Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thing's I've Never Done Meme

Time for a fun post.  I got this idea from Dr. Spo Jim.  This is a meme for things I've never done.  This one will be easy for me because there are a LOT of things I've never done.

  1. I've never married
  2. I've never had sex with a woman
  3. I've never done coke or heroin
  4. I've never been to any foreign country except Canada
  5. I've never changed a flat tire
  6. I've never skied, water or snow
  7. I've never driven in a city
  8. I've never eaten lamb
  9. I've never seen a rock concert in person
  10. I've never seen a Broadway show
  11. I've never had a published work
  12. I've never eaten clams
  13. I've never been to a Nascar race or any race (horse included)
  14. I've never been in a movie or TV show
  15. I've never been part of a foursome
  16. I've never seen a Moose in person
  17. I've never sold any of my artwork
  18. I've never won any race I've been in
  19. I've never eaten eel
  20. I've never punched a person in the face (slapped yes)
  21. I've never been knocked unconscious
  22. I've never killed an animal bigger than a  chicken
  23. I've never met Jennifer Lopez (nor do I want to)
  24. I've never met Bradley Cooper (but I do in the worst way)
  25. I never went deep sea fishing
  26. I've never had my appendix removed (or gall bladder)
  27. I've never mucked a horse stable
  28. I've never ridden a horse
  29. I never rode on my father's shoulders (or any other man for that matter)
  30. I never had a sister
  31. I never had a child (see #2)
  32. I never had a swimming pool (one lifetime goal unrealized)
  33. I've never had an affair with a black or Asian man 
  34. I've never had a party at my house
  35. I've never owned a snake
  36. I've never changed the oil in a car
  37. I've never bought diamond rings for anyone but myself
  38. I never learned a foreign language
  39. I never learned how to play the piano
  40. I never learned how to crochet (but I can do crewel and counted cross stitch)
  41. I never laid a brick (but I have laid some men)
  42. I never rode a tractor
  43. I never went on a cruise to the Bahamas
  44. I never met a person I didn't like initially
  45. I never wrote a song
  46. I never sky dived (or bungee jumped)
  47. I never ate an insect intentionally
  48. I never felt a woman's breasts (ewww!)
  49. I never wore a white, silk, slinky dress
  50. I never changed a diaper (yet)
There, that was easy!  Next up, a partial list of what I have done.  A censored list that is.


  1. Ron,

    There were 20 items on your list that like you I have never done. 30 of them I have done.


    1. Give me the numbers on what you haven't done Lar. What is it with you guys not telling me how many you did or didn't do but not letting the world know which ones they are? Numbers please!

  2. That's an amusing list and it provided me with some big smiles. Believe it or not, there are fifteen things on your list that I HAVE done (I swear it's true - - and I counted them twice).

    Those are great photos of Harlow and I've never seen either of them before.

    1. Which ones Jon? Give me the numbers. I'm curious.



  3. Anonymous2:57 PM

    Here you go. Thinkgs I've done:

    #1 and #2 (Married with children)

    #4 (Went to Ireland and UK as a teenager with family. Dad grew up in Dublin and was visiting brothers and sisters over there.)

    #5 (Changed a few tires. Not fun.)

    #6 (Used to go snow skiing and water skiing when I was in my teens and 20s.)

    #7 (Driven in NY, Philly, Toronto, Buffalo. Have driven in Syracuse too but this doesn't really count!)

    #8 (Love it!)

    #9 (Sonic Youth - 1992, KMFDM-1992, Journey/Foreigner/Night Ranger-2011)

    #29 (I have vague memories of Dad carrying me on his shoulders when I was little. I joke with him about doing it now. He's 87 years old now.)

    #30 (I have two, a half-sister 8 years older than me and a sister 3 years younger.)

    #31 (Yep! Son and daughter)

    #34 (Haven't had a growup-up party at my house in over 10 years. Too lazy. Don't want to deal with the cleanup. Had lots of kid birthday parties at the house.)

    #36 (Easier to just have mechanic change oil now.)

    #38 (3+ years of Espanol.),

    #39 (10+ years of piano lessons as a kid. I still play music today. I still thank Mom and Dad for this.)

    #44 (I try to keep an open mind, but have met a few people that put me off immediately. One, a co-worker, I changed my mind about once I got to know him better.)

    #48 (Yes siree!)

    #50 (I have changed more diapers than I care to count.)

    1. Sean,

      I think everyone is ahead of me on "Things I haven't done." I have more!


  4. I loved your list! Where and when did you visit Canada?

    1. Buddy,

      Bill and I took a road trip to Canada in 1966. We visited Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa. We loved our trip. Would love to go back sometime. Where do you live?


  5. You wrote you have never gone deep sea fishing twice. I like that list.

    1. Nadege,

      Whoops! Thanks for catching that. I'll correct it, so many things I haven't done so it will be easy.


  6. I HAVE done:

    #1 - twice

    #4 - england, france, switzerland, italy, canada

    #7 - philly, seattle, denver, orlando

    #8 - once (YUCK!)

    #9 - plenty of them

    #10 - plenty of them

    #11 - a knitting poem published in a book of other knitting/crochet poems

    #12 - fried clams (YUM!)

    #30 - have a younger sister

    #34 - plenty of them

    #38 - I can read french

    #39 - learned in high school; have not played since

    time's a-wastin', ron! better get to doing! :)

    1. Anne Marie,

      Maybe at the Spo-a-rama-ding-a-ling-ding-dong I can take some of those items off of my list.


  7. Anonymous6:22 PM

    You threw out WAY too many for me to keep up with! I have tapioca for a brain! That's a lot of things you haven't done, better get busy!

