Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Memoir Writing Class

Fay Jacobs conducting memoir writing class this morning

Watch out folks!  I just returned from my first memoir writing class!  Expect to see future posts at this location much improved.  Promise!

This memoir writing class was conducted by Fay Jacobs, writer and publisher of local and national renown.  This is the first writing class I've taken in my life.  The reason I didn't take one before was that I didn't want to get all hung up on all the dangling participles and never ending sentences in prepositions.  However, when I saw that Fay was giving this class, I knew I was going to learn something about writing that was practical and usable and be entertained as well.  I wasn't disappointed.

"It was a dark and stormy night..................."


  1. I just started reading fay's book that you sent me (OMG, autographed!); fucking hysterical!

    hope you enjoy her class!

    1. Anne Marie,

      Fay is fabulous! Even funnier in person. Also a real down to earth person. She is lovely. I know you would like her.



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