Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Purple Martins Have Returned!

First continent of Purple Martins (photo taken a few minutes ago)

They're back!

My annual visitors, the Purple Martins have returned.  Spring is officially here!

The spring of 2007 was the first year we put up our Purple Martin house.  Every year since then we have had these spring harbingers take up residence.  Summer just isn't summer without their cacophonous symphony of building their nests in the six apartments of their aluminum avian condo.

Bill complains ever year about their noise and their dive bomb deposits on our driveway but I welcome these midnight blue birds with their iridescent plumage.

This morning I tore out yet another house sparrow nest in one of the apartments.  Every year I have that battle with the house sparrows.  I have other bird boxes for them but for some reason they prefer the bluebird house and the Purple Martin house.  The house sparrows are bullies and very aggressive.  This is one place where they don't have their way.  I like all birds but when I protect the native species of birds before the invasive species, which is what the house sparrows  are.  Earlier Starlings were checking out the Purple Martin house like they do every year but they couldn't fit into the opening to the Purple Martin house.  They went elsewhere.

The house sparrows and the Starlings remind me of Republicans.  Ooops, did I let a little politics slip in?  I have a very progressive backyard habitat.  No lying Repugs in my backyard.

Bill not happy with the return of the Purple Martins


  1. Everytime I read the title of this post, I see "Purple Martinis".

    I guess that shows you where my mind is at this week!

  2. Tell Bill Purple Martins bring all sorts of good luck to those who build them houses.

    1. Hank,

      "Purple Martinis", sounds good to me!

    2. Dr. Spo,

      I'll tell Bill but somehow I don't think he'll be convinced. He's too fixated on the mess they make on our driveway with their dive bombing poop runs.


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