Monday, April 02, 2012

Aching All Over After Working in the Backyard

Bill ready to attack the top of the pine tree with his snippers
The last time I hurt this bad was when I went out for the track team in 1957.   I feel like I've been hit by a Mack truck!  My whole body aches.

That's me, bottom row, on the right. kneeling and in pain

So what did I do to bring me to this state?  I took advantage of the mild spring weather the past two days and I've been working like an illegal immigrant on my backyard.

Ron's giant Pampas Grass begging to be trimmed

I want to get all the hedge trimming, weed pulling, and planting new bulbs in the ground before the mosquitoes take flight looking for my warm blood, nubile bod.  Yes, I want to get ahead of the game.

"What a mess!" (the grass, not me)

However, I fear I pushed myself too much yesterday.  Not only did I cut back my two monster Pampas Grass plants (they look beautiful in the mid summer but man oh man are they ever a bitch to cut back), I spent about two hours raking cut grass.  I kept telling myself that all this raking would help get rid of the spare tire I developed this past winter.  I'm one belt notch up and the pantaloons are snug.  I daresay I probably should be wearing size 33 waist pants but I don't want to go there since I've managed to stay a 32 waist all my adult life (with a few inexorable exceptions - not bigger but smaller when I was in the throes of an unrequited love affair I dropped to a 30 waist).

Bill came out later and topped our pine trees which are on the border of our backyard.  That is a messy job which I hate to do because of all the pine tar I get on my hands.  I'm glad Bill took on that job.  Thank you Bill!

I have developed a backyard which is very bird friendly and they know it.  I have seven birdbaths which I have to clean several times a day.  I don't know why but some of my avian friends seems to think the bird bath is a toilet and they occasionally leave "deposits."

I have many bushes which I keep trimmed which make them thick and safe for my feathered friends.  The bluebirds haven't settled into their house but they're looking it over.  Purple Martin scouts have already been detected checking out the newly cleaned quarters.  I've already had to pull out one house sparrow nest from my Purple Martin house.  The robins, cat birds, and finches are also regulars at Casa Tipton-Kelly's Backyard Wildlife Habitat Hacienda.

Spring has arrived and I am glad of it.  Now if my body can keep up with the physical demands.  When I went to bed last night my body literally ached all over.  It was one of those "good aches", if you know what I mean but I was aching.  I feel like I got mugged.

Today I rest.

"Need some mulch?"


  1. I had a massive yardwork day, too.
    And I cannot wait to lie down for a good nights sleep!

    1. Bob,

      It is a good ache though isn't it? Guaranteed a good night's sleep!


  2. anne marie in philly7:25 PM

    your tulips look wonderful!

    spouse cut the grass for the first time yesterday, and no, that's not an april fool's joke! imagine, cutting grass in april!

    take 2 aleve for the stiffness (ha ha ha) and call me in the morning!

    1. Thank you Anne Marie! Bill cut the grass again yesterday. This is the third time this spring! We got no snow this year. I'll take it!


  3. Go, Ron, go! But take care of your back! This is what many of us are doing these days. Yesterday I changed the oil in my lawnmower, sharpened the blade, and got about a third of the grass cut. I've got more cleanup to do in the other 2/3 before I can cut there. First cut of the year.

    1. Walt,

      Sharp blades make a BIG difference in cutting the lawn. Aren't you glad we're through winter? Now to enjoy the next six months!

  4. Hey, Ron:
    I hope your aches and pains have subsided. Next year when you cut you Pampas Grass try binding it tightly with a piece of twine a little above where you need to cut and one at about midpoint. This makes it a lot easier to cut because it isn't flopping around everywhere. It also eliminates the need for the hassle of cleaning up the mess.


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