Thursday, December 01, 2011

The Old Jalopy

Sleek car, sleek me in better days

When one reaches seventy years of age a myriad of aches and pains await One.  I am no exception.

I have been fortunate most of my life in that my health has been good.  Except for a close call with death when I was seventeen years old and I got a staph infection from a hernia operation, I've been sailing through life without any serious medical issues.

But, just like a new car that is starting fall apart, there are little "things" that are starting to catch up with me.  Continuing on with the new car analogy; no matter how expensive, good-looking or well built, a new car will eventually start falling apart just like a less expensive car.  Sure, I may be able to keep up the good appearance longer but eventually everything wears out.  Old Ron here is starting to wear out.

My latest medical issue came to cropper last night.  My right leg has a fluid retention.  I guess this has been going on for some months now but I really didn't pay attention to it.  I know that if I sit at the computer too long in one position my right light will numb up.  Eventually, when I get up and walk around the numbness goes away.  However, lately I notice that the numbness doesn't completely go away.

I've been noticing that my ankles have been disappearing.  Especially my right ankle.  I'm one of those guys who have super skinny legs.  My ankles has always been very prominent like my Adam's apple.  How I can hardly see my ankle.  My left ankle isn't as bad but it isn't as defined as it used to be either.

Now my right leg hurt from the ankle up to the knee.  From a discussion with a friend of mine over the weekend (he had a similar condition) he said it looks like I have a water retention issue with my lower extremities.  He said his doctor gave him a prescription and it went away.  His only regret was that he will have to take that prescription the rest of his life to keep the fluid out of his lower extremities.

I looked up my condition on the Internet.  I could have a serious issue of maybe it's just an issue of proper exercise and diet.  I know when I get up in the morning my leg isn't a swollen as it is before I go to bed.  Maybe my condition has something to do with elevating my legs.  Something that would be hard for me to do since I'm on my feet a lot, especially at work.

Some of the more serious conditions could be kidney failure or congestive heart failure.  I certainly hope I don't have anything like that.  I have had kidney stones (twice - an experience I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy).  I also have Gilbert's Syndrome with is a non-life threatening liver issue.  My bilirubin levels are always high but the VA assures me that I can life a long and full life with this condition.  I don't even take medication for it.

Of course the latest big issue that I have is my Prostate Problem.  Two consecutive blood tests have indicated an abnormally high PSA score.  I'm scheduled for a biopsy on January 6th, thus the reason I'm not really in the Christmas Mood this year.

So this morning I put in a call to my doctor at the VA.  I left a message with the receptionist that my right leg is swollen and hurts.  I'm hoping all I need is a prescription for a diuretic that will clear this problem up. Like I said, I am staring to feel like a once splendid car that is quickly turning into an old jalopy.

"Patch me up for a few more miles!"


  1. Well since I actually have met you in real life, I can tell you for sure that you're certainly no Lemon.
    Take care.

  2. Ron,

    Swollen ankles can be caused by pregnancy or obesity, but I guess in your case we can rule them out. Yes, have it checked out. There is edema. That was what my dad was in the hospital for the other year and that can be serious.

    I guess we're both a couple of old jalopies these day. I've had a terrible attack of arthritis all this week myself.


  3. Whatever it is, I hope it is temporary.
    (The word verification is CHANT).
    I will chant for you to have good health.

  4. I recommend walking and exercise, to get the fluids moving and out. Massage and elevated legs help too.
    And for goodness sake, see a proper doctor and quit diagnosing yourself on the Internet!

  5. Dr. Spo,

    Again, you advice is spot on. I talked to my doctor yesterday and he gave me much the same advice that you did. Also, he is sending me a prescription (modified form) to help with the excess fluids in my lower legs and ankles. He doesn't think my condition is serious based on my blood test but he would like to see me in a couple of weeks. I have made an appointment this morning for December 19th. Now to take that walk! Walking and moving around always has helped in the past. After I have a night's sleep I notice that the swelling has also gone done. Or the fluid isn't as much. Too much time spent at this computer with my legs twisted!

  6. Why thank you Mark! That's the nicest thing someone has said to me in a long time! All compliments are appreciated in this house.

  7. Larry,
    I am not pregnant, that's for sure. I don't think this is anything serious but just to be on the safe side I did make an appointment with my doctor. He is always sending me a prescription to help alleviate the water retention in my legs.

  8. Nadege,

    How about that word verification? I notice that sometimes the word verifications are so appropriate to the subject matter of the blog. I wonder if Google has some kind of background program to pick up on the theme and generate an appropriate word verifier?


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