Saturday, June 23, 2012

School Bus Monitor Bullied

Here is a disturbing video of the new incivility in this country that I firmly believe that results when a certain segment of our population (read "Republicans") think it is all right to disrespect our president.  When the president's State of the Union speech is disrupted by a member of Congress yelling "You lie!" and his Rose Garden address interrupted by a member of the press rudely asking questions, this is the result.

Four teenage boys, seventh graders viciously taunt and bully their school bus monitor, an older lady named Karen.  Oh sure, I know some will say "This is what teenage boys do."  Uh huh. This teenage boy would NEVER do something like this.  Know why? Because my brain doesn't think that way.  I was raised differently that obviously these boys WERE NOT RAISED.  I don't blame these snots as much (oh, I do put plenty of blame on them) as I do their parents.

Some say Karen should bring charges against the boys.  Karen doesn't want to do that and I agree with her.  I hear two of the boys "apologized" to Karen.  Of course the cowardly snots did not make their apology to her face, bullies never do that because they are cowards.  What do I think the appropriate punishment should be?  Well, I wouldn't call it punishment but the least they could do is appear in public WITH THEIR PARENTS and apologize not only to Karen but to society for their cruel, inhumane and vicious actions.

I am so mad I can hardly type this blog.  I truly believe this is the behavior that results when those in our society like out lawmakers show rude and unacceptable behavior, then impressionable kids think that is all right.  IT ISN'T!

What is also unacceptable is the reaction of a so-called "expert" that I saw on TV yesterday.  She said Karen should have confronted those boys.  Well you know what "expert", people are different.  I had the same situation several times when I worked at a hotel in Pennsylvania where some underage kids snuck in the hotel on New Year's Eve and were other guests by their loud and raucous behavior.  I confronted the kid and asked him to "keep it down."  He responded to me by telling me "Go f*ck yourself!"  I told him "You're out of here!"  He ran and hid in another room.  I called the police and when they arrived I had him taken into custody and called his parents to pick his wise ass up.  Case taken care of.

I was bullied a few times in my young life.  The first time I took it (I was in first grade).  The second time I swung back (7th grade).  The third time I punched back (8th grade).  The fourth time I went after my tormentor with a broom handle (my rifle was locked in a gun rack, and I would have used it if it wasn't).  That was in basic training.  Several times since those incidents in my lifetime I have encountered these cowardly bullies who have mistakenly misunderstood my gentle demeanor as a weakness and attempted to bully me.  Every time I have thrown it right back in their face and they have ALWAYS backed down.  I understand bullies will go as far as they can get away with it.  I understand not everyone is like me who will fight back.  Those are the people who we have to protect.  Where was the bus driver while all this was going on?

It angers me so when I see bullying like this going on and accepted by some as funny and even worse, condoned by parents just like the Republican leadership was silent when the bullies in their own party disrespected president Obama.

This has to stop.

Now if you want to do something nice, donate to this website   that a kind young man has set up for Karen to give her a vacation.  All the money, every penny will go to Karen.  This is a start.

By the way, this is the kind young man who started the website to give Karen the vacation of her lifetime.  Hopefully she will take all the money that is raised and retire from being a bus monitor.  And please Karen, don't give any of the money to these mean, vicious kids.

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  1. ron, i have seen this video and it is very disturbing to watch. i don't know how this woman treats the kids, but regardless, this cruelty sickens me, because it is the rule now, rather than the exception. i counsel students in a high school here in los angeles, and i am floored by the general lack of respect that youth have for adults now. if you are still watching "mad men", you might recognize it as starting back in the mid-60's, when youth culture came of its own and started disregarding all the rules. not a bad thing, but it had consequences for culture. blaming parents is a start, but they got it from somewhere. i blame the influence of media and our consumer culture, which has its grips on kids earlier and earlier, and convinces them that parents are merely providers of goods these days. i have to say that i am not optimistic about where all this is heading in the future as these kids grow up. sigh.

    1. Tony,

      Yes,I agree with you that the beginning the lack of respect for authority began with the Sixties when the Vietnam war was exposed as a lie. Up until then I always believed in anyone in authority be it a doctor, police,teacher or politician. Now I question everyone but I would never, NEVER attack someone like this woman. The kids who did this are just snots who have taken too literally the crap they see in movies and TV about kids disrespecting authority which is a lot different than questioning authority. Kids need discipline and by that I don't mean to beat them but to show them the error of their ways. These kids should be made to publicly apologize to this woman's face. They should also be suspended from school ONE YEAR to set an example. Being one year behind the rest of their life will get their attention.

      I am also sickened by what I see in our culture today. And it starts at the top when people disrespect the president of the United States. That should be called out always.


  2. paulo17:39 PM

    That of course, is the great unasked question in this ugly situation " where was the bus driver and why didn't he/she intervene". The driver of the bus has the ultimate responsibility for the welfare of all his passengers, including the monitor.

    1. That is the "great unasked question", where was the school bus driver. That's the problem in situations like this, too many of those who are in authority look the other way.

  3. I am a little surprised you would tear Republicans down for this. Wow. It is sad and disheartening no matter where they learned it from. I have heard Democrats do very horrible things in congress also.

    1. The Republicans have disrespected the president. The Democrats, as much as they disliked Bush never showed their contempt in such a fashion as the Republicans have been and continue to do so. They set the tone for this kind of behavior that makes it acceptable to the low information voter.


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