Saturday, December 17, 2011

What is a Good Christian?

Hard to believe that another year has flown by.  One thing that you youngsters ("youngsters" is anyone who is younger than me) will notice as you get older that the days, weeks, months and years fly by.  Wow, I hardly got used to using "2011" and here we will be up to "2012" in less than two weeks.

One of my pet annoyances (among the many that I have) are the year end retrospectives.  I hate all that rehousing on the television stations at what happened last year.  I KNOW what happened, don't remind me.  I think the reason the cable channels and communications media does that is because most of their regular staff is off work and that material was in the can and they play it to fill up the airwaves.

Well, my stuff isn't canned.  It's fresh out of my mind right now.  Oh, by the way, the kitty pictured at the top of my blog is "Kerouac".  He is my friend Larry's cat.  Kerouac is named after the famous Fifties Beatnik (the first one) Jack Kerouac.  "Kerouac" is appropriately named.  His story is below.

I usually talk to Larry on FaceTime on the weekend at his home in Claymont Delaware.  Larry and his family have about a dozen cats they have rescued from the animal shelters and a few rescued right off the street.  Kerouac was rescued from a parking lot as a kitten nearly starved to death.  There wasn't much to Kerouac when Larry's son Darryl Yes, Larry has a son named "Darryl" as in the characters in the old Bob Newhart Show who were brothers named "Larry, Darryl and Darryl.  Larry assures me it is just a coincidence that his son is named Darryl.  Uh huh, that Larry, I've known him for over sixty years (we went to grade school together) and I think this is Larry pulling a slick one on his innocent son but be that as it may.

Feeding time at Larry's house 2003

One night maybe about a year and a half ago (if I'm wrong on the details Larry will correct me) Larry's son Darryl brought this poor, pitiful, near death kitten home, hoping to get permission to add it to the feline menage that already occupied Larry and Lois's humble abode in Claymont.  I think at that time the kitty population of their home was about two dozen kitties roaming the premises.  There was hardly room for one more but Darryl pleaded and begged and his parents consented to "just one more" (famous Last Words).  Larry and Lois finally caved in and reluctantly accepted this new scraggly member of their household.

Kerouac had some medical issue that had to be addressed and Lar and his family took care of those issues.  That's the kind of family they are, just good kind people rescuing a poor, neglected critter that few would care about otherwise.

You know, I began this post with all good intentions of writing about my wrap up at year end and here I'm writing about my friend Larry's cat.

As most of my regular readers know I write off the top of my head.  Nothing "canned" here my friends.  I'm not like those TV news stations that have canned material ready to plug up the airtime.  No sir folks,  it's all fresh here.

So this morning while I was on FaceTime with Lar, I had to leave for a few minutes and when I came back I saw this live FaceTime picture of Larry's cat Kerouac relaxing.  When Larry knew I was back he put the camera on his puss again.  I asked him to turn it back to Kerouac so I could take a picture (you can do this with FaceTime). This is the picture I took, one of God's creatures rescued from a certain death by my good friends who actually practice the Christian faith of peace and goodwill toward all, including even an emaciated and injured kitten found in a parking lot scurrying beneath parked cars just trying to survive.

You can put all the pictures of people in the paper giving each other awards for God know what and all the Rick Perry's of the world who refer to themselves as "persecuted Christians" while at the same time asking "what is the matter with this country when gays in the military are allowed to serve openly while there is a war on good Christians like him."  This is a man who go for his morning walk with his gun and brags that he shot a coyote.  Yes, we have plenty of examples of so called Good Christians but folks, this little cat to me represents what a Good Christian is.

You don't have to go to church every week to be a good Christian.  You don't have to proclaim you are a good Christian.  All you have to do is BE a good Christian and folks, this little cat named "Kerouac" is God's work.

Peace, safety, love


Anonymous said...

Ron, You have to get over the Rick Perry comment about gays in the military. It has nothing to do with being Christian, it has to do with Rick Perry being totally stupid.

nitewrit said...


Okay, you got a bit dramatic here. We probably had 16 cats at the time. This included Hobo Joe, which we had taken in during the late spring of 2010. One of these was my daughter's and two were my son's. We took in Kerouac in August 2010.

As you know, most of our cats are old. We adopted older cats from the shelters so they would have a home for the end of their lives. Five of these cats died in the last year. So now we have a even dozen. My daughter's cat and one of my son's were among the deceased.

Our humble abode is fairly large and I think you will attest Ron, that you would know we had these many cats. They run and hide when strangers come and our house doesn't smell, usually, of cat.

My son did not do any pleading or begging. He simply asked and seeing that skinny, scared, shivering kitten, who could say no. If he had not rescued the cat from that parking lot where he works, it would most likely have died.

We have three people here, which includes my wife, who worked in animal shelters. When you do so, you tend to end up with a lot of animals. I don't think we're any better than other people because we care for these creatures.

As far as being Christian, yes, I'm not ashamed of admitting I believe in God and the Bible. We try to reflect Christ in how we behave. True Christianity is based on love, forgiveness, tolerance and caring. Certainly, as with any other religion or secular group of people, there are those who don't show some of those attributes. My experience is most true believing Christians do. Unfortunately it is those who don't who tend to get the headlines and notoriety.

Thank you for your kind words about us and for the great picture you took of Kerouac. The two cats in the last picture are Mark (the orange cat) and I believe it is Thorn he is with.


Ron said...


You know me, I ALWAYS like to add drama to the story, makes it more interesting. I do have a lot more respect for you and your family for living the tenants of true Christianity unlike someone like Governor Rick Perry who uses his religion for fan the flames of intolerance against gays.

Ron said...


Point taken. However Rick Perry is not alone in his statements, feelings and beliefs that gays like me are less than. The reason he made his homophobic, intolerant, anti-Christian remarks was to gain favor in the Iowa caucuses because he knows there are many voters in Iowa who believe exactly as he does. Espousing anti-gay rhetoric is always good for votes among the holier than thou Christians who actually do not live the Christian Way of Life. Just stating at tried and true fact Lynne. Christian homophobia has ruined the lives and killed more gays than all the wars put together. That is a fact that has to be face and no longer brushed under the rug by hymn singing Christians.