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Now there is a term that I never thought would apply to me, "newlywed."  Sort of brings images of a beautiful, young blonde bride and likewise young, buff man with smiles from ear to ear.  Well folks, these newlyweds are far from young (that would be us) but we have the same smiles ear to ear.

Our wedding party - me, Bill, Judy and Jack Dawson - July 3rd, 2013

So are you all wondering how we spent our Honeymoon Night.  I bet you would.  Well folks, sorry to disappoint you but we spent it much like my mom and dad did when they ran off an eloped and got married in Elkton, Maryland in 1940. Mom was 16 years old and a senior in high school and Pop was 19 years old and working at Lukenweld as a welder.  She needed her father's permission to get married and of course she knew she would never get it (her Mother died when she wasn't quite two years old) so they "ran off."  After they got married she returned home like nothing happened and when back to school the following Monday.

Dear Friend Judy pinning the boutonniere (not a corsage) on me

Yesterday, after Bill and I got married we took our two witnesses, Jack and Judy, out to lunch at the Bay Leaf Restaurant in Milton.  We had a delightful lunch with was topped with chocolate covered strawberries, compliments of the house congratulating us on our wedding.  What a nice surprise (and delicious strawberries)!

Dear Friend Jack contemplating scarfing down some of those chocolate covered strawberries that the Bay Leaf Restaurant sent to us 
After lunch, and after driving Jack and Judy back to their houseful of family visiting for the Fourth of July holiday, Bill and I returned home. It was just the same as we left it but oh my, were ever feeling jubilant. Did I just use my second French word in this blog posting? 

What a wonderful feeling!  We feel.....normal.  We feel GOOD.  

Since I already had my lunch I had time to post my Flip video to You Tube.  

I was scheduled for to work yesterday but I did ask permission to come in a little later than the normal 3 pm start of my shift.  I didn't want to rush on this hot, humid and happy day.  As it was I did manage to arrive at work only a half an hour from my normal time.

So my "honeymoon night" was spent at the hotel, manning the front desk, albeit as a newlywed.  Again, the good feeling continue to permeate.  I just can not wipe the smile off of my face.  If there was any fly in the ointment of my wedding nuptials yesterday was the fact that I did not receive one congratulatory message from Camp Rehoboth, the local gay fund raising organization that, supposedly promotes "inclusiveness."  The "inclusiveness" apparently is only for members of their tight little clique but I'm not going to go any further down that negative path today.  Suffice it to say I was very disappointed that not ONE note of congratulations or even a "LIKE" was posted to my Facebook account.  

When I got home from work though I had a very pleasant surprise.  There was a card from my local state representative Steve Smyk with a note on the back that said:

"May your special day today be Happy & Blessed Ron. Sorry I missed you both."

Representative Smyk voted against the Marriage Equality bill in Delaware.  I wrote to him several times and he didn't respond to my personal, hand written letters which I took issue with by writing to our local newspaper The Cape Gazette.  That representative Smyk would take the time to pay me a personal visit to wish me well on our special day has changed my opinion of him.  While we may still disagree politically we can continue to have respect for one another and that is exactly what Representative Smyk did yesterday.  And isn't this what marriage equality is all about?  Respect?  

I wrote Representative Smyk a handwritten letter this morning which I will mail tomorrow morning.  I hope to meet with him some day in person to discuss our differences but in the meantime finding his note when I returned home last night was the perfect ending to a perfect day.


Anonymous said...

Y'all look so happy in the pictures! It's great to see Bill so obviously happy, and you, too, of course.

Congratulations again! I am thrilled for you!

Peace <3

Tony said...

My heartiest congratulations to both of you! You should revel in your joy, as you have waited a long time to feel this way. Don't let ANYTHING get in the way! Was there wedding cake?

anne marie in philly said...

I see you got bill out of his jeans and into some dress pants for your wedding! handsome couple!

I am disappointed that fay jacobs and her crew did not send a congrats note. :(

OTOH, your state rep... :) mighty neighborly of him. perhaps you have opened his eyes to a committed same-sex relationship.

gettysburg in the fall sounds nice, esp. this being 150 years since the battle took place.

I am interested in how your mom told her dad she was married. did she wait until she graduated high school, then left home? 16 and 19 are so young to get married. glad you and bill waited until maturity set in! :)

keep smilin'! and thanks for the e-card!

nitewrit said...


I'm happy for you both. Hope Bill and you will get out more as a couple now.


Jon said...

Thanks for sharing the great photos that documented a memorable day. Sounds like a perfect day. It's really a shock that Representative Smyk actually sent you a note of congratulations. And very ironic that Camp Rehoboth chose to ignore your big day.

You mentioned that your parents eloped and got married in Maryland. My parents also eloped and got married in Maryland (in 1949) but I can't remember the name of the city. I'll have to look at their marriage certificate.

Amanda said...

All is well that ends well! I am still so happy for you Ron and Bill! I can feel your joy (I guess I could see it through Bill's tears and your smile). Don't worry about the Rehoboth camp. YOU have arrived (I did see the message some lady left on Facebook).

Ron said...


You feel our joy! This is such a wonderful feeling, for the first time in our lives we don't feel less than. Of course it would be nice to have a "like" from Camp Rehoboth, our local "all inclusive" gay organization. I've been here since 2006 and made every effort to be friendly but apparently Camp Rehoboth is a closed club of exclusive friends, no one else need apply. They talk a good game but don't practice it. I am very disappointed in them because they do know who I am and this is an obvious snub. I shouldn't let it bother me but sometimes things like this do. I'm done with them, I have what is important and I know who my friends are.

