Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Madonna, You're No Liz Taylor

A little bit of whimsy here.  I saw the Madonna's "entrance" into the Super Bowl halftime show. She did a pale imitation of Elizabeth Taylor's entrance into Rome in her role as Cleopatra.  All I can say is:

"I knew Elizabeth Taylor, and Madonna (honey), you're no Elizabeth Taylor"

Want to see what a real STAR is?  Take a look at this short video of La Liz making up her eyes.  This is a STAR.


nitewrit said...


Sorry i haven't been commenting lately. I've been sick. This is something i haven't been for years. This year is really taking its toll on my body.


Mark said...

Love her!
Pure Class.

Ron said...

Her class shines through doesn't it Mark? Liz, the Last Star.

Scott said...

I stopped following Madonna in the early nineties. I thinks she's pretty full of herself these days.

Ron said...


Same here, I stopped following Madonna in the early nineties. She is way too full of herself these days. Somebody needs to give her a reality check.

Hula Hank said...

I love how she spends so much time and focus putting on the makeup (there is even that slight proud smile when she realises it is done and perfect) and THEN after all that.... she put on sunglasses. LOL