn't Bill cute at our wedding? That's why I love him. When I was young I was so concerned about looks and age and often wondered when I saw someone with an older man "What do they see in him?" So superficial of me. Now that I am older myself I understand. It is love.

Thanks again Nadege.


Ron said...


Years ago when I worked at Girard Bank, they were one of the first for "on-line banking." I saw how f--cked up they were and I was turned off probably forever. Banks are probably a lot better these days but having worked at banks for 37 years, I can honestly say I just don't trust them. Awful thing to say I know but that's been my experience having been on the "other end." I'm glad your bill paying works for you.

Always good to hear from you Jay.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Oh, the "fun" stuff of every day living. Same here even at my job at the hotel. Laundry, dishes, mopping the floors and collecting the trash and I don't mean the guests. :)


anne marie in philly said...

collecting the trash and I don't mean the guests - bwhahahahahaha! :)

although, the way some guests behave, they might as well be!

pat888 said...

Ron - You simply blow me away. You are such a straight shooter and you write it so well. The list of your "likes" is wonderful. I'm going to try that myself. You've got a great friend and partner, a wonderful family - and I can tell, a legion of fans and friends on your computer sites. I'm just glad to be among them. You are living right and enriching us all as you do. Take care.

Ron said...


You are much too generous with your praise. I would like to see a list of your "likes." I'm glad we met.


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