Thursday, April 05, 2012

Bill's Jeep Bites the Dust

Bill's new mode of transportation?

Well, it finally happened. Bill's 1990 Jeep Laredo bite the dust. 

Just two weeks ago Bill took it to Kenny's Auto Repair, his favorite local yokel repair guy.  That visit was a brake drum problem that cost $240 to repair.  Two days later, Bill notices a puddle of water underneath his trust Jeep.  Was this his 32 year old vehicle having bladder problems because of old age.  We had a old dog with a similar problem.  The end was near for our dog as it is for Bill's Jeep.

Bill dropped his car off yesterday at Kenny's.  He got The Call today.  Kenny told him that he's just wasting his money pouring more money into his Jeep.  Kenny called this morning with the bill, $450.00.  More money down the tubes.

This is the Jeep that waited for me at the Downingtown train station all those years that I used to commute to my banking job in Philadelphia (1980-1994). 

This is the same Jeep Bill used to visit his friend Damon and his family. Damon's oldest boys always got a kick out of playing with the buttons that raised and lowered the front seats. 

This is the Jeep that made uncounted trips to Home Depot and Loew's and too many garden centers to count loaded up with wood, metal, mulch and dirt. 

Yep, this is THAT same Jeep.  Poor thing.

Tomorrow we go out and look for a new used Jeep.

Sad times folks, sad times.

Bill's Jeep (in it's usual spot, the Walmart parking lot)


Bob said...


Larry Eugene Meredith said...


Truly amazing Jeep indeed. A 1990 Jeep that picked you up from 1980 to 1994. Did it have a time travel button?


Anonymous said...

Wow! Mine turns 10 in June.

I haven't commented a lot lately but I'm always reading.

BTW: how's the prostate?

Jon said...

It's always sad to let go of a faithful companion, but there's always something newer and more interesting just around the corner
(am I talking about jeeps??).

For the past few years I've been successfully repairing my own vehicles, simply because trips to the mechanic are too expensive.
This is a milestone for me, because I'm not mechanically inclined and - not very long ago - I didn't even know how to open the hood.

Ron said...

Me too Bob! Me too.

Ron said...

I got my dates wrong on the Jeep. It was a 1990. Bill sold it to the repair guy this morning for $250.00. Actually, he got him to knock $250.00 off of the $450.00 bill. Bill only had to pay him $200.00. Bill is without a car now. He says he doesn't need one.

Roger said...

I fully understand have a 2000 Cherokee that 2 years ago started with one thing then another. So even though its paid for the end is near here as well.

Ron said...


Hang on to your car as long as you can. That's what Bill intended to do but unfortunately the engine and other parts have started to rust. He doesn't have all that many miles on it (80,000) for a 22 year old car but the engine repair is going to cost another $1,000 at least. This after we just put in almost $500 in repairs the past month.

My prostate situation is this: I have decided not to go the route of biopsy and then possible radiation treatment. At my age, even if I do have prostate cancer (which isn't certain, the only indicator is my PSA score and another score which I forget right now), my doctor said I would probably die of something else.

My last blood test my PSA score was 4.3, down from 8.4. Still high but not as bad as the previous PSA score. I will continue to monitor it but otherwise I'm doing nothing. I don't want to sound too dramatic but I'm going to die of something and at age 70 I've had a good run. I've been down the medical spiral before of tests and unwanted consequences from treatments that probably weren't necessary so I'm not going to go there again. Of course each healthy day I have now I treasure more than I ever have before in my life. Thanks for asking.

Ron said...


Anyone who is mechanically inclined for even willing to take on mechanics even if they aren't so inclined I have the upmost respect for. You sir have my respect. I am hopelessly unmechanical. But I can bake a great German Chocolate cake.

Ron said...


We had hoped to make Bill Jeep Laredo last longer (only has 80,000 miles on it) but alas, the engine and other parts are pretty well rusted. It was time to stop the hemorraghing and get rid of it. Sad times here. That Jeep has many memories.

Will J said...

Well congrats to Bill for making it last - although based on an average of 15K a year, his jeep is technically only about 5 1/2 years old in terms of mileage. Sounds like he has a good mechanic. Don't buy anything that the mechanic won't work on.

PS Probably last chance for the flaming red sports car.

anne marie in philly said...

spouse's 1996 mercury sable went dead in february; transmission gave out, not worth fixing, 118K+ miles. he purchased a used 2010 ford focus with only 8900 miles on it AND fully loaded with all kinds of bells/whistles. but car payments - BOO!

good luck car shopping tomorrow; hugs to bill, smooches to you!

PS - german chocolate cake? I'll be right over! :-)

Ron said...


Bill isn't the flaming red sports car type. However, I do know of several guys who attempted to regain their youthful fervor and bought one of those road hugging, red sport cars. Sad, sad.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Ixnay on the car payments. German Chocolate cake was my Pop's favorite. I haven't made it since he died in August of 2000. Long time.

wcs said...

I loved my '92 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It was my favorite car ever. I bought it used in 1994 and kept it for 9 years before having to sell it when I moved to France. I still miss it. I wish Bill the best of luck in finding a "new" one! Keep us posted...

Ron said...

We have decided to become a One Vehicle Family. At least try it out. We really don't need two vehicles, it's just because we're two men and our egos require each of us to have OUR OWN CAR. On the upside, we'll have more room in our garage and save money by not paying the extra car insurance. Still, Bill will miss his Jeep. We're going out for one last ride this morning to Loew's to get two poles to put up our new bluebird houses. Nostalgia.