Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Israeli Army Celebrates Gay Pride Month

This is how the Israeli Army celebrates Gay Pride Month.  They posted this picture of two gay Israeli Army soldiers holding hands (in public yet!) on their Facebook page.  I say "Bravo!"

Of course even in Israel this posting triggered (no pun intended) some negative feedback from some of the more conservative Israeli's.  You know, some of the old folks will never change.  I can imagine what John McCain will have to say when he sees this picture.

For myself, I think this is a wonderful picture and shows the world how far we have come as a human race that we, or at least some of us, can recognize that love between two people whether they be of opposite sex or same sex is still love.

Of course you know who this picture really pisses off don't you?  The Iranians and the rest of the Muslim world.  Mock Mood Dinner Jacket must be having a bird now.


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