Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rick Perry - Man of Faith

Have you seen the new Rick Perry "Man of Faith" ad?  If you haven't, take a look below:

Ah yes, another good Christian man who espouses hate against gays.  What a jerk!  Can you believe how totally stupid this a-hole is?  Here he is in his Heath Leadger "Brookback Mountain" sheepherder's jacket spewing his Christian homophobia hate against gays in the military and some imaginary "war on religion." Hey, somebody...send this Texas cow patty-kicker who is so punch drunk on his own ego that he doesn't even recognize that he is the biggest a-hole to come out of Texas since...well George W. Bush!  Even Ole "W" wouldn't be this stupid.  Ah yes, Rick Perry, the gift that keeps on giving.  I'm going to miss him when he crawls back in his hole under that rock with the "N Word" at that Texas country club he used to belong to.  Yes Rick Perry, you are a bigot.  And another thing, I have friends and family who are Christians and Rick Perry, you are no Christian.  You are a stupid, a-hole opportunist from Texas.

Check out the answer to Governor Perry's ad below.  I couldn't have said it better myself.

Below is even better:


  1. anne marie in philly4:10 PM

    WTF? HOW in the hell are those 2 things even related to each other?

    this coming from a "man" (and I use that term loosely) who thinks we are at war with iran and there are 8 supreme court justices. dog help us if he is on the ballot!

    my spouse said he makes sarah palin and michele bachmann look positively intelligent every time he opens his pie-hole!

  2. Anne Marie,

    Rick Perry is cute but man oh man is he stupid! What a dunce. He's so stupid he doesn't even realize the old "bash the gays" line doesn't work anymore.

  3. Anonymous12:51 AM

    Ron, Is this Rick Perry ad for real? I just find it shocking. As a Christian, I am highly offended by it. Please don't think all Christians have no common sense.
    Lynne in Annapolis

  4. Lynn,

    Yes, unfortunately the Rick Perry ad is real. Unbelievable isn't it that a supposedly "man of God" and a public servant would espouse such hate in his opportunistic run for the presidency. I believe that Perry truly believes what he is saying. This man and those who agree with him are so out of touch not only on the gay issue but the whole "good Christian family man" stance that he takes. My brother John is a Christian pastor and he doesn't act, talk or think like this man. My brother is a Baptist Fundamentalist pastor (Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC) and he isn't the homophobe that this man unashamedly brags about. My respond to Perry's ad is appropriate...the man is an ass.

  5. Anonymous11:16 AM

    Ron, Friday night my 16 year old daughter brought up the subject of "don't ask don't tell" in the military. I think she brought it up because she has a male friend who is gay but wants to go to the US Naval Academy. She asked me why gays where banned from the military, what was the reasoning behind it? I had no idea. It is obvious that someone's sexual preference has no bearing on their job performance. There isn't any logical explanation other than prejudice.
    I also absolutely believe sexucal preference is innate and not chosen. In Jesus' three year ministry, he warned about the dangers of materialism and attachment to money something like 1000 times, but never once warned about homosexuality. And, given that the time he lived in was very homophobic, I am sure it would have been recorded if he had said that.
    So, my opinion is that God, for a reason I don't know, has chosen to have some people be born gay. Maybe it is to test the straight people to see if we are the "love they neighbor" Christians we need to be.
    And, Rick Perry is wrong about prayer in schools. My kids both attend public schools. You can pray anytime you want, you can form a prayer group with other students, you just can't force another student to have your beliefs nor can the school impose religious beliefs on the students.
    Lynne in Annapolis

  6. Lynn,

    I thought this whole "Gay in the Military" thing was over and this stupid ass Rick Perry brings it up again in a cynical attempt to garner a few votes in the Iowa primary. I went through three years in the Army as a gay man and didn't make a career of the service just because I was gay and didn't want to take that chance of losing my entire career if I ever was discovered as a gay man, an condition I was born with. Gayness has nothing two do with anyone being fit for the service, it is behavior. Thank you for your comment.

  7. When I need a smile, I find the photo of Mr. Perry with Tinky Wink in the background. It invariably cheers me up.


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