Monday, March 04, 2013


Ron in Full Smile

I've been told I have a good smile.  My Mother had a great smile.  My father, not so much.  Some people look odd when they smile.  Some look great. Some don't.

My brother Isaac and I goofing it up for the camera

I am a pretty serious person and a lot of time I am deep in though thus the serious face.  Also, many of my photos were taken by Bill or other people who are/were intimidated by me handing them my camera to take a picture of me.  I rarely get pictures that others take of me.  In fact, not too many people take pictures of me with their cameras. If they do I have to ask them.  

Serious at Rehoboth Beach

When I'm serious, I have a Serious Face. Not very inviting I'm told.  Most of the time I hung out at the bars I was by myself.  Frequently a stranger would come up to me and say "You should smile more.  You look great when you smile!"  This unsolicited comment from a stranger.  They probably saw a friend talking to me.

Me with brother John (not smiling)

Me with brother John (smiling)

My default personality is one that is eager to please so I almost always smile with my interactions with friends and strangers.  In fact that's why I like my hotel front desk job, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and make them feel comfortable during their stay in our hotel.  Occasionally I run into a stinker and my smile fades.  And then it's the Serious Ron again.

Two great smiles!  Ron and Mark
Two more great smiles!  Anne Marie (of Philly) and me
Me and Joyce (from my bank job in Philly in 1986)
I always smile when I hold a cat - 1953
Two tired critters - 2005

My best class picture ever - 5th grade 1953


  1. eeeeeek! I was squinting into the sun in that photo! I am not that horrible in person I swear!

    yeah, you do have a nice smile. it will be much in evidence at the party in a few weeks!

    1. Anne Mare,

      We're going to get Mark (of Harrisburg) to take mucho pictures of you at the Bloggerrama. No squinting in the sun!


  2. Anonymous7:42 PM

    I rarely have pictures of me. Even less frequently when I am smiling. Call me curmudgeonly, I guess! But I'll be smiling in 3 weeks! All weekend long!

    You do have a fine smile! Can't wait to see it in person!

    Peace <3

    1. We will have you smiling he whole time your here Jay, even when you're eating seafood at our fabulous restaurants!


  3. yes you should smile as often as you can. you light up nicely
    I seldom smile as it brings out my wrinkles and folds. yuck.

    1. Dr. Spo,

      You're one of those people who looks good either way, smiling or not smiling. My favorite Hollywood, Hedy Lamarr, was like that. Most of her publicity shots were of her not smiling. She was beautiful. She looked good smiling to but really looked good (and mysterious), not smiling. Just like you. :)



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