Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Update 9:12 am

Still holding on here folks!  This is a video of me on FaceTime with my friend Larry from Claymont, Delaware which is located in the northern part of our small state of Delaware.

We're awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Sandy late this afternoon.  I can't go to work today because Governor Markel has issued driving restrictions on all roads in Delaware.  Non-emergency vehicles will be fined $115 first time offense, $200 second time and $400 third time and they'll throw your ass in jail for 30 days.  Hey, guess what?  I'm not going into work today.  Do you think?

My brother Isaac in Pennsylvania called this morning.  High winds and rain in Downingtown.  My friend Bill B. texted me.  He just got up and wanted to know if I was still here.  Yep, I haven't floated away yet although Bill K. (my lover boy) is checking out a leak he found in the electrical box downstairs in the basement.  WTF?  That's all we need.  We've never had any leaks here before with our annual "Storms of the Century" rolling through here in southern Delaware, now we have a leak?

My brother John called from his home in Greenville, South Carolina this morning checking on big brother Ron.  Yep John, still here!

I tell you folks, this is one of those "just get though it times".  Seems like we're having one of these "storms of the century" every year now.  It is getting REAL OLD. Oh sunny days come again soon.


anne marie in philly said...

at my house, it's 53 degrees, raining steady, winds about 20 mph. I went to the post office; no driving restrictions up here. some stores open, some stores closed. KoP mall is closed, SEPTA is not running, schools are closed. we have electricity and heat.

this is what gets me: WTF are people driving around WITHOUT THEIR HEADLIGHTS ON? asshats, IT'S DARK OUTSIDE! WTF is wrong with you?

I'm inside for the rest of the day; spouse and I received calls from our respective bosses last night telling us not to come to work today AND tomorrow.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

My brother in Downingtown just called. He said Sandy will be rolling through Philadephia later this afternoon. EGADS! Stay safe!


Diwali said...

Hope all you folks in area where storm will hit come out safe and minor damages,from a Texan that has been through many hurricanes.

Ron said...


It is now 10:53 am. The winds are even more ferocious. We're still at least eight hours away from landfall! Not looking good.