Sunday, July 07, 2013

Big Excitement Here on a Quiet Sunday Morning

Another quiet Sunday morning?  Not so.

I was talking to my neighbor Barbara on the phone, catching up on the latest neighborhood gossip, when I saw billowing plumes of black smoke wafting up in pristine blue sky punctuated by puffy white clouds.  What now?

Our properties are separated from the busy Route One artery into Rehoboth Beach and other beach destinations by a soybean field.  Another accident?  

I get my handy iPhone and turn on the video.  I'm going to record this!  

I walk out our back yard, past Bill and another neighbor to Route One.  It appears that a car is on fire.  God, I hope there was no one in that car.  

The fire engines had already arrived and were putting out the fire.  I didn't get too close but I did get close enough to record the action.  A little excitement right here in River City Route One.

It's not all that unusual to see cars pulled over by the police for speeding on this stretch of Route One.  However, I think this is the first fire.  

We'll have to read about it in the local newspaper to see what happened.  

A couple of years ago we had a Cop Car Speed Chase down this stretch which resulted in the death of two occupants of a car that the speeder hit.  We didn't know it at the time, all we knew was that there were a lot of police sirens and flashing red a blue lights.  Later we read in the local newspaper that the speeder hit another car, killing the two occupants (an elderly couple) while attempting to outrun the police.  He's in prison now.

No matter where you go or live, one is never too far away from drama.  I just hope no one was hurt today.


Anonymous said...

I was first responder on a car fire on the Interstate one day. I talked to a couple of the firemen who responded, and their assessment was that most car fires are electrical in nature. They said sometimes a fuel line will break, but that's unusual. There's just so much combustible in a car! It smells awful, and the smoke is pretty bad for you to inhale. The car, even with them pouring water on it, was reduced to a charred mess of metal. It's cool to note that the metal starts to rust almost before they can pull it up onto a wrecker to tow away!

Peace <3

Amanda said...

I love the videos you post, not matter what the subject is!

Ron said...

Scary isn't it Jay, to think our cars could catch on fire at any time?


Ron said...

Thanks Nadege, I post whatever is going on in my life. That's the kind of blogs I like to read so I figure others would like the same.


Anonymous said...

And when you consider how much extra electrical stuff I have wired up, I think about it a lot! But I also have a LOT of fuses, right at the battery, to prevent things like this.

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