Friday, July 19, 2013

Blurred Lines

Okay folks, you all know me, Stuck in the Seventies. Disco and all that, stuck.  One of those "Old Disco Guys."

Then a few weeks ago, riding home from work at the hotel I was looking for a new channel on my Sirius satellite radio in my car and I heard "Blurred Lines."  I didn't know who was singing it, didn't even know the title but was immediately hooked on the "beat" as they used to say on "American Bandstand."

I HAD TO FIND OUT THE NAME OF THIS SONG.  I couldn't get it out of my mind.  A couple days later I heard it again somewhere; coming from someone's car in the Walmart parking lot?  I HAD TO FIND WHO SINGS THIS SONG.

Then tonight while I was watching a show on my favorite cable channel, MSNBC, they played a clip of Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel dancing to THIS SONG!

Now I had to do some serious research because this song is definitely a candidate for the sound track of my next iMovie.  

So I look it up and find that Alan Thicke's son Robin Thicke sings it.  I go to YouTube and find this video!

Check this video out.  Isn't this one of the most lame videos you've ever seen?  LOVE THE MUSIC but the video?  And do I detect a little foot fetish going on?  And what's this about Robin Thicke's Big Dick?  Oh my, how times have changed from "American Bandstand." I don't think Dick Clark would approve.  Nice beat though, you can dance to it as Rahm did.


Anonymous said... app ever...point it at your music, it tells you who it is, what song it is...totally AWESOME!!!

Peace <3

anne marie in philly said...

rahm looks like he is humping the chair in front of him. white men can't dance.

our own mayor "dj mixmaster mike" michael nutter knows how to throw down a mean groove and shake his booty.

I agree the tune is catchy (gotta good beat, you can dance to it, give it a 75) but STOOPID video.

wcs said...

I can hear Mr. Emanuel now, after seeing this video: "Does this tie make my ass look fat?" LOL

Ron said...


You made me laugh the first thing this morning. Thanks!


Ron said...

Thanks Jay, I'll check it out.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

How lame is that video? However, I have to admit I keep going back and looking at I would look at a car wreck.


WARPed said...

Well, it has a good beat, and you can dance to it...haha!

The music is totally listenable, but the video is pretty dumb by old guy standards...but not by contemporary standards (why are people so dumb today???)

And trying to figure out who's playing a song is *great* fun to me...Jay can keep his!



Ron said...


I was surprised at how dumb the video is. Really? Good song though, I could listen to it over and over. Stays in your head.


Randy in NEB said...

Ron, You're right this song does have a 70's style to it. But I think it's so laced with innuendoes I don't know were to start. One thing is quite obvious Robin has a thick d!ck, does he? I don't know about you? I did notice that Robin have nice blue eyes. Always a pleasure reading your blog. Randy.

Ron said...


So you noticed the innuendoes in that song? Can you imagine a song with those lyrics in the Fifties or even the Seventies? Wow.

By the way, "yes." :)


Ron said...


I probably should "clarify" my "yes" answer, I do have big hands and big feet.


Tony said...

this is a good song, but then i am not surprised. pharrell is one of the best and most successful producers working today, and i think his work is original and infectious. ron, you would be surprised how much good music has been produced since the 70's! one of the fun things about internet radio or playlist stations is that you can be exposed to new stuff without having to buy anything! we all need to be "refreshed" from time to time!

Anonymous said...

Get good disco, Boystown Gang, ''Remember me''

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