Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Me checking my iPhone ( this past spring at the Panera restaurant in Greenville, SC

Christmas is almost here!  Remember when you were young and you couldn't wait for Christmas?  It seemed to take FOREVER to arrive and then once it did, there usually was anticlimactic.  These days my Christmas "celebration" consists mainly of avoiding the outlets and malls and hitting the mute button on TV every time I see a commercial with a fat, white bearded man (which we all know is Santa Claus) that ends with a big "HO! HO! HO!" in the sky.  HA!  So that's who that bearded man was!  Looky here, whoever comes up with these asinine commercials, please...PUHLEASE come up with something new!

I'm not a "BAH HUMBUG!" kind of guy.  At least I don't consider myself that kind of guy.  But other than sending Christmas cards (my tradition) I just get through the Christmas season.

This year I put up minimum lights outside.  Bill likes to put red candles in all the windows. Even though I think that makes our house look like an Amsterdam whorehouse, it makes Bill happy so I go along with it. However, I do notice that NO ONE ELSE has RED LIGHTS in their windows.

Usually I put up so many Christmas lights outside that our house looks like Santa Claus threw up on it.  I have noticed that since I went the minimalist route this year, my neighbors put more lights up.  I wonder if there was a cause and effect. Maybe I'll give my Christmas lights to the thrift store and make a new tradition with single candles in the windows.  Tasteful white candles.

I seem to have more time these days since I'm not caught up in the Christmas Shopping Rush, and I've been cleaning out my e-mails.  I came across this iPhone photo that my dear brother John (love you John!) took of me at the Panera restaurant in Greenville, South Carolina when I was visiting him this past spring.  Apparently my dear brother took this picture of me without my knowledge and sent it to me by e-mail.  I'm so far behind on my e-mail that I just now discovered it this morning.  Good shot John! You captured me at my intense natural state.  I didn't know I pursed my lips like this.  I'll have to change that.

Intense Ron caught unawares by Brother John

So here is the deal.  I'm working today and tomorrow, then I don't go to work again until next week.  This year for the first time in YEARS, I'm not working either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I don't mind working those days but it will be nice not to work them this year.

In years past when I didn't work Christmas Eve I liked to spend those quiet hours by myself.  I would stay up until midnight then look out at the sky and look for the brightest star in the sky and maybe...Santa Claus.  I never saw either but I did experience the quiet peacefulness of this special time of year.  On Christmas Day I like to ride around the neighborhoods and experience the peaceful tranquility that only happens on that day.  There is no other day of the year that there is so little traffic.  I like that.

This year I have the black cloud of my impending appointment with my urologist on January 6th to have biopsies taken of my prostate.  That I am not looking forward to.  I just want to get through this period of my life then coast out the rest of the winter until spring time comes around again and Bill and I make our annual trek Down South.

I find at this time of my life I like quiet, peace and routine. I don't like change or unexpected surprises.

I need peace.  I don't need another "Ho! Ho! Ho!" I would love just once, JUST ONCE if someone would slam a cream pie into the face of one of those fake Santas when they bellow out that very annoying "HO! HO! HO!"  The kid even seems annoyed.


Amanda said...

The only problem with putting Christmas decorations out is that you have to put them back in. I am too lazy this year, or maybe I have better things to do? My son will be in Hawaii with his grandparents anyway. Why bother? No Christmas spirit here this year.

Ron said...

You are so right about the only problem with putting Christmas decorations out is taking them down. I'm always more enthused when putting them out, not so much when taking them down, especially in the freezing cold of January!
Even though you're not in the Christmas spirit this year, I still wish for you a happy holiday season. I always enjoy the quiet and peace of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I think you do too. My best to you always.

Mark said...

Ron, if Fred didn't decorate for Christmas, we would have nothing at all. I just hate decorating for one month. Plus, it clutters up what I work hard at decluttering. But with four kids in the house which is 1/2 the size of yours, there is always clutter. Christmas makes it even worse.
But I don't mind the Santas. I just ignore them.

anne marie in philly said...

I have single green candles in my windows. I am the only house in green; I don't care. YAYZ for bill and his red lights!

I have a 4' fake tree on the sunporch with mini multicolor lights; it's on the sunporch to keep the cat kids from climbing it.

there are 2 handmade stockings on the fireplace. there is a fake wreath on the front door.

no outside lights, no extra decorations. simple and easy to put away in january.

Anonymous said...

And what is wrong about looking like an Amsterdam whorehouse? Especially if it brings hot men to your door!

Hula Hank said...

I can't find any videos or photos of a Santa getting pied!!! I don't understand why...

I did find this illustration of a santa getting pied....

There was some other stuff you wrote that I wanted to comment on, but I can't remember what it was. I got stuck on wanting to see Santa get pied!

wcs said...

One string of white lights draped along the balcony of our deck. That's it. I'm still debating about a tree. We have a storm to get through, then, maybe this weekend a tree. I'll see. On several occasions I've just strung lights on my 3.5 foot Eiffel Tower and called it christmas.

According to Walt's Tradition, the tree and the other decorations MUST come down on New Year's Day. It's something that I look forward too. It's like a renewal. But, if I don't put anything up, I have nothing to take down.

As for the Santas, the holiday commercials in France are very tame and are mostly about food (at least on the channels that I watch), so the annoyance factor is very low. Thank goodness.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Green lights in the windows? I've never seen that but that's an option next year. I like to keep things simple at this time of my life. I would like to try those icicles hanging off the roof trim sometime but Bill doesn't like them. He likes a lot of colored lights.

Ron said...


If red lights would bring hot guys to our front door I'm all for it. Unfortunately I don't think that would work in my neighborhood. Nice thought though.

Ron said...


I like plain white lights but Bill likes a lot of color. What I really like is not taking down a lot of lights in the cold of January. If my health issues are resolved this year I may go "National Lampoon Christmas" next year. Just one time. It's on my Bucket List.