Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ron and Bill's Excellent Adventure Day Six

Bill enjoying a laugh with "Jack."

Tonight we are staying at the South Hill, Virginia Hampton Inn.  This is without a doubt the worst Hampton Inn we have stayed at.  From the time I walked into the lobby and saw the worn and dirty rug, the antiseptic smell in the air and the slovenly front desk clerk I had forebodings.

About two hours earlier, when we on I-85 headed north towards Emporia, Virginia I called and made reservations at that Hampton Inn because that is where we planned to lay our heads tonight.  However, when we turned off of Exit 12-A of I-85 and saw a Hampton Inn here and a Cracker Barrel nearby, I suggested to Bill that we stay here tonight before we take the last leg of our trip tomorrow. Bill was tired from driving all day and agreed that we could stay here.

Even though I had forebodings about this hotel that needs to be updated badly, I decided to stay here anyway because Bill was so tired from driving.  When the front desk clerk told me my rate would be $75.00 a night after my AARP discount, I knew for sure I would stay here.  I called the Emporia Hampton Inn and asked them to cancel my reservation, which they did.

I went out to our van where Bill was waiting for me and told him that we were staying here for the night.

We unloaded our luggage and sundries from the van and went to our rooms.  As I suspect, the rooms were also worn and outdated.  The bathroom counter top is one of those low ones (28 inches) they were standard for all bathrooms in the Fifties.  I like a higher bathroom counter, at least 32 inches high.  The room is "sticky".  Oh well, it won't kill me to stay here.  Bill doesn't care.  He's not as picky as I am.

Our day started out with a bad breakfast at our previous Hampton Inn in Anderson, South Carolina.  While the rooms were great, the breakfast lobby setup and hostess were not the usual quality Hampton Inn.  The layout was all wrong.  Also, the breakfast hostess didn't want to be there.  She had tight white jeans on and was more concerned with showing everyone her ass than providing apple juice for Bill.  When I worked at the Hampton Inn the breakfast hostess always came in by 4:30 am to get breakfast ready by 6 am.  It was obvious this morning that the breakfast hostess probably came in about ten minutes before 6 am because she was doing setups.  We managed.

Enough about my complaints.  Those who know me know that I have to rant when I'm upset about something. That's the way I let off steam and don't develop ulcers or a heart attack.

So here is what we did today.  No cemeteries today but we "did do" a church.  Specifically my brother John's church.  After checking out of our Hampton Inn hotel room in Anderson, South Carolina we headed toward my brother's home in Greenville.  Of course we weren't sure how to get there so I got our my trusty iPad and pulled up the Map app.  With my direction we got there!

John was waiting for us.  We went inside his home and sat and talked awhile with him and his wife Barbara.  Then John took us in his former backyard and showed (off) us his latest construction.  Both my brothers are very handy with there hands and can build things.  I can't.  I am always impressed with folks who are mechanically inclined and can build things.  Both my brothers are good carpenters and builders.  Not me.  I'm the gay one, remember?  I can bake a delightful apple pie. Neither one of them can.  So there.

After about an hour John then took Bill and I over to his new church.  He took us on the Grande Tour.  I won't recount every detail of our tour but suffice to say were were awed.  But what I really liked seeing was was watching my baby brother's enthusiasm in showing us every improvement he has made to his church.  I am proud of my brother.  I don't even hold it against him that he was a Bob Jones produced pastor.  While I"m not religious, I do respect those who are with the exception of religious zealots.  I'm happy when anybody else is happy with their job.

After The Tour, John took us to his friend Jack's house to show Bill the wonderful way this 83 year old widower customized his home with wood.  My Bill and Jack (the 83 year old widower) hit if off right away.  I was glad to see and hear Bill laughing.

I am so tired right now that I think I may flop over on my MacBook Pro laptop I may start sending them cash.  I'm going to wrap this up and go to bed.  I was up early this morning. Ill never relive those days.

I'm hitting the sack folks!  This time tomorrow night I will be "home sweet home".

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