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Gay Veteran Talks to Mitt Romney

Hey folks, I took this off of YouTube.  This is an interview that ABC News recorded when a veteran who Romney happened to spot at a luncheonette and thought would provide a good photo op and who just happens to be gay asked Republican presidential candidate a question about same sex marriages.  Romney did not know the veteran was gay when the interview began.  Watch how the gay veteran whose name is Bob Garon, hands Romney his ass.

From one gay veteran to another, thank you sir for showing Romney for the hypocrite that he is.  Romney once supported same sex unions when he was governor of Massachusetts.  But now that he's running for president he is all too willing to throw under the bus all the gays in lesbians in this country by denying them their constitutional rights.

My cousin Kevin W. first posted this video on his Facebook account.  This was my responding comment to my cousin

"Cousin Kevin, thank you very much for posting this video. I'm going to post it to my blog. It is time for this country to stop discriminating against it's citizens who just happen to be gay or lesbian. We're not asking for the so called "special rights" but for the SAME RIGHTS as every other man and woman has in this country. Romney or any other politician who espouses the homophobic "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman" talking point WILL NOT GET MY VOTE. Nor should any gay man or woman who has any amount self respect let these politicians get away with this continuing discrimination. Bill and I have been together for 47 years now. We pay equal taxes, how about equal rights? Bravo for the veteran in this video. He "has more moral courage than a dozen politicians like Romney.

I don't doubt I'll get some feedback for my posting on Facebook from some of my Good Christian (as opposed to Real Christian) Facebook friends lecturing me on the "marriage is only between a man and a woman."  Oh we all know the talking points.  But EXACTLY where does it say in the Bible or Constitution that MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN?  Huh?  

And even if it did what difference would it make?  Slavery is mentioned in the Bible.  Does that make it right?  Women shouldn't wear red is mentioned in the Bible, does that make it right?

Sorry to get all preachy and indignant on all of you reading this blog (preachy blog postings usually make for boring blog postings) but I am SO TIRED OF THIS CRAP!

All you folks who believe MARRIAGE IS ONLY BETWEEN A MAN AND A WOMAN are on the WRONG SIDE OF HISTORY.  Write it down folks, fifty years from now people reading about this government sanctioned discrimination against a segment of the population will be scratching their heads and say to themselves "How stupid they were!"

Bill and I have been together forty-seven years now.  We are productive members of our society.  We have always paid our fair share of taxes.  In fact, we have paid MORE than our fair share of taxes because he don't have any children.  I don't recall ever getting a discount on my school taxes because I didn't have a child in the school system.  Oh no, never happened.  But what is going to happen is crass, opportunist politicians like Mitt Romney will be exposed by history for the bigots that they are.  And yes, I know Obama espouses the same line about "marriage between a man and a woman" and he is a crass, opportunist politician too lacking courage to do the right thing.

There, I've had my say.  No more preaching from this gay vet...for at least a week anyway.

Ron (me) just out of Basic Training March 1960

I know I've posted these pictures before of me in the Army (27 Jan 1960 - 27 Jan 1963) but I'm doing it again.  I served my country which is more than I can say for politicians like Romney, Gingrich and yes...Barack Obama.

Ron (me on the left) at Ft. Devens Massachusetts April 1960
The above photo was taken of me with my friends Bill Allen (in the center) and Dick Egan during a break from classes we were attending at the Army Security Agency school for communications intercept.  Yes folks, we all had a Top Secret Clearance.  After school I spent 2 1/2 years working for the National Security Agency at Ft. Meade, Maryland from 1960 to January 1963.  During that time I survived innumerable witch hunts for gays.  Many of my friends were kicked out, some for just being accused of being gay.  Two of my fellow soldiers committed suicide on base (in a locked car they asphyxiated themselves) rather than face the shame of being kicked out of the Army for being gay.  Remember, this was back in the Bad Old Days when being gay was a crime.

Me (on the right) with my friend Jim Harris 1962
The above photo was taken at the Firing Range at Ft. George G. Meade with my friend Jim Harris of Bingington New York.  Yes, we were both gay.  No, were weren't lovers.  No, we did not engage in sexual activity.  Jim was my friend, he just happened to be gay as I was, and still am.  I don't know what happened to Jim.  We lost touch after my tour of duty ended.  I think we exchanged a few letters but it dropped off as often happens when good friends are separated geographically and go on with their lives.

I had other gay friends while I was in the Army.  They were Ron and Sal.  Both are dead now but we were all good friends.  No, there was never any sex.  We were just friends.  Something straight people have to realize about gay people is that just because you're gay doesn't mean you're jumping into bed with every gay person you met.

Ron Hampton 1961 Ft. Meade, Maryland

My friend Ron Hampton in my room at the barracks at Ft. Meade, Maryland 1961.  I had my own room because I was assistant platoon sergeant.  Imagine that, a gay guy assistant platoon sergeant!  Guess what?  Troop morale didn't go down, everyone liked me.  Ron died in January of 2006.

Sal De Rosa, Ft. Meade, Maryland 1961

This is a photo of my friend Sal De Rosa.  Sal was in the Air Force whose barracks were right next to our Army barracks at Ft. Meade.  Sal, Ron and I had a great friendship the 2 1/2 years we were stationed at Ft. Meade.  We all survived the witch hunt but Sal and Ron did have a few close calls for associating with the 
wrong (read that "gay") people.  Sal died in October of 2007.

Sal DeRosa and Ron Hampton, Ft. Meade, Maryland 1962

Sal and Ron put on a musical revue (how gay!) a the Ft. Meade service club.  This is the poster that I made that was posted in the lobby of the service club.  I've often wondered if the folks in charge of the security clearances at Ft. Meade and NSA had any clue that there was a nest of gay guys putting on a musical revue at the service club.  I bet they did!

Sal DeRosa birthday celebration at the Ft. Meade Service Club, 1962

This is a group photo we had of our friends (my camera of course!) taken for a birthday party for our friend Sal at the service club.  Sale is the guy in the gray (gay) shiny suit with the knife being held to his throat (by John Bicking, who we were all hot for by the way).  Ron Hampton is the guy in the checkerd (gay) sport coat seated on the right laughing.  His girlfriend (beard) Coleen is to his right (she has the red hair).
Sal's girlfriend Pat took the picture.  Ironically Pat is still in touch with me to this day.  She knew we were all gay.  Didn't bother her.  I'm the tall guy in the back with the crew cut, with my eyes closed (as I often do when my picture is taken), standing next to the guy who has his head cocked in my direction.

So there is my Gay Photo Gallery of My Time In The Army at Ft. Meade, Maryland With a Top Secret Clearance.  The morale of the troops didn't go down and our country did just fine. 

I've been meaning to post these pictures for a long time but never got around to it.  Now is the time.  

This is Proof Positive that the Army did just fine with us gays in it and the country will do just fine when Bill and I get married in 2012.  Long overdue and about time.  

My partner and spouse, Bill Kelly 1954
Yes folks, my partner and spouse is also a veteran.  Imagine that!  And the country survived.  Wow.

This year Bill and I are going to get "married" (civil union) in Delaware.  While it's not the the real "marriage" with all the tax benefits and legal protections that straights have with their marriages, it is at least a step in the right direction.  Hopefully, this country will come to its senses before we die and we can legally get married just like any other loving and devoted couple in this country.  


Ur-spo said...

By the way, thank you for serving.

anne marie in philly said...

OMG, you're gay? say it ain't so! ;-)

at one time, blacks and whites were not supposed to marry each other. guess what? the world didn't end when that happened. and the world will keep on spinning after you and bill marry.

when do I get to throw the rice/rose petals?