    But I know I've done 1, 2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 19,20, 22, 25, 28, 29, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 42 (twice), and 50! HAHAHAHA, between yours and Spo's, I'll be drinking all night (but only after I get home from the State Police headquarters a little later on).

    Peace <3

    1. Jay,

      From the replies I've been getting I can see that I have a lot to do before I check out of this world. Wow.


  8. Good grief, I've done a lot of these. Twenty two of them.

    1. Cubby,

      What can I tell you? I'm a babe in the woods. :)


  9. Ron: that is a long list!! I started this meme (it's really a drinking game) and I promised that I would play along:
    4. I have traveled quite a lot out of the country.
    5. Changed many a flat tire
    6. water skied a lot
    7. I drive in a large city every day
    8. I love lamb
    9. Many concerts
    10. Many Broadway shows
    11. some of my photographs have been used on websites
    12. clams are not a favorite of mine, but have eaten them
    13. stock car races in Bucks County PA
    17. I've sold some photos
    18. I ran track races in high school
    19. eel is gross, but I had to try it once
    25. I went deep sea fishing last year
    28. ridden horses and sneezed a lot afterwards (allergies)
    29. only when I was very young
    30. I have 2 sisters
    34. I love to throw dinner parties
    36. Changed the oil a lot
    40. I've crocheted a blanket
    41. I helped an uncle build his house
    42. Deep sea fishing last summer
    44. I trust my gut feeling and I've met a few people I instantly don't like
    46. Skydived and would love to go again
    48. Boobs are OK. their super-powers have no effect on me though
    50. Nieces and nephews and babysitting. You have to do it.

    1. #40 - REALLY? WOW!

      #13 - where and when?

      #48 - I have them, but they are not magical nor do they have super-powers.

    2. Anne Marie,

      To some men any tittie has super powers. I've literally seen some straight men slobber over seeing a little live cleavage. God.


    3. anne marie: #40. when I was in high school, believe it or not. I was sick and just took up the hobby!

      #13: I lived in Baltimore from 1986 to '92. I think I went to Bucks County in 1990 or so. I loved it!

      #48. I admit; I'm str8 curious when I'm drinking! ;) lol

    4. Jim,

      My Mother used to love to crochet and I have most of her handiwork today which I treasure. On #48, I've accidentally "bumped" into a woman's breast and was freaked out every time. Never did the "squeeze". I can't imagine.


    5. Jim,

      Thank you for starting this meme. This has been a lot of fun. Taken my mind off of some other matters which needed to be done.


    6. Jim,

      Thanks again for starting this meme. It's been a lot of fun and I'm not done yet!


  10. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Ron, Now we're all really curious to see the list of things you HAVE done.

    1. Sean,

      You read my mind! That is going to be my next list. Of course it is only a partial list and heavily censored. After all, my blog is a "family" blog. :)


    2. Anonymous12:36 PM

      Ron: It seems you've led a sheltered life in many respects. This is not necessarily a bad thing. :-)

      This is likely why you're here with us today and in comparatively decent health (prostate issue notwithstanding).

    3. Sean,

      I have definitely lead a sheltered life. Many of my friends used to tease me about it. Unfortunately, most of them aren't around today.


  11. Jim,

    I wondered who start this meme. Very cool. I like it. Checking your list as compared to mine, man there is a lot that you've done compared to me. Wow. In fact I think you've done everything I have listed on my "Didn't do" list.

    Thanks for starting this meme.


  12. If I were there we could do number 29. I would gladly carry your weight on my shoulders.

    Forget about number 33...(although there is a certain blogger buddy that comes to mind. You could do 33 and 15 at the same time, maybe even 4!)

    1. Jeff,

      After watching the San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernacke in the Super Bowl, I might have broken the #33 barrier. I was never adverse to a #15, but the opportunity never arose (no pun intended). However, plenty of opportunities for a threesome arose (that pun again) which I did take the opportunity. Sort of overload though, a nice overload.


  13. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Ron, Would Bill agree to bringing a pet into your home now? I am just thinking that the unconditional love and affection of a dog or kitty may give you a needed boost during this very stressful time. There are lots of homeless pets out there....???? Lynne

    1. Lynn,

      I would love to bring a pet into our home, either a rescue cat or a dog. I've broached the subject to Bill a number of times, but he is dead set against it. He just cannot take the loss of another pet and he is worried that at his age he would die before the pet. The only way I can get a pet is if I am by myself which is what I will do. You're giving me good advice which I have considered but unfortunately I cannot take it at this time. I wish I could.


  14. I too have never skied --tobagganer-- because I always thought I'd break a collar bone. My eldest son grew up and thought I was being silly and went skiing at Tahoe. Broke his collar bone. However, I drove tractors as part of my job for 35 years and can tell you it never stops being fun. Great list, Ron; it invites great reflection. Thanks.

    1. Geo,

      I always wanted to drive a tractor. Never given the opportunity but I got close a couple of times. Bill always promised to take me skiing but never did. It's too late now. I'm probably do a "Sonny Bono" and run into a tree.


  15. Party at Ron's house; I will bring the fried clams.

    1. YUM YUM! Count me in for the clams!

    2. Dr. Spo,
      I might be up for my first party but Bill would be gone, gone, gone. We are having you and Someone up for a visit on Blogger Weekend though. No clams......please.


    3. Jay,

      Clams to me are like codified snot. Just saying.


    4. It has to be some sort of blasphemy, heresy, live on the water and not like clams.

      But that's OK, MORE FOR ME!

    5. Jay,

      More so that I am also a Scorpio so I should like all seafaring stuff but I don't, too fishy for me.



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