Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update - Monday Morning

AT 8:25 pm last the the lights blinked off and on three times before they went off.  Yes folks, we were without power for about two hours.  Why?  The winds had hardly began, Hurricane Sandy was still a day away, 580 miles away, slowly creeping up the Atlantic coast.  Unlike right now at 7:29 am this Monday morning.  Wind gusts are whipping around Casa Tipton-Kelly, the skies are an ominous fifty shades of gray, and rain is falling down, sideways and straight up.  Bill says the barometer is the lowest he's ever seen it.  Yes folks, were in for IT.

I just finished my Three "S's" this morning.  You all know what that is don't you folks?  Blankety-blank, shower and a shave.  I put Monday morning's wash in the first thing this morning.  No need to dispense with our regular "Monday" routine as long as we have power. I just heard Bill put those now wet, clean clothes (Monday's we wash "the whites") in the dryer.  With any luck we'll be able to finish our laundry.

Back to the loss of power last night.  I was on the computer working on my latest iMovie (which was about me of course) when "blink! blink!" the lights flickered, went off, came back on, went off, came back on then went off for good.  Darkness descended on our humble abode.  I looked out the window and yep, medieval times had descended on our little upscale neighborhood.  I could see a lone light snaking it's way through my neighbor's house across the street.  At least there was some solace in knowing that our house wasn't the ONLY house without power.  When we lived in Pennsylvania, in the middle of the woods with LOTS of trees, our power went out almost once a week.  It is so frustrating to be without power and yet see your neighbor's houses all lite up with festive gaiety and them going about their business as usual.  We don't lose power often down here in Slower Lower (aka Sussex County, Delaware) but when we do EVERYONE in the neighborhood loses power.  Such was the case last night.

I texted my friend Bill B. in PA.  Yep, he still had power.  I texted my co-worker Robert at the hotel.  Yep, he still had power.  Shit.  I got my little hand light that I keep for such emergencies and headed to my bedroom.  Nothing to do but to go to bed AT 8:30!  And I wasn't even sleepy.  I know I wasn't going to go to sleep because I need white noise to go to sleep and without power I wasn't getting any of my sleep inducing air filtration machine noise.

I lay on my bed, feeling sorry for myself and thinking how much I hate going through yet another weather induced inconvenience.  I finally drifted off to a half-sleep when I hear a "blink! blink!" The power was back on!  Quickly I reset the digital clocks on the microwave and oven stoves (such an annoyance when the power goes out).  Bill said not to bother resetting them because the power will eventually go out again but I can't stand that blinking digital light. I have enough things around this house (including Mother Hen Bill) to annoy me when we have one of these annual "Storms of the Century" pass through our way

So I did all my necessities this morning, including this latest blog update for by blog audience.  I took a short video of the TV coverage on the Weather channel with my iPhone and uploaded it to my YouTube account.  If I don't lose power I'll take another video of the wind and rain outside and upload that video later.

Fun times folks.  It's another "just get through this" time.

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  1. Sylvia2:00 PM

    I hope you and Bill sty safe. I'll be checking on you until you lose power.

    I am 6 years older than you and I learned the morning S's from my dad. I say two more - shine (as in shoes) and spit (as in brush your teeth.

    Good luck!


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