Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Baby bluebirds (a few minutes ago) - they will be out today - Mama bluebird is a few feet away coaxing them out with a worm

What are you, my dear blog reader, doing this Memorial Day weekend?  Bill and I are hanging out here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  Believe me, there is not a day that doesn't go by that I know how lucky I am to live here in Vacationland, Sussex County, Delaware.

This morning I dropped Bill off at his friend's house in Milton while I visited a cemetery in Harbeson to fulfill a Find a photo request.  Sound exciting?  For me it is.  I get so much pleasure roaming through cemeteries taking photos to post to my Find a account.  Bill doesn't have a car now so when he visits his friends I have to drop him off which I don't mind at all.  Plus, not having someone eating for me in the car while I take photos.

This weather is just about perfect this first day of the Memorial Day Weekend.  Last night when I returned home from work on Route One after getting off of my shift at 11 PM at the hotel, I saw a steady stream of headlights headed down Route One towards Rehoboth and shore points beyond.  That is our industry folks here in the eastern shore of Sussex County Delaware folks!  On the other side of Route One our local farmers grow soybeans and corn and raise chickens.  Here on the eastern side we are in the hospitality business.  This is our Season.  This is what keeps us going folks.  Just make sure you bring your credit cards folks and charge early and often.

Flowers in full bloom in our backyard

I got a text message from my co-worker asking me if I could work for her Monday.  Her daughter is off and her husband is working and she asked if I could switch my Thursday shift with her.  I said I could.  Monday shouldn't be too bad.  Most of those credit card charging folks should be on their way back to points north by then.

Of course I will not venture into Rehoboth Beach at all this weekend.  Do you think I'm crazy?  Us locals turn over our beach resorts charms and amenities to the touristas on holiday weekends like this.  Oh no, I'm not crazy.

Last year on Fourth of July Weekend I agreed to meet two new friends in Rehoboth Beach.  What was I thinking?  I spent almost an hour and a half in traffic just to get into Rehoboth Beach and then I couldn't find parking.  Never again.  I have better things to do than sit in traffic on Route One, inching along just to find no where to park in Rehoboth Beach.

I'll tell you what I like.  After picking up Bill from his friend's house, I went out in our backyard and refreshed the birdbaths.  I checked the birdhouses.  The baby bluebirds will probably be out today.  Swallows have their babies in another birdhouse and yet another birdhouse swallows are making a new nest.  The Purple Martins are all settled in and incubating their eggs.  There is no sign of the starlings who were trying to hog the Purple Martin house.  I think by lowering the Purple Martin House discouraged the starlings from nesting there.

I just got up from my afternoon nap and I'm ready for a very pleasurable next two days here in the best place in the world for me and Bill, southern Delaware.  I love Delaware!


  1. anne marie in philly1:38 AM

    good luck avoiding the touristas; be careful out there!

    your back yard is so damn beautiful and peaceful. and you get to watch nature in action, up close and personal.

    have to go see MIL upstate on sat (ugh); rest of the weekend will be spent at home with the cats.

    1. Anne Marie,

      I may make an early run into Rehoboth Beach tomorrow morning before the touristas wake up. I like to "walk the boards" early in the morning and get a taste of summer. Have a safe trip this weekend.


  2. I am doing house chores and projects, cutting out shirts, watching my diet, reading books
    Life in the Prosaic.

    1. Dr. Spo,

      Let that diet go!



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