Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Favorite Place in the Whole World - My Bedroom

My bedroom

My favorite place in the whole world is my bedroom.

My bedroom is my sanctuary.  It is where I get away from the every day pressures, cruelties and travails of the world.  My bedroom is my treasure.  I want for nothing else when I am in my bedroom.  I will die in this bedroom.

I sleep alone in my bedroom.  Bill has a different bedroom on a different floor (the basement).  We haven't slept together for the past 46 years.  Yes, that's right, FORTY SIX YEARS.

When we first met, we slept in the same bed together, which is different (as you know) than SLEEPING TOGETHER, which is a whole 'nother subject that I won't even delve into on this blog posting.

I'm not comfortable sleeping all night in the same bed with another person, be that man or woman.  Perhaps that is because my Mother had me and my two brothers sleeping in the same rickety brass bed until I was 12 years old.  I complained so much about sleeping in the same bed with my brothers that she gave me a fold away bed on my 13th birthday.  My brothers and I still slept in the same room but I put my fold away bed (actually a cot) in the corner of our bedroom.  That was my SPACE and oh how I treasured the independence of that space that I could call my own.

Bill was the first (and last) man that I have lived with.  When I moved into his apartment at Pennsauken New Jersey in February of 1965 I did what was expected, I slept with My Man.  Didn't work out.  We only had a double bed and I'm not one of these guys that need to be cuddled when I sleep.  I SLEEP ALONE.
Bill isn't a "cuddly" type either.  So we each got on our respective sides of the bed and TRIED to sleep.

Didn't work.  We would usually wake up in the middle of the night and I would have all the covers.  Apparently I'm very selfish when I'm in the deep RIMM mode.  Bill also said that I would punch him in my sleep to get over to his side of the bed.  Apparently I have some deep psychological issues when I'm sleeping with someone else in my same space.  Bill also said that I talk and sometimes shouted in my sleep.  I was aware of this.  When I was in the Army and before I got my own room (yes, I got my own room when I was in the Army; one of the perks of being an assistant platoon sergeant) my fellow soldiers who slept in the same open bay barracks with me often told me that I was quite the conversant while sleeping.

I am a MESS when it comes to sleeping around others.  Doesn't work for me, or my bed partner.

So after a few months of mostly sleepless nights Bill decided to use the guest bedroom in our Pennsauken, New Jersey apartment and he's been sleeping in a separate bedroom since.  This sleeping arrangement works out quite well for us.

Over the years I've had several different bedrooms but this one is the best.  When I had this house built in 2006 my primary goal was to have a bedroom that was customized for my ultimate comfort and well being.  I succeeded.

 I am surrounded by windows.  I love light.

I have a light in tray ceiling.  This is perfect indirect light for me when I get up during the night or early in the morning.  None of the harshness of lamp light to blast me awake in the morning.

My 60 inch flat screen TV is at the foot of my queen sized platform bed.  My platform bed was custom made for my comfort.  I need full support for my back when I sleep.  None of these pillowy, cloud like, cushiony mattresses where I wake up in the morning with a painful backache.

My bathroom is located a few steps from my bed.  It has a separate enclosure for the toilet.  I love privacy when I have to go to the bathroom.

I have a tiled walk in shower and a dual sink facing a mirror that covers the wall.  I have soft lights to minimize my wrinkled and grizzled countenance which I look at every morning when perform my daily toilette routine of shaving, brushing my tech and clipping those wild, errant hairs that seemingly grew overnight out from my nostrils, eyebrows and ears.

This is the room where I take my Daily Afternoon Nap.  I close the curtain, turn on the air purifier, put a dark cloth over my eyes and drift off to dreamland (daytime version) anywhere from half an hour to two hours.  Yes, sometimes I sleep TWO hours in the afternoon.  I can do that now that I'm retired and I LOVE IT!

And one last thing, if everything goes the way I plan, this is where I plan to end my days.  I'm not planning on going anywhere anytime soon but when THAT DAY comes, this is where I plan to take my Last Breath.  My neighbor Al died last month.  He was my age.  He had stage four terminal liver cancer.  They brought him home to die.  He died in his bed two weeks after they brought him home.

That's the way to go Al.  I hope I can do the same.


Anonymous said...

You've made your bed. Now lie in it.....

Mark said...

I often joke with Fred that I would like separate beds like Ozzie and Harriet but in truth, I like feeling him beside me. We start off cuddling and then make it to our side of the bed. In fact, if it's bedtime and he's downstairs doing something, I go nuts until he comes to bed. I need him.
In our last house, which was huge, I loved our bedroom. This small house has turned my bedroom in to an all purpose room which I'm not loving. Oh well!
And do you mean R.E.M. sleep? I'm not sure what RIMM mode is but it sounds hot!

Ron said...


You're right! It is R.E.M. Freudian slip BIG TIME!

Vương Tử Trực said...

It's a beautiful room. I wonder whether the bed is too short for you?

Ron said...


My bed is a perfect fit. It is queen size. I would like to have a king size bed but my bedroom isn't big enough to accommodate that size.

nitewrit said...


Boy, are all bedroom views different.


nitewrit said...


That should have read, 'boy, are OUR bedroom views different". I didn't mean what we see out the window either, but what we feel about the room.