Monday, December 12, 2011

Not Feeling It Today

Me and "Fuzzy" in happier times - 1980

Well folks, I'm not feeling IT today. This weekend I worked long and hard producing a new iMovie of some old pictures that I scanned into my computer from my Wild Weekends in pre-Gayberry days of Sussex County.  Those pictures were taken back in the day when if the redneck neighbors found out you were gay, they were more likely to burn down your trailer (just about everyone lived in single-wides in those days) than look the other way and go about their business.

I guess I'm a little burned out because I spent so much time getting the Enigma music just right to match the iMovie slideshow only to have You Tube block my video because of copyright infringement.  Excuse me? I PURCHASED that album from iTunes and I don't have any advertisements on my blog.  So what is the problem?  Whatever.

I redid the video with "Funkytown" as the background music which, actually is more appropriate because that seemed to be always playing when we all went dancing at the Boathouse in Dewey Beach back in the Bad Old Days of the late Seventies and early Eighties.

I really enjoy scanning my old photos (I have so many to go) and putting them in a slide show to music.  I don't know how much my regular blog readers enjoy watching a slide show of folks they don't know (probably not many) but I'm in those slide shows to and you can see me at a more carefree time of my life.

These days I have too much on my mind.  Next week I go to the dermatology department of the Wilmington VA for my regular six month check-up. Yes, I have some issues.  Some "things" to take off of my face again.  I'm paying the price at this time of my life for all those "working on my tan" years of my Foolish Youth.

The big Dark Cloud I have hanging over my head of course is up upcoming visit with my urologist to have a biopsy taken of my prostate glad to determine if I have prostate cancer.  My last two blood tests came out with a high PSA score and it looks like I have some kind of cancer.  The only question is is it a BIG or small cancer.  If it is a big cancer, they I will have to decide if I want treatment.  If it is a small cancer, then my doctor said he would "monitor" it.  Sounds to me like a ticking time bomb.  Oh well, something is going to get us in the end anyway isn't it?

The problem with my swollen lower legs is getting better.  This is a result of the water pills my doctor prescribed for me.  I can see my ankles again!  My foot doesn't feel like it has Novocaine in it.  At least something is going right.

Because of all this, I just can't seem to get into the Christmas Spirit this year.  I just want this biopsy thing to get over with so I know where I stand.  I knew that I would have this Dark Cloud over my head.  What I didn't realize that I would get somewhat depressed looking at these old photos back When.

If any of you is wondering who the little bearded guy is in the iMovie, that is "Fuzzy."  He was my Weekend Boyfriend for a few months during the summer and fall of 1980.  He lived in Ocean City, Maryland.  At that time Bill and I were having problems so I would take off on the weekends and visit my friend Big Bob.  I met Fuzzy at the Boathouse  I've always had a weaking for little, compact, bearded guys with a happy demeanor and Fuzzy fit the bill.  In fact, I was ready to leave Bill, quit my job in Philadelphia, and move in with Fuzzy.  But alas, I found out later that Fuzzy didn't think of me as a long term relationship.  He didn't love me.  I loved him. Still some residual pain when I see us together in these photos.  But everything worked out all right because I am with the rich man...Bill.

Funny thing that, I like the little bearded guys but they never seem to like me as much as I like them.  That is something I've never been able to figure.  I think I like them too much and I smoother them.  Yes, that's it.

So there is my ramble of the day.  I'll be back on top again tomorrow.  I hope.

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