Saturday, June 02, 2012

So Why Wasn't I Invited?

Cars gathered at an Oyster Rocks house for a party or something earlier this evening

Been to any parties lately?  Me neither.

A few minutes ago, as I was rounding the corner of Clamshell Drive in Oyster Rocks, the development behind me where I take my early evening walk, I observed a goodly number of cars parked out in front of one of the houses.  First thought that came to my mind "Why wasn't I invited?"  

Granted, I have no idea who the people are who live in that house but during past walks, I have passed them and exchanged non binding pleasantries the way one does with strangers to let them know you're not casing their neighborhood for a future robbery.  I've been walking in Oyster Rocks for about six years now so I assume most of the long time residents know who the tall, bearded, round shouldered, "older man" is who walks in their development almost every evening when the weather is decent.

Me in full Halloween regalia October 2007

Seriously though folks, when was the last time you went to a party?  The whole six years I've lived in Gayberry, I've been invited to one party.  That was a Halloween Party that doubled as a house warming (bring a gift) held by my former Computer Guy.  When I got the invite I was all excited because I thought "Hey!  Someone likes me, they really like me!"   Little did I know that I was but one among hundreds who was invited to said Halloween Party.  Once I got there and was directed where to place my house warming gift and saw the stack of housewarming loot on the dining room table, I was brought back to reality.  Still, I managed to make the best of the situation and mingled with the crowd, none of whom could of cared less if I was there or not.  I was never invited back.  Maybe because one can only have one housewarming or maybe because I was a colossal bore.  Who knows?  Who cares?

Me sans monster mark (do I look better with the mask?)

Roman Centurions - these guys throw a lot of parties - I'm never invited

Pirates - I don't know if these guys throw parties but I sure would like to be invited to theirs

Me and my "date" - I was asked to one of his parties - ONE

So here I am tonight , talking my daily evening walk in Oyster Rocks on this very pleasant, almost summer evening and I see folk gathered together seemingly having a good time although I heard no raucous sounds emanating from their house.

I used to have an occasional Saturday night dinner that I prepared for a former friend (he dismissed me as a friend after he read something in my blog that offended him).  Bill even stayed up for that dinner.  I used to enjoy putting together something special.  I sort of miss all that was involved in putting on a dinner but it's perhaps just as well that Bill and I are back to our regular routine.  Bill goes to bed early (7 or 8 o'clock) and I stay up late watching one of my Netflix rentals.

I remember my Mother saying that when she got older she had no desire to put together a big dinner like she used to every day for years and years.  I know how she feels.

Thus my dinner tonight was meat loaf made from the Cracker Barrel recipe that I swiped from the Internet. I made one small change in the recipe, I added Chipotle bread crumbs just to see how that would taste.  OMG!  Delicious!  I now have a new Favorite Recipe.  So for dinner tonight I had my homemade red potato salad and TWO slices of my Cracker Barrel Chipotle meat loaf.  I washed it down with Turkey Hill Died Orange Decaf Ice Tea.  I sliced up the rest of the meat loaf and put them in Seal-a-Bag and froze them for dinners during the week.

So you see there, I don't need to go to no damn stinking party, I make my own party.  And for dessert tonight I'll have some of that bread pudding I made yesterday with the Panera bread baguettes that came with all that soup that I bought at Panera yesterday.

Life is good folks.


  1. I hate parties. I usually have a fine time, but I'm very uncomfortable around people I don't know and I tend to drink too much to compensate. I'm much better in smaller groups with people I know. I enjoy small dinner parties, especially, depending on the people, of course.

    1. Walt,
      Of course, part of my "Why Wasn't I Invited" blog posting was tongue in cheek. If I was invited, I probably wouldn't go anyway. Like you, I'm not comfortable at big parties and a lot of people I don't know. That just isn't me I too like small groups of people I do know but given my druthers, I would probably prefer to stay home. However, I would like to have a small dinner party occasionally. If you and Dr. Spo were my neighbors, I would invite you guys over all the time. :) It is the quality of the people, not the quantity. :)

  2. anne marie in philly4:42 AM

    last party was new year's eve 2011/2012. evidently I said something to piss off the hostess and she hasn't spoken to me since; she has spoken to todd though. and did I tell you she's my neighbor?

    ah well, screw her; life's too short and I don't need her to make me happy.

    now I don't normally eat meatloaf, but I would make an exception for yours; the breadcrumbs sound interesting!

    1. Anne Marie,

      I agree with you..."ah well, screw her' life's too short and I don't need her to make me happy." That's the way I felt about my former friend ending our friendship (such as it was) because he didn't like something I said in my blog. What a silly reason to end a friendship. I do notice however, that he doesn't have a lot of friends.

      Hey, that meatloaf was really good. The chipotle bread crumbs gave it a whole new taste. That is one recipe that will make it in my cookbook.


  3. You are right, it is the quality of the people, not the quantity.

    1. That's right Nadege! I would definitely invite you to any party we would have, if we ever would have one. :)

  4. ooooh you're no fun you fall right over (as they say in Firesign Theatre)
    We don't go/get invited to many parties, and we always wonder (as we are Midwesterners) what we did wrong people don't like us. However, we've learned to be invited to parties one needs to throw them. We do so a few times a year, and am proud to say we (Someone actually) does a good job.
    So you and Bill should make a theme party and start with a few folks and build on that.

    1. Dr. Spo,

      This was actually a tongue in cheek posting. I don't like parties however, when I see a gathering like the cars I saw last night on my walk the first thought that came to my self-absorbed mind was "So, I wasn't invited?" Bill and I would never throw a party. Sometimes I tease Bill and threaten to have a party and he says "Go ahead and I'll be gone!" It's a running joke between us. We're perfectly matched anti-socials.



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