Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anyone Know How to Rip DVD to an iMovie?

Can anyone tell me the best way to convert my DVD's into iMovie?

I have a LOT of old VCR's that I'm converting to DVD's and I would like to put them into an iMovie format.  I've already converted some of the VCR tapes (which were originally old 8mm files) to a DVD format now I want to convert them to iMovie.

I've check the Internet but I'm not sure if I even need to download software to convert my DVD's to iMovie.  I'm willing to download and even purchase software if it does a good and easy job.

Anyone done this?  I would appreciate any advice you could give.  I would LOVE to make a permanent record of these old films and VCR tapes so when I'm gone they will be available to my relatives.



  1. Ron,

    Sorry, can't help you on this one. Gave it a try, but didn't get even to first base. Good luck. let me know what you learn.


  2. http://www.iskysoft.com/rip-dvd/convert-dvd-to-imovie-mac.html

  3. Dr. Spo,

    iSkysoft is the way to go. Another friend of mine sent me a link and I read the testimonials. They were all good. That's the way I go. Now to tax my mind some more to LEARN SOMETHING NEW!

  4. Anonymous12:28 AM

    you may also follow this guide, hope it works for you.
    dvd into imovie: http://www.ilikemall.com/convert/import-dvd-to-imovie.html

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