Monday, October 29, 2012

More Storm Photos From Delaware

The Wharf Restaurant, Lewes, DE - I was supposed to work at a hotel across the street today.  Didn't make it today and won't make it tomorrow either.  

More photos folks from Hurricane Sandy which hasn't even hit us yet here in Lewes, Delaware.  It's bad folks, real bad.  

These photos are from the Cape Gazette, submitted by residents.

A look down Dagsworthy in Dewey Beach. Delaware

Downtown Milton - flooded

Ducks in the backyard

Long Neck Road, Fairfield Complex

For those who want a "water view" with ducks - here you go

House by Route 5

Long Neck residents going out for storm vitals this morning - are you kidding?

Downtown Milton, where Bill and I usually go every day to shop at Food Lion.  Flooded.

Did the mailman come yet?

Hurricane Sandy didn't make landfall yet but here we are - waiting like a sitting ducks.

I have to admit folks, this is scary.  We've already detected three places in our house where water is coming in.  That will need to be fixed when we're out of this nightmare.

Thank God we still have power.  I doubt that we will later when Hurricane Sandy hits the beach in Lewes, when it is dark.  

I expect the hotel is flooded.  I called and I'm not getting an answer.  I hope Robert is all right.  

We will remember this Halloween.  


  1. the new cap on top of our chimney just blew off. I rescued it. it's on my sunporch. wind is picking up.

  2. Anne Marie,

    We open the door to the deck to put towels out there so the water wouldn't come in (which is was). We couldn't get the door closed! Bill had to get his screwdriver to wedge the door close! This wind is something. Wind and water. And we didn't even get hit with the major part yet.


  3. Hang in there, Ron. Keeping tabs on your progress through the storm.
    Janice in Georgia

  4. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Thinking of you durning this scary time. Happen to be on your side of the coast for the past two weeks. Left the Outer banks on Saturday before it got bad. Had two great weeks there before that. Now near Raleigh hoping my direct flight will leave Wednesday morning to SFO. I am ready to get back to the other coast!

    Cindy from Sonoma

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