Sunday, August 05, 2012

Six Feet Under

Me at one of my favorite places...a cemetery!  This one St. Peter's Episcopal Church Cemetery, Lewes, DE - during one of my F.A.G. searches for headstones

As regular readers of this blog know, I am a longtime member of F.A.G. (Find a  I have always been interested in cemeteries, headstones and stories behind (or underground as the case may be) of those dear, departed folks who occupy those spaces Six Feet Under.  Now don't anyone send me a comment about how "hurtful" my blog posting is.  I just received another one of those comments again yesterday, which I will not post to my blog.  If anyone reading this blog is "hurt", well move on.  Don't bother me with your sensibilities being jarred because of things I write in my blog.

Now that I have that off of my chest, the reason I'm writing this blog is to tell you all that I finally saw the first episode of the HBO series "Six Feet Under."  Actually I saw the first three episodes last night on my 60" inch Sharp flat screen TV in the privacy of my  bedroom.  Oh how I do like watching movies and TV series in my on "movie theater."  In addition to now being much safer (unlikely a crazed gunman will burst into my bedroom with an automatic rifle and put me out of my misery and bitchiness), I don't have to be annoyed by other movie goers who talk during the movie, bring babies into the movie, and just generally annoy me because of their rudeness.  I doubt that I will ever again enter a movie theater.

But getting back to the original subject of this blog posting, here is my take on the HBO series "Six Feet Under."

Yes, it is interesting.  However, I have two main complaints about the series as I do almost all American made movies and TV series.  The characters tend to be two dimensional, there is way too much face sucking (called "kisses" in the movies and on TV), and lots of over the top, chew up the scenery acting.  I much prefer British made TV series like "Downton Abbey" that have actors who portray characters who are more nuanced (look it up in the dictionary) and three dimensional.

Another problem I have with American made productions is when the character becomes sad, angry or generally upset they throw things and clear the table tops.  This ALWAYS happens in the movies.  I have NEVER witnessed it happening in real life and believe me, my real life has had some pretty interesting times but never, NEVER have I cleared off a tabletop of dishes and salt and pepper shakers nor thrown dishes at a person.  NEVER.

This kind of action in American made movies is as predictable as when you see a fruit or vegetable cart in a   movie scene, you JUST KNOW that at some point that cart is going to be overturned by a chase sequence or a fight and the cart vendor throw his hands into the air in dismay.  Same thing when there are chickens pecking around the old homestead.  You JUST KNOW a car is going to run through those chickens sending them squawking.  Ever notice how you never see any of those chickens flattened out?  Just saying.

So I watched the first three episodes of "Six Feet Under" on my Netflix DVD rental last night and here are my succinct summations of the characters of said series:

Ah, the prodigal son.  He's supposed to be a hunk.  Not by my standards.  He's short and squat and annoying.  Not interesting except when he's pushing his gay brother David's buttons.  I love that interaction.  I'm wondering if Peter Krause is gay himself (NO COMMENTS PLEASE about me saying "hurtful" statements)

The "good brother", who also happens to be gay who actually runs the family funeral home since dad got creamed in his new hearse by a city buss while lighting one up.  Yet another annoying, whining character.  And here is something I will NEVER UNDERSTAND.  His character is gay but he goes to bed with his former fiancé?  What's that all about?  Probably a straight person who wrote the character who assumes that gay men can go to bed with women and men with equal passion.  DOESN'T HAPPEN, at least not in my world.  His intimate scenes with his policeman boyfriend are NOT BELIEVABLE probably because two straight men are play acting.  They can do all the face sucking (with loud smacking sounds yet) they want to, but this isn't true passion between two men who turn each other on.  What is it with Hollywood producers who think they HAVE TO HAVE straight men play gay roles?

The mama of the two dysfunctional brothers who run the funeral home.  Like her sons, her character is very annoying plus Ms. Conroy has a tendency to chew up the scenery.  Tone it down a bit honey.

The Daughter.  I said the two brothers were annoying, this whinny bitch is ten times as annoying as her brothers.  WHAT A BITCH!  How she ever manages to get a good-looking boyfriend who wants to plug her if beyond belief.  God, SO ANNOYING.  She not a good actress (or is it "actor" in these politically correct days)?  I'm not surprised that Ms. Fisher isn't a big name "actor" in movies these days.  She just isn't good.  Go away.

Oh I like this woman!  I like her character "Brenda" and I like the actress.  She plays her role with subtleness and conviction.  She is totally believable and interesting.  What in the world she sees in Nate Fisher other than a good (you fill in the spaces, this is now a "family blog"), is beyond me.  But I am glued to the screen when her character is on.

Hey!  I like "Frederico" too!  Totally engaging and interesting.....and cute.  Why haven't I heard of Freddy Rodriguez before?  His role is much too small but when he is on screen, again I can't take my eyes off of him.  He's funny, believable and (did I say this before?) INTERESTING!

