Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan - Republican Vice Presidential Nominee

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, the 2012 Republican Presidential candidates

Oh yes, bring it on!  Mitt Romney made a bold choice today (which is VERY UNUSAL for the Mittster) and picked Wisconsin representative, kill Medicare Paul Ryan as his vice presidential choice.

You all know Paul Ryan don't you?  He of the Ryan Budget which proposes that would end Medicare as we know it and privatize Social Security to be replaced with a voucher system.  Yes, THAT Paul Ryan.

Romney had to make a vice presidential choice to shore up his conservative base to get them to the polls to vote for his sorry, phony ass.  He could have chosen Tim "The Wimp" Pawlenty, former governor of Minnesota.  Or he could have chosen Bob "Vaginal Probe" McDonald, governor of Virginia.  But I have to hand it to Romney, he did make the bold choice by choosing Paul Ryan, the attractive and charismatic, boyish, big blue eyed Paul Ryan. Did you all notice how much more human Ryan was when he spoke this morning on the deck of the U.S. Wisconsin (what was THAT all about anyway?  Another "Mission Accomplished" moment?)  I have to admit that Paul Ryan is much more watchable than the robotic, phony Romney.

So here we go folks, a real choice.  You all want to vote for a ticket that contains a souless liar at the top of the ticket and a man on the second spot who wants to do away with Medicare and Social Security?

It's a choice folks.  I personally think that the Republicans just made their death wish a reality this morning.

We will see folks, yes indeed.  We will see.


paul said...

When I was watching the announcement this morning, I was wondering if this was a good choice. I concluded that it was. How many people know Ryan? How many people know his views? Not many. From what I have seen of the Nazi-like behavior of the Republican conservatives, I believe that the picture of the blonde, blue-eyed children and the upholding of "family values" will sway many voters.

Roger said...

I can say i'm not surprised when I saw your post. It will be a popular choice with the "if its on facebook it must be true crowd" Thats why on a rainy day in georgia the all day Perry Mason Marathon on the Hallmark Channel is alot more interesting. :-)

anne marie in philly said...

I am seeing comments on other sites that mittens just handed the next 4 years to obama. praise the baby jeebus!

romney n ryan - nice sound bite names or poster boards, but 1% lying bastards who love the rich and hate everyone else!

slugmama said...

"vote for a ticket that contains a souless liar at the top of the ticket and a man on the second spot who wants to do away with Medicare and Social Security"
vote for the other ticket that contains a souless liar at the top of the ticket and a windbag man who takes credit for stuff he never stealing other politicians speeches word for word.

Either choice is selling your soul to the devil.

Think outside of the box Ron. Ditch both parties. They

There are folks with better ideas out there.

Amanda said...

It is a bold move that will appeal to the religious right.

Ron said...

Exactly right Nadege. It was the only choice that Romney could make. It remains to be seen if this was a wise move. Romney swung for the fences. Either he hit a home run or he struck out. We will see.

Ron said...


Point well taken! I do not disagree with you. However, there is no way in the world I would ever vote for a man who wants to reinstate "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", take away a woman's right to choose, lower taxes for the rich and who is a congenital liar. Ryan, while a more attractive and authentic person, would do away with Medicare as we know it and privatize Social Security. He would do away with the social safety net. Say what you will about Obama and Biden and their short comings but they no way compare to Romney and Ryan in their coldness, heartlessness and mendacity.


Ron said...


It was a good choice for Romney, he had no choice because he had to shore up his conservative base. However, I believe that Romney just assured President Obama a second term because there is no way this country is going to elect a man as vice president who wants to do away with Medicare as we know it and privatize Social Security, thus destroying the social safety net that has been built up since Roosevelt. Not to mention that Ryan voted for both Afghan and the Iraq wars, the Bush tax cuts which caused the problems we have in the economy now, and approves of eves dropping on American citizens plus doing away with a woman's right to chose and the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." Don't let the attractive face and delivery fool you, this man is not good for the country. If we elect him and the soulless Romney, we take a BIG STEP backwards from which it would takes us years to recover.


Anonymous said...

I for one think Obama has done the best he could do with that opposite party fighting him every step of the way. Looking outside of the box will do nothing, it never does. I am a die hard Obama fan, though I don't normally talk politics with those I know. I guess you get that Ron, I admire your upfront attitude. I for one enjoy and look forward to each and every one of your blogs. I don't always have to like them, though I can't think I one I have. Hope I haven't offended you!

Cindy from Sonoma

Ron said...


What a nice way to start the morning reading your thoughtful and kind comment. I too think President Obama has done the best he could with the Republicans obstructing him at every turn. I know President Obama's heart is in the right place and he isn't out to destroy the social safety net of the rest of us who aren't members of the "Good Old (White) Boys' Club" who know how to work the system to their advantage.
Thank you again for your very kind comment. They were really appreciated since I had just received one really cruel comment which I did not post.
Every now and then I reevaluate whether or not I should continue blogging but when I receive a comment like yours, I am encouraged! Thanks again.