Thursday, October 18, 2012

Romney Son Wanted To "Take A Swing" At Obama During Debate

The "Entitleds" - the Romney Family of the Ruling Class
I just heard this morning that Mitt Romney's eldest son Tagg wanted to "take a swing" at president Obama because Obama called out his father for the liar that he is.

Can you believe this?  You know who I would like to "take a swing" at?  Romney and his FIVE sons, NONE of which saw fit to volunteer their precious time in the service of our country.  NONE ONE of his five sons have volunteered for any of the armed services of this country.  Neither has Mitt himself or his father George.  Yet this family has taken advantage of all the opportunities afforded them in this country to become fabulously wealthy beyond any of our wildest dreams.

These people have a LOT of nerve don't they?  However, it shouldn't be a surprise considering they were raised by the Bully in Chief, Mitt Romney.


Tagg Romney wants to 'take a swing' at Obama: Over the line?

Apparently, Mitt's son really doesn't like it when his father's assertions are challenged

Mitt Romney is applauded by sons Josh (center) and Tagg (left) on Oct. 4: Tagg, the eldest Romney son, was not pleased with President Obama's aggression in the Oct. 16 debate.
Mitt Romney is applauded by sons Josh (center) and Tagg (left) on Oct. 4: Tagg, the eldest Romney son, was not pleased with President Obama's aggression in the Oct. 16 debate. Photo: AP Photo/Charles DharapakSEE ALL 302 PHOTOS
The controversy: In an interview with North Carolina radio host Bill Lumaye, Tagg Romney, the eldest son of GOP nominee Mitt Romney, saidwatching President Obama call his father a "liar" at the second debate brought out his pugilistic impulses. "You want to rush down to the stage and take a swing at him," Tagg said with a laugh. "But you know you can't do that because, well, first because there's a lot of Secret Service between you and him, but also because that's the nature of the process." Tagg, who reportedly took on a leading role in his father's campaign after several embarrassing missteps over the summer, went on to say that his dad is usually "terrified" before he takes the debate stage. "Terrified is too strong a word," he quickly added, "but he's like anybody. He gets butterflies a little bit."
The reaction: "That is no way to talk to the president of the United States," says Mike Nellis at Daily Kos. "Disgusting, but sadly what I would expect from someone that was raised by Bully Romney." But keep in mind, cautions Emily Friedman at ABC News, that the Romney campaign insists that Tagg's "remarks were in jest, adding that he was joking about how frustrating the campaign process can be for his family." Well, Tagg was right about one thing, says Adam Martin at New York: "We'd be pretty terrified if we had to argue with the president on live television. Even more if there was a chance of fisticuffs."


  1. WHY do these people give their kids stupid names? and like father, like son - big talking bullies, but when push comes to shove...

    look at mittens - he's afraid to be seen on "the view" cause he is pussy-scared of the girls. so he sends his stepford wife. big man on campus, mittens is. more like big pussy-wussy!

    and people want to vote for a pussy? I want a REAL man for president!

    1. Anne Marie,

      Lawrence O'Donnell did a great essay on the Romney Men and their failure to ever offer their services for this country. None of the Romney men, including his father, grandfather and great grandfather never serve one day in the military. For a family who has gotten so much from this country, one would think they would give something back.



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