Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Why I Love Peggy

Sure, Jon Hamm as Don Draper gets all the buzz on the popular TV series about Sixties advertising men called "Mad Men."  But you know who has transfixed me since the first time I saw her?  Yep!  It's Peggy as in Peggy Olsen, the New Girl In The Office.

Elisabeth Moss is the actress who portrays Peggy Olsen.  I think she is great!  In fact, I think her story line is much more interesting than the hottie Don Draper (Jon Hamm).  I think Peggy represents something that all of us (or most of us anyway) can identify with.  While she isn't not drop dead gorgeous, she is attractive enough to generate interest from some of the more sleazy men.  Oh can I ever identify with Peggy!

The series started with Peggy's first day in the office.  How many of us can remember our First Day In The Office? I know I can.  Even though I'm a man I can identify with being the innocent, naive newbie in the office like Peggy just trying to fit in and perhaps get ahead with what my modest physical attractiveness d and whatever small talents I had.  However, one thing that I had in abundance just like Peggy, was an unbridled eagerness to please and willingness to work hard to get ahead.  And just like Peggy, little did I realize that the get ahead in those times (the Sixties) sometimes required more than working hard and an expectation that my work ethic would be rewarded.  Oh how wrong I was.

My first job after I got out of the Army after serving our country for three years (January 1960 to January 1963) was as a hotel night auditor at the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  As regular readers of this blog know, I came out early as a gay man including my five male co-workers who worked my 11 PM to 7 AM shift as hotel night auditors, BIG MISTAKE.  I'm sorry to say this but my co-workers took that admission as an invitation to be "serviced" as they proved one Saturday night they invited themselves to my small, one room efficiency apartment on Roup Avenue in Shadyside Pittsburgh.  My workplace was never the same after this"encounter." Nothing happened of course because I didn't cooperate in my co-workers' expectations.  I left that job after three months and returned to my hometown of Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Shortly after I returned home I got job as an accounts payable clerk at a local scrapyard.  Me being me, I didn't hide my sexuality when questioned about my "girlfriends."  And right on cue one of my married so called straight co-workers showed up at my new efficiency apartment one Saturday night. Yep, he was expecting to be serviced.  Some things never change.  He didn't get serviced and, of course, never spoke of the incident again.  When I returned to work that Monday it was as if nothing happened but our relationship always had that strain.  Back in those days some people could only handle having a gay men in this workplace as a lesser human being.  He was one of them.  This time I didn't quit my job.  I worked in the office as an accounts payable clerk at that metal scrapyard for another two and half years before I applied for a job at a big bank in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  I  began my new job at Girard Trust Bank March 1, 1965 and believe me, I was just like Peggy on her first day at her job at the ad agency.

Still innocent (sort of) 

For the next thirty years I worked in center city Philadelphia at two major banks as an out gay man.  Those years folks would make one interesting TV series to rival any "Mad Men" series.  Believe me.

Me at Mellon Bank 1982 - not so innocent anymore


While I am known to have thousands of photographs, I have none of my time at the Pittsburgh Hotel or Lipsett Steel Products.  None.


  1. Ron, I can't wait until you get all caught up on the Mad Men Seasons. There's so much to talk about! Start watching "The Killing" too. I love it!

  2. Ron, you certainly were brave back then. I could never imagined that straight men would come to a gay man to be "serviced." Yes, I am naive enough to even know what that means. Were they really straight?

    1. Partical Parsimony,

      A lot of straight men want and expect to be serviced. And yes, they really are straight. Getting a blow job doesn't have anything to do with gay or straight. I'm not into servicing.


  3. Ron,

    I saw the title and thought you were going to do something with reference to the "Hello, I'm Peggy," guy. was expecting your take on Joel Zuckerberg and all of Facebook's latest debacles. Now Facebook needs to target Children in hopes of improving their revenues. hey, anyone remember when AOL was the big cheese, when Yahoo! was the big boy on the book, when My Space was the king of the social network crowd?

    Couple things I say about this post in private.


    1. Lar,

      Oh don't worry, my take of Mark (not Joel) Zuckerberg and the Facebook scam is coming. Yes, I remember when AOL was the big cheese and My Space was THE social network. I wouldn't be surprised if FB goes the same way.



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