Monday, December 12, 2011

Friends and Neighbors - Gay and Straight

I would like to have more good, CLOSE friends but that's not happening.  Most of the people I don't click with.  Another way of saying that we're not compatible.  Actually, most of them are either looking for sex or something else which I am not able nor want to provide.

To me a good friend is a person (of either sex) who interested and likes me in spite of all my flaws and shortcomings, of which I have plenty.  A good friend is one where we can have a disagreement and still remain friends.  In fact, most of my good friends and I are on the opposite end of the political spectrum.  But I forgive them and I like them IN SPITE of their short sightedness.  And God knows they forgive me because all of them have seen me at my worst, and believe me, that is pretty ugly.  I may seem all sweet and passive but not many of you have seen the Dark Side of Ron.  These guys have.  And they came back!

Bill - my partner of 47 years and Best Friend - 1964

Larry (and his wife Lois) - my best friend since 3rd grade elementary school - 1951

Isaac - my brother and best friend (now) since 1943 (the year he was born)  

John - my other brother and best friend (now) since 1944 (the year he was born)

Don - my good friend since 1965 - former co-worker at the bank

Bob - my BF for many years - we met in the Army 1963 

Bill - my BF since high school, we were bandmates together - 1954

Bill (on far left - I'm on far right in the back) - BF since 1965 - former co-worker and boss
This picture was taken at the Bellevue Strafford Hotel in Philadlephia, PA for my retirement luncheon


Mark in DE said...

You're fortunate to have such good friends! Looks like you're going for quality rather than quantity. :-)

Ron said...

Just like you Mark. :)

Amanda said...

I don't have any family at all in this country except for my son, so I know the importance of friends.

wcs said...

I used to go to a fish-fry place in my home town called Bob and Ron's. That made me smile. :)

Ron said...


"Bob and Ron's", sounds like a great restaurant!

Mark said...

Well, I certainly don't have friends since 1951 so you got me beat there. But I also have friends that I met when I was four years old and we're still friends today. Old friends are the best. Thanks for sharing.

Ron said...

Indeed, old friends are the best. I have many acquaintances and even some newer friends but only a handful of people who understand me exactly as I am and accept me, warts and all. Throughout my life I have met many who I thought were my friends but once I ceased to be an advantage to them, they dropped me like a bag of dog excrement. I have worked very hard over the last thirty years not to let my disappointment and sadness in their falsity turn me into a cynical and bitter person. One thing though I have learned over the years, is that there are very few people I can count on and those people I call "Friends."