I'm on a roll here folks!  I like the dad, recently deceased after getting smashed in his new hearse by a monster city bus.  Richard Jenkins plays the role of the dad with fun and whimsy (look it up or ask Dr. Spo).  It's a shame that his character is dead because I would like to see him for the entire series.  Maybe he is in the entire series which would be a good thing.

"Keith", the gay, policeman boyfiend of David Fisher.  Mathew St. Patrick, who plays Keith is a very handsome man.  And that's about it.  Not believable at all as the boyfriend of the whiney David.  SO NOT BELIEVABLE.  Also, he is obviously a straight man playing "gay."  Come on Hollywood, we can have a gay man (who isn't a queen) play a gay man.  We're all wearing our big boy and big girl underwear.  We can handle it.

So there you go folks, my politically incorrect review of the cast of characters (and actors) of the first three episodes of "Six Feet Under."  Even though I have my complaints about the predictable characters and some of the boring actors, I'm hooked on the series.  I guess I'm so used to the sub par movie production and acting of American made films that I'm numb to the two dimensional aspects of most American made movies and TV series.  I often wonder is it this way because of the lack of talent of the writers or that they know that most of the American public will accept this dribble?  I think the answer is a combination of both.

Now if I haven't offended or caused "hurtful feelings" with this blog I'm not doing my job.

Let me know folks!

Me with my Mom at my paternal grandparent's grave in Unionville, PA - 2002


anne marie in philly said...

I don't watch tv so I am not offended by anything in this post.

GTFO if you are, jerkoffs!

Jon said...

First of all, we unfortunately live in a super-sensitive society. People seem to be offended by everything nowadays. Years ago, I used to walk on proverbial eggshells trying not to offend anyone with the things I wrote in my blog.
Now, I say "To hell with it". You have the right to disagree with my opinions, and if you don't like them - - find a blog with which you completely agree (it won't be an easy task!).

I don't exactly want to be six-feet under, but I would like to see the show - now that you've introduced us to it. Unfortunately, I don't get HBO out here in the wilds of Texas.
You're right - the British-made series are far superior to the American ones. I love "Downton Abbey".
By the way, here in Texas they call it "DownTOWN Abbey". I'm not kidding.

I've lived in Hollywood and I think 90% of the men there are gay (or at least bi). So - - it always infuriates me when they use straight actors to play gay roles. They are always pathetically unbelievable. That's what ruined "Brokeback Mountain". And that's what REALLY ruined the film version of E.M.Forster's "Maurice". All the gay characters were played by straight actors. The love scenes were abominable.

As usual, my comment is too damn long!

Ron said...


First of all, your reply is not too long. You write from the heart and I always enjoy reading your blog postings and comments. You are very honest, that's what I like about you.
I don't get HBO either. I could but it is just too expensive. What I do is rent the DVD's from Netflix. I think you would enjoy watching "Six Feet Under" even though the "love" scenes between the gay characters are SO UNREALISTIC. They're actually funny. There is some good stuff in the series but you're right again that a British produced series like "DownTOWN Abbey" is so much better. By the way, I'm not surprised that is the way they pronounce it in Texas. Nothing much surprises me any more.

Was my reply too long? :)


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Someone yesterday found an old post of mine that referred to her uncle. It was an incident that happened when her uncle and I were about eight years old. She said it was "hurtful" and could I take down the post. Lately I've been getting a lot of these "take down your post, they're 'hurtful'." Again, doesn't mean it didn't happen and it was my life but some folks just feel they have to control history or rewrite it.


Ur-spo said...

The ending of the series is the most moving thing I have seen on TV in decades; I still play it from time to time to keep my life in perspective. Brilliant.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I watched the second DVD last night. I am hooked, in spite of all the scenery chewing acting and face sucking. This is one addictive series. I love it!


Jeff said...

I remember watching this series the first time around. Straights have always played gays. It's kind of ironic when you consider how many movie idols are actually gays playing straight. Of course in Shakespeare's time men played all the women too.

Anonymous said...

The gay characters are unrealistic? lol ... the creator if the show is gay. They feel extremely realistic to me. Maybe they just don't fit in with your stereotype of what gay people are suppose to be like.

Ron said...

I really enjoyed this series. I hated to see it end.


Ron said...

Hey Anonymous,

I'm gay and have been for 71 years. The only gays I see on this show are gay stereotypes, not real gay people like I know and am. I know the creator of this series is gay but that doesn't mean anything. The Hollywood types always like to play against type anyway, I understand that.
. It would be refreshing to have real gay people portrayed on Tv and in the movies instead of the Hollywood Version which only perpetuates stereotypes. And another thing, why do the snarky comments come from "anonymous"? Don't you have any balls?