Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why I Don't Care About the Olympics

Michael Phelps - so over

I lost my interest in the Olympics about twenty years ago when I realized that the TV coverage in America was mostly of the American atheletes.  That and the endless commercials killed my interest in watching "the games."

The Olympics is supposed to be about international coverage but watching the TV coverage from the U.S., one would think the only participants were Americans.  Where is the interest when there is no coverage of the participants from other countries? 

And of course there are the commercials.  Oh my God, the commercials.  I stay up to watch these stupid commercials? 

Another annoying bit of the U.S. TV coverage is the "special" backstories of all the U.S. athletes.  Really?  Is everyone a  hard luck story that has overcome tremendous odds to participate in the Olympics?  Pardon me but this is all so boring to me.

It's a shame really becuase I used to love watching the Olympics. The "live" Olympics, not the playbacks which is another annoyance.  I think the last time I really enjoyed the Olympics was when Mary Lou Retton, the gymnast won her competition.  My God, how long ago was that?

Well, for all of you "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!" fanatics, enjoy.  I'll be reading a good book.


Bob said...

Well, while I enjoy a good book, I will be watching The Games, too, although part of the time I'll be on vacation at my father's house in the PNW.
But maybe my Dad and I will watch together.

Ron said...

I would hope that the powers that be that put on the Olympics on American TV now realize that the Olympics is about ALL the athletes and not just the spoiled and pampered U.S. athletes. If so, then I'll watch again. I'm not interested in just seeing coverage of U.S. athletes and their stories. I'm interested in all the athletes.

Ron said...

And as for Michael Phelps, I used to be a fan until I realized what a self-absorbed jerk he is. I don't know what it is with swimmers, Mark Spitz was the same way. Are any of these guys humble?

Mark said...

Ron, re: Michael Phelps. I just like looking at him! I don't care one bit about the Olympics.

Ron said...


Hey, I think Michael Phelps has a fantastic body and is sexy as hell, especially now more so that he has matured. But it is his arrogance and narcism "me, me, me" attitude that really turns me off. I've met guys like Michael Phelps and once I find out that they're jerks who care nothing about anybody but themselves, I'm completely turned off. I can't get "it" up. I wish I could overlook their arrogance and narcism but there must be something psychological in me that prevents me from doing that. If he was just a little bit humble and self effacing then I would be glued to the TV set watching him but the way he is (and most of the other pampered U.S. athletes), I can't waste my time.


Amanda said...

I so agree with you about the Olympics.

wcs said...

I know exactly what you mean. Here in France, there are many fewer commercials, and while there is a focus on French athletes, you never get the impression it's all about them. The games are actually pleasant to watch. AND they show fencing, which I've almost never seen on American coverage (the French are good at it).

And I hate that backstory shit, too. They don't do that here. Americans are so sappy. It's all part of the American narrative about how hard work and perseverance against great odds leads to success. Yeah. Maybe 1% of the time (see how I did that?).

Ron said...


Thank you! You understand the point I was trying to make. I don't mind if the focus of American TV coverage is on the U. S. athletes. I understand that's what most people are interested in. However, when ALL THE FOCUS is on U.S. athletes and almost none on foreign athletes, then to me the Olympics has lost its reason for being. It is about international competition, not just jingoistic back-slapping U.S. athletes and coverage. I like to see the competition, not endless images of U.S. athletes with the U.S. flag wrapped around them. And the "backstory shit", PLEASE! Enough already. Wouldn't it be great if they just had straight forward coverage? So much more interesting. You're right, so many in the media have to push the narrative about how hard works an perseverance against great odds leads to success. Uh, not always. In fact, most times not. Usually someone has a step up and most of the U.S. athletes have that. I didn't grow up with a swimming pool or a tennis court. nor was I born with a natural fish shaped body or seven feet tall and natural coordination. The U.S. basketball team is the one that really gets me, the biggest waste of time. Talk about overpaid and spoiled athletes. So done.

Ron said...

Thank you Nadege. So overdone from the U.S. point of view. I get so tired of the self-congratulary crap of U.S. athletes like they're the only ones in the competition. I don't feel I'm unAmerican in saying this but how about more international coverage and less of the "U.S.A.! U.S.A.!"?

Anonymous said...

OK. Don't watch the Olympics.