Thanks for your always sincere good wishes.


Ron said...


No one was more surprised than me to have received a visit and a personal note from my representative wishing me well on our special day. I'm not surprised that Camp Rehoboth continues to ignore me. One of the criticisms I've always had of gay organizations is that they tend to be very cliquish. That's why I don't join them and I fight the good fight solo.

The city your parents were married was most probalby Elkton. That's where young couples always eloped because of the minimal requirements to get married.


Ron said...


Thanks! It's working well so far. We feel so different than we did when we were marginalized and discriminated against simply because of who we were and who we chose to love. This is a good feeling.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

It's been years since I've seen Bill in anything besides jeans. In fact I don't even remember when that was. Has to be at least 40 years.

No one is more disappointed than me that the folks at Camps Rehoboth couldn't even give me a "like" on FB. Normally I would brush it off because that's the way they've always been to me but this time when Rep. Smyk personally calls at my house to wish me well and yet the "inclusive" folks at Camp Rehoboth blithly continue on their cliquish ways. I'm not part of that club and never will be because I don't camp it up. Maybe it's because we're veterans or maybe it's because we don't participate in the pink boa Boardwalk Swish. I don't know and it doesn't matter any more.

My Mom didn't tell her dad. I think her sister told her dad who promptly threw her out of the house when he found out. No, she didn't graduate high school although she does have her graduation picture. She only lasted a few days married before he threw her out. My Mom and dad then rented a cottage without electricity and running water in Cedar Grove, PA. The rest is history.


Ron said...

Thank you Tony! Wedding cake? Ah yes. I think we'll get one of those Dairy Queen frozen ice cream wedding cakes. Wait! We had those chocolate covered strawberries yesterday. They were pretty cool.

We wanted a low key ceremony. It was perfect. Could not have been better. We had our good friend Jack and Judy Dawson as our witnesses. The rain stopped long enough for us to get in the courthouse. And my friend Annie took the photos. Just a pefect day that I will remember for the rest of my life. The iceing on the cake was when I got home last night and saw the note from my representative who wished me well. That really made me feel good. The fact that our local gay organization choose to ignore me and Bill (not like they don't know who we are) hurt but I shouldn't have been surprised. That's the way they've always been to outsiders ever since we moved down here in 2006.


Ron said...


We were happy in those pictures and we're still happy! This is a wonderful feeling. I hope you get a chance to experience it someday. Thanks for your well wishes.


Stan said...

Congratulations to you both. May you both enjoy and share many more anniversaries to come.

Anonymous said...

Ron and Bill, Congratulations! You both look so happy in your pictures. Lynne

Happyman said...

Congratulations! You two have been on an incredible journey. Best wishes from a married couple in Iowa.
Terry and Mike

slugmama said...

I had a feeling your state rep. would be a stand up guy over this. I see respect on both of your parts there.

Sorry to hear the "gay org." there snubbed y'all. It's always something in life, right? Don't let the turkeys get ya down and throw a wet blanket on your party!! 8-)

Iberostar said...

I love your smile - it makes ME smile! Congratulations to the both of you. I've enjoyed your blog for a long time. Doing the happy dance for Ron and Bill!!!

Bob said...

Thought you might wanna check this out:

Ron said...

Thank you Iberostar. We're both still on a high from our wedding day. No downside here. :)


Ron said...


Thank you! We are indeed very happy. This is such nice feeling. Almost worth the wait.


Ron said...

Thank you Stan. We may not share another 49 years but the years we have to share as a married couple will be precious.


Ron said...

Thank you! Yes, this has been quite a journey. You could tell by Bill becoming overcome with emotion at the end of our marriage ceremony. I'm the "out front guy." This whole thing has taken a lot out of Bill because he is of that older gay generation that was conditioned to hide and be ashamed of who he was and who he loved. I am so glad for him. Isn't it great to be recognized on the national level now? This is real!


Ron said...

You know what slugmana? I always thought Rep. Smyk would come through in the end. When he first appeared at my doorstep last July seeking my support for his candidacy I didn't have the feeling he was one of those hateful, only think one way guys. I think he is truly conflicted about this issue and I understand and respect that. Of course he is wrong but I believe in time he will come around to my way of thinking.

About the Camp Rehoboth crowd. My first impression of them was that they were a bunch of snobs who were more into the business of raising money to raise more money (by dances and other "events"). That's all fine and well but where I have a problem is that they proclaim that they are all inclusive and they are anything but. Unless you're part of their Washington D.C. crowd, the only thing they want from you is your membership fee. I've called them for information before and they just ignore me as they ignored me after our wedding, which really was a historic event. I don't know of any other couple that has been together as long as we have been. What really triggered me was that Rep. Smyk was kind and decent enough to wish us well but the self-important snobs at Camp Rehoboth couldn't even take a second and click the "like" button on my Facebook status. It's not like they don't know who I am. Bill and I have been down here since 2006 and never once did they reach out to us nor respond to me. Not once. "All inclusive?" Hardly. I shouldn't be surprised though. I've had similar encounters with other gay organizations before and received the same response - only pleas for money. The only one that was decent to me was Delaware Marriage Equality. They were nice.

Ron said...

Hey Bob! Thank, I'll check it out.

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