Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy About To Make Landfall

Yep, that's someone's backyard trampoline that THEY left out in their backyard which is now on a power line.  Uh huh.

Rehoboth Beach is underwater.  Lewes is under water.  Dewey Beach is under water.  My heart goes out to all those who are inconvenienced by this monster storm called Hurricane Sandy.  

High tide is hitting around 8 o'clock.  Hurricane Sandy is supposed to hit within the hour.  

No fatalities so far, thank God.  The wind and rain is whipping around outside our house. Bill has detected three places where the water is coming into the house.  We are going through towels to soak up the water.  Buckets are in place downstairs in the basement where the water is dripping through the wall.  Shit.

One good thing, we haven't lost power.  We've also had satellite service most of the day.  Incredible!

I'm not embarrassed to tell you all that I am scared.  Maybe it's because I'm older.  This isn't an "adventure" for me, or Bill.  We're too old for this crap.  

Actually, there is no where in this country that you're safe from a natural calamities. 

Just heard on the TV that Hurricane Sandy is expected to make landfall within the hour.  

This is one of those "just get through it" moments.  


anne marie in philly said...

calm here right now; rain has stopped. our new chimney cap blew off, which I rescued and moved onto our sunporch. the repair people will be getting a call after this storm blows over.

lights flickered twice, but no outtages. still have electric and heat. and booze.

Buddy Bear said...

Thanks for posting Ron! Take care of yourself!!

Ron said...

Buddy Bear,

We made it. I'm exhausted (from having the wind and rain beat against the house for almost 24 hours straight), but other than a few leaks that have to be repaired we came through fine! Didn't lose power either which was WONDERFUL!


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

We didn't have a chimney to blow off! If we did, it probably would have been gone by now. Power stayed on the whole time too which was wonderful!

Have a great day!


Ur-spo said...

Happily I read this after the fact; and know you are safe. Good.