Saturday, July 06, 2013

Happily Married

The Happy Couple (look for this photo on next year's Christmas card)

So this is what its like to be happily married?  I love it!  Bill is pretty happy too.

I didn't think too much about how we would feel after the big buildup (49 years after all) and the last two months (testifying before the Delaware state house in support of marriage equality) but I was sort of expecting a slight letdown at least.  Didn't happen.  We're still high on happiness!

Bill and me at The Circle in Georgetown, DE on our wedding day

This morning I was talking to a dear blogger friend on FaceTime and he asked me if I felt different (I think that's what he asked me).  The answer is "Yes, I do feel different.  I feel complete.  Its hard to describe but I feel just right.  Maybe this is how it feels not to be marginalized or discounted as a human being or a citizen of this country just because of who I love.  I'm here to tell you this feels damn good.

So what have we done since the Big Day?  Well, as you know life does go on.  We've been suffering through a high humidity heat wave here in southern Delaware for the past week or so.  The heat and humidity bears down on us then it rains then the heat and humidity returns.  We just slog our way through it and try not to spend too much time outside.  If we do, then when we come back into the house we have to peel off our sweat soaked clothes and take a shower.

Yesterday morning we had a near disaster.  Our air conditioning started to run erratically.  OMG!  NOT NOW!  I had visions of calling the local air conditioning repair guys and being told they could get out here until next week.  In the mean time Bill and I would have to hunker down in the basement like survivors of an atomic bomb attack until relief arrived.

Leaving Rehoboth Beach yesterday morning

Yesterday morning I also had to go to downtown Rehoboth to retrieve our wedding pictures from Ann of Old Time Photo (she took our wedding photos which are pictured in this posting because Mark H. wasn't available).  So here we were yesterday, fighting the lava flow that is called Route 1 traffic into Rehoboth on Fourth of July weekend and trying to arrange for a service company to come out and repair our air conditioner.  

Old Time Photos in Rehoboth Beach, DE early yesterday morning

I called my boss at work because his air conditioner recently went out too.  I asked him what company he called.  He told me it was a company called Service Today.  Oh sure, I thought.  But I have a high respect for my boss's recommendations so I called.  Guess what?  When we returned from Rehoboth, which was a NIGHTMARE or DAYMARE (not only was the traffic heavy we had to wait for the drawbridge out of Rehoboth to close!)  the Service Repair truck was in our driveway!

Service Today van waiting for us yesterday morning when we returned from Rehoboth Beach
We got out of our car, very happy that we didn't have to wait the entire day in a sweltering house for a service man to maybe show up or not show up.  I didn't seen the serviceman until I walked around the house to the air conditioner unit.  I introduced myself (didn't tell him that Bill and I were husband and husband).  He found the problem, a bad capacitor.  He fixed it and the charge was very reasonable!  Hey, how about that?  After this blog posting I will go on Angie's List and post a very complimentary review.  

Bill giving instructions (as is his wont)  

So what are we doing this weekend?  Just trying to stay cool folks, and now that is possible thanks to Service Today.  Sometimes things just work out right.  


anne marie in philly said...

hot as hell here also. todd and I are inside and we will not emerge until it's time to go to work on monday.

you must have been speaking with dear spo this morning. his air conditioner just got fixed also.

nice wedding rings; glad to hear you are still riding the high. and bill is back in his jeans, I see. some things NEVER change! :)

stay inside where it's cool!

Raybeard said...

Returned yesterday after few days away, Ron - and I've just caught up with your recent postings.
Lovely, amazing - and utterly unimaginable until very recently. So very pleased that it all went so well for you and your hubby. (You must feel extra proud now to hear that word - and quite rightly!)
Didn't quite manage to hold back from blubbing when the ceremony was through, but I know I'm in good company.
I wish you both from the heart the very happiest of married lives together, and I relish the prospect of reading your future blogs as you being one half of a loving team.

Now I can see that you're already facing the mundanity of married life as exemplified in your air-conditioning problem. Oh well! Some things never change. :-)

Anonymous said...

And they said it wouldn't last! lol

I don't think Congratulations can be said too many time. Maybe you should start an anniversary celebration once a week for a year - for all your years together. Just little thinks like a card, a single flower, a cookie a post it on the mirror. Hope to see you in Aug.

Randy in NEB said...

Ron, You and Bill look very happy! Dare I say marrage agrees with you both, Bill looks younger than his 80+ years. It's too bad this couldn't have happened 40 years ago. Like I said before, it's too bad I don't live closer to you. I would have been more than happy to drive you to Rehoboth to pick up your wedding photos. I may have been able to help with your air conditioner unit as well. A few summers ago mine quit in July. The compresser would start and then quickly shut down. Found out the condenser fan motor was shot. A service call would have been $150.00 plus $70.00 parts! I found a friend of a friend had some scrap units and got used parts for three dollars and did the work myself. It's worked ever since,just more time to fix. I can be very handy with tools. ;-) Hope to meet you and Bill in April 14. Stay cool. Randy.

Anonymous said...

I hope my AC doesn't go boom. I hate the whole service scenario, because at this time of year around here, prices are no where near reasonable!

Still high, huh? That's awesome! And Bill looks SOOOOO HAPPY! That's pretty neat.

Peace <3

Jon said...

Great photos, and - as you said - it is truly a wonderful thing to feel "complete". Heck, it only took 49 years........

Air conditioners are notorious for getting tempermental during the hottest time of the year. When I was living in San Angelo my air conditioner broke one summer when it was 113 degrees! It took three days before I could get it fixed.

Amanda said...

And I cannot write enough how happy and proud I am for both of you. Happy that it should feel right, happy that you feel "complete". You are proving the world that you did the right thing; both your hearts and brains tell you so. Shame on the people who don't see it that way, feel insecure and threatened. What could be more wonderful than 2 people who love and cherish each others?

Geo. said...

Having followed your excellent account of the past two months, I must thank you for sharing a wonderful modern adventure into personal liberty, equality and spiritual recognition. I must also repeat my congratulations.

Java said...

Congratulations to you and Bill. I'm so excited for you.
How nice that the a/c service fella was so quick! In weather like this, going without a/c is torture.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Yes! I was talking to "dear Spo" this morning. How did you know? :)

Yep, Bill is back in his jeans. I don't know what he did with those other pants but I doubt if I'll or anyone else will ever see him in them again. Funny thing, I used to wear jeans all the time too but opted out for khaki cargo pants a few years ago. They are a lot more comfortable and more pocket space too!


Ron said...


This (married life) feels just so right. I wasn't expecting this but it is some nice feeling. "Complete" is the only word I can use to describe this feeling. And yes, I am looking forward to the first time I can refer to Bill as my "husband" instead of partner. This is going to take some getting used to.


Ron said...


You're coming down this way in August? If you do please call. I would like you to meet Bill.

You're right about the congratulations. Can never be enough. This is such a good feeling that we both have now. We don't feel discounted or marginalized anymore. Although I do have to say a few family members have unfriended me on Facebook since I posted that I got a man. Same thing happened when I came out in 1963, I lost about half of my "friends." Interesting. Guess what? Never missed those "friends" and I won't miss those relatives who unfriended me either.


Ron said...


We are happy! Could you tell? Say, I didn't know you were handy with the mechanical stuff. You're becoming more attractive to me the more I know about you. Bill is also very mechanically inclined. I am not. We kid that I am "mechanically declined." Bill and I complement each other with our likes and skills. What he does well, I don't and vice versa. We are so unlike in so many ways but in this way it is good. By the way, I did pay $178.69 for the service call. $150.00 an hour (minimum one hour, service man only worked 3/4 of a hour) and $28.69 for the gas. Didn't charge for the capacitor.

Looking forward to meeting you too Randy in April. I have a feeling Bill will like you.


Ron said...


We had a real scare that the air conditioning would go out over the weekend. I was very surprised that I got through right away to the repair company. What a pleasant surprise to actually get service fast.

Yep, still on a high. This is a wonderful feeling. Both Bill and I are feeling good. I guess it's because we don't feel like second class citizens any more. However, I did lose a few of my more conservative relatives on Facebook. They unfriended me after I posted the picture of me and Bill and the announcement that we got married. I guess that was too much for them to handle. That's sort of the reaction I got when I came out as a gay man in 1963. I lost about half of my so called "friends." I guess I was untouchable. Guess what? I've never missed them since.

Thanks for your good wishes Jayl.


Ron said...


I wasn't thinking of how we would feel after our wedding but it did come as a pleasant surprise that we both feel "complete". Maybe a better way of explaining our feeling is that that we now no longer feel marginalized or second class citizens. I'm telling you, this is a good feeling we have now.

We were both fearing we would have to go the weekend, especially since this is the Fourth of July, without air conditioning. We were lucky to get a good company that provided service. I was very pleasantly surprised.


Ron said...


You're absolutely right Nadege, what could be more wonderful than 2 people who love and cherish each other? That's me an Bill. We have our "moments" but we never stopped loving one another. I mentioned in a couple of comments that I discovered I lost a few of my more conservative relatives on Facebook since I posted my wedding to my Facebook account. So I guess I'm a non-person to them now. It is a shame isn't it the way some people feel so threatened?


Ron said...

Thank you very much Geo.!


Ron said...

Thank you Java! We were fearing the worst with the air conditioning. You're right, going without an air conditioner is torture. We do get spoiled though, I grew up without an air conditioner. Wonder how I slept on those hot summer nights?


Liberty and In Dependence said...

Mazel tov, Ron!!!! That is great news! With your permission, I would love to include a wedding photo of you and Bill in the weekly wrap-up. Let me know. Once again, congrats!

Ron said...

I would be honored to have you include our wedding photograph in your weekly wrap-up. You have made me very happy. I always look forward to your weekly wrap-up because seeing your photos of life in Delaware always makes me smile.


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