Sunday, December 04, 2011

Dining With Ron

This movie is a compilation of some of the many photos I have had taken of me dining out with friends and at different functions like class reunions and birthday celebrations.  Most of the time when I dine out, as most of my friends know, I usually ask the waitress or waiter to take a picture of me and my dining company. Sure, sometimes I can be an annoyance to my friends when I ask the waitress "Would you mind taking our picture first?" But when you look at this collection of pictures you will see that it was all worth whatever minute or two I took out of our Dining Experience to memorialize my time together with friends and family for light hearted camaraderie and good food.

I haven't posted all the photos.  I wanted to keep this movie under ten minutes lest I put anyone to sleep.  This isn't quite as bad as watching a slide show but I know I take the risk of boring the casual reader of this blog.  I'm taking that chance!

I tried to put a theme to this movie.  See if you can pick up on it.



  1. Anonymous2:01 PM

    Hi Ron, That's quite a picture of your GGGrandmother. My MIL has done geneology research for years and years as a hobby. She has gotten so good at it that some local attorneys have hired her to find and confirm relatives for estates they are handling. Sometimes a person dies with an estate, but either there is no will or the heirs can't be located. My MIL finds the heirs, confirms they are the right ones, and the lucky people get a letter from the attorney letting them know they have an inheritance usually from a relative they never knew existed. Lynne in Annapolis

  2. Lynne

    I have also been asked to find missing relatives and to look for links with the family. I have done that and been successful many times. Usually all I need is the name of the great grandfather, date of birth and place of birth and I can find the link through census records. Then I look for obituaries to find surviving relatives then I make phone calls. So far my success rate has been 100%. Family history research is my one grand passion.

  3. Ron,

    Sorry to say I couldn't pickup your theme. I looked at it twice, enjoyed the pictures, but just didn't see the theme. I did think maybe when the Benny Hill theme began to play there would be pictures of people chaining you into the horizon for taking their photo. :)


  4. Larry,

    The "theme" was somewhat obscured but basically when the music changed to "Put a Lid On It!" was when I started to dine only with women. Then when the Benny Hill music comes on (and good for you for recognizing Benny Hill) I'm back to dining with everybody, not just women! :)

  5. what a marvelous movie

    I reminds me of a line from The Hobbit. The dying king of the mountain tell Bilbo, "If more people valued your ways - food and cheer, over hoarded gold, the world would be a merrier world."

  6. Ron,
    That is what fooled me. I noticed the change to dining with just women, but then it went back to the kind of mix it was, with one or two people, a group, three people. I was looking more for a pattern throughout. I enjoyed your piece anyway.


  7. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Love the soundtrack!

    U make me smile :-)

    ARF (a Ron-fam)

  8. ARF,

    I love the sound track too! That's the best part about putting a movie together. I carefully select a song from iTunes which fits the movie then time it to the scenes. At least I try to. :)

  9. Dr. Spo,

    I really enjoy dining out with friends. I just wish I could do more of it. Either my friends don't have enough money or they're too busy. It can't be that I'm a bore....could it? :)


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