Friday, December 30, 2011

Where are the Artists in Rehoboth Beach?

Why don't I see this kind of art in the Rehoboth Beach/Lewes area of Delaware?  Oh sure, there are a lot of "artistes" but can anyone really draw and apply color to make a unique watercolor painting like the one featured above in this post? 

I found this 3 foot by 4 foot watercolor painting in the lobby the Wilmington Veterans' Affairs Medical Center emergency room last week during my visit.  Oh sure, there are a lot of "art rooms" down here in Lower Slower, aka Sussex County but where is the true, vibrant art?  I haven't seen it.  Perhaps someone can take me by the hand and lead me to an art gallery that shows such an original interpretation of the beauty that is around us. 

What I do see that passes for art looks like the "art" my eighth grade class did back in 1955.  It's Amateur Hour guys and gals, Amateur Hour.


Jon said...

It's a sad but true fact that the standards for all the arts have sunk appallingly low. The word "talent" has largely lost its meaning.....
I do, however, like the wonderful watercolor on your blog post!

Rick Bettencourt said...

What a colorful painting! Hope you find your galleries in Rehoboth.

Happy new year!

Ron said...


When I lived in Philadelphia, there were so many wonderful works of true art that could be had for a very minimal amount of money. I purchased quite a few of those watercolors and oils. That was my first experience with the "art world." I assumed all art was like that. After I moved to southern Delaware I checked out some of the art galleries in Rehoboth and surrounding areas and found them quite lacking in artistic talent, creativity and beauty but all had the big price tag. Whose fooling who? The watercolor I posted on my blog was the exception and I found that hanging on the wall in the waiting room of the Emergency Room of the Wilmington VA. God, if I saw something like that for sale down here where I live in the so called "artist's colony", I would buy it immediately even if it did cost a few hundred dollars. Sad to say, nothing of this quality exists where I live now.

Ron said...


Both Bill and I like a lot of color in our art. Most of the so called "art" here in Gayberry (aka Rehoboth Beach) are dark and muddy colors. Someone doesn't know how to mix colors. I've been looking for years for a decent piece of art in this area and I have yet to find anything that even comes close to this wonderful watercolor.