Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

This is the first Christmas that I am not working in ten years.  I don't mind working Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day but I don't mind having it off either.

I feel like a kid set loose in a candy store right now.  I have this Quiet Time to myself.  You see, this is how I like to celebrate Christmas, Quiet Time.  By that I mean I don't get involved in all the Christmas Rush and craziness.  Oh I used to years ago.  I bought into the usual rush to get everyone presents and the whole shopping thing.  However, some years ago I decided that wasn't for me.  Not that there is anything wrong with that for other folks.  The way I feel about Christmas is that whatever way you want to celebrate the Season is what you should do.

For me it is sending out Christmas cards.  I've always loved sending Christmas cards.  I try to keep in contact with favorite old friends I don't see any more.  It is also my way of keeping in touch with relatives that I no longer live nearby.

Another tradition I developed over the years was spending Christmas Eve by myself.  I like the quiet of Christmas Eve.  If the night is clear, I like to look out my window to the black infinity that is the nighttime sky and search for the North Star among the other thousands of other sparkling stars.  Maybe that's why my favorite Christmas cards are the sparkly ones, they remind me of the Christmas Eve nighttime sky.

Christmas Day I like to take a ride around the neighborhood.  I love the deserted streets.  It is eerie.  Almost like a mysterious bomb was dropped and caused everyone to disappear.  I absolutely love driving down the wide open highways.  I'm always surprised at how wide the roads are once the other vehicles are off the roads.  I wish the roads were like that year round.

I wasn't sure what kind of picture of video I was going to put on my Christmas Eve blog entry.  I always like to put something original.  I think I found it today.  A friend sent me this link of a video of a Texas family feeding breakfast to...deer!  Yes, you read it right...deer!  Where I lived in Pennsylvania we had plenty of deer.

This hunting season I have seen many pictures on my Facebook account of my cousins who hunt holding up by their antlers the bloodied heads of their trophies.  What really saddens me is the 9, 10 and 11 year old cousins with their "trophies."   While I realize hunting is probably necessary to keep the deer population down I will admit that I feel better about seeing this video of a family feeding deer.

I'm all about peace and love man.  That may sound Goody-Two-Shoes to some but that is just the way I roll.  I love this video.  It makes me feel good as I hope it does for you too.

I'll be back later with another post (since I have the WHOLE DAY OFF) but I did want to share this video for those of you who feel as I do.

I think there is way too much hate and violence in this world today.  Isn't Christmas supposed to be about Peace and Love?  At the risk of being too preachy, I'm all for those Christian Principals and not so much for all the "Ye Must Praise Him" principals.

There, I've had my say.  Merry Christmas to everyone and Peace and Love to all!

Below are Christmas images from pictures I took in 1979 at Girard Bank in Philadelphia where I worked at that time.  The bottom picture was taken at the Drury Lane Bar (a gay bar) in Philadelphia.  I hired a singing telegram messenger to surprise my friend Tommy Murray (the bartender and longtime friend) with a surprise Christmas greeting.  Those were the Good Days!


Will J said...


Enjoy the quiet. Sometimes it is where much is revealed.

Merry Christmas.

Ron said...


I agree.

Ur-spo said...

happy christmas to you !