Monday, November 21, 2011

Tipton Family Reunion Movie Part One

This is part one of a movie that I made of some of the many wonderful photos my friend Mark Himes of "Our Simple Lives" blog. took at my family reunion this past October 9th, 2011 at the East Brandywine Park near Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

I'm really enjoying making these iMovies.  I still have a lot to learn but I think I have the basics down.  More movies on the way.  This is way better than a slide show!

A little narrative as to who is in this movie:

The movie open with me (in the green hat) and my "baby" brother Isaac, Jr. (in the orange pullover) arriving first at the pavilion to set up the tables and place the Tipton Reunion Banner.

First to arrive were our cousins Darlene Tipton Ford and Rita Tipton Buxbaum, daughters of my uncle Luther Raymond "Dude" Tipton.  Darlene's son David Ford arrived with them.

They all signed the guest book.

Next to arrive was my cousin Bob Tipton and his wife Marie and daughter Sharon who traveled all the way from Marietta, Georgia.  Cousin Bob brought along his chihuahua dog Brutus.  Cousin Bob is the son of my uncle Erby Erwin Tipton.

Next in the picture is 11 year old Hunter Tipton, on crutches.  Hunter has a twin brother named Tanner Tipton.  Hunter and Tanner are the sons of Paul and Linda Tipton.  Paul is the grandson of my uncle Erby Tipton.  Hunter injured his leg playing football.

Next to arrive is my cousin Tom Tipton, Jr along with his wife Kathleen.  Tom is also the grandson of Erby Tipton.  Tom is also on crutches.  He severely injured his leg in a motorcycle accident.  Thank goodness he is healing nicely although he does have an ugly Frankenstein scar on his leg.

Next to arrive is cousin Louis Tipton White with her daughter Debbie Fincke and her son Aaron Fincke.  Louis is the daughter of my uncle Erby Tipton.  Louise's husband Fred White also arrive.  He is in the red shirt shaking my hand at the end of this movie.

There, I hope I didn't confuse the reader too much.  If you're of the Tipton family, you know the players.  If not, oh well.

Part Two will show more Tiptons arriving.  My father had ten brothers.  They all had families.  The largest contingent, that of uncle Ray's line didn't show up.  Hopefully they will come next year.

I plan on having an annual Tipton Family reunion every year as long as I'm able to do it.  My thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Mark H. for the fabulous photos.  Thanks Mark!


Mark said...

Can I say that I just love that hillbilly banjo music. And I say that because you call yourself one.
I'm so glad that you made a video with these photos. I couldn't see how you could ever post and talk about each photo. It would take me forever to do that.
I can't wait to see Part II.
Good Job.
p.s. I don't mind you using my last name. It's Fred who doesn't like his name used. You met him. He's a younger version of Bill.

Ron said...


Thank you for your comments! Everybody likes the music! I've received several compliments about the music. I wanted to use your last name but I knew someone had a problem with it. I wasn't sure. I'll use your last name. I want you to get credit for the fine photos that you took. I'm looking forward to the next reunion already. Thanks again!

Ur-spo said...

I love relations and geneology. I am always intrigued and glad to hear others interested in their kin and their roots.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

I also love relations and genealogy and the process of researching. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner in my life and had the current tools of the Internet at my disposal. I can literally spend hours and days and weeks on genealogy research and not stop to eat or sleep. I have to force myself to stop. I